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  1. And I will never enter him in an AKC trial, mainly because I would have to have him neutered to do so. I don't have his pedigree, so he would have to participate as an AKC partner, and would have to be neutered. That would go for any of their activities; herding, agility, rally, etc. So, I'll pass, thank you!
  2. Thank you for your replies! Pete is snuggled up to me in the big chair, and I am trying to decide whether or not to take him in an ASCA trial tomorrow morning. If i do go, I'll let you all know if I have any issues with his intense work ethic outside of the field.
  3. I'm guessing that, since there has been 250 views and no replies, that maybe this is something that I should not be concerned about. Maybe, I should be glad that I have a dog that is totally fired up to work sheep, and not worry about it, since he does call off the sheep when I ask him. The reason that I asked in the first place was because someone once told me, a couple of years ago, that I had to keep his attention completely off the sheep once I call him off, or the judges in trials would take points off. Was this person talking about AKC trials, which I have no plans to enter anyway?
  4. Do you have any recommendations for a dog that never wants to relax and stop working sheep? He calls off well enough, but after he comes back to me, he immediately is staring at the sheep again, waiting for the command to be sent out again. It seems like other dogs are much more relaxed while they are not working, but my Pete can't relax! I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you, Rachel S.
  5. I love this video! I also love his "Border Collies Off Duty" DVD, which isn't training, just fun watching the dogs enjoy themselves in some really lovely settings.
  6. I just fed my dogs raw green tripe tonight. I have done a lot of reading on the benefits of feeding it, and have read about many who only feed raw tripe to their dogs and cats. I alternate with other raw meats and vegetables.
  7. I am going to be working at a local AHBA trial here in NE Ohio over the weekend, but I am hoping that next year I'll be able to go to this trial. I have a feeling that I will not want to leave.
  8. Okay, this has been something I have been wondering about since beginning to learn about herding sheep with my first border collie, Pete. The farms we have been training on are all fairly small, about 40 acres at the most. Even the first trainer I worked with didn't know where we were going to be able to train for long distance work. But, I am wondering if Pete might be a good dog at this work, because he likes to run big (he takes off) and likes to work independently (I.e. he blows me off!)? I am only partially kidding here, because he is a great dog to work with in these smaller fields. He waits for me to send him, he'll pretty much lie down when I ask, and he will come off the sheep when I call him. I'm also concerned about stamina; do they usually have enough energy to last through those long runs, searching out the sheep? I've noticed on some hot days (80 degrees) that Pete gets pretty warm in a pretty short time (20 minutes). Rachel
  9. I like Musher's Secret. Pete tore up his pads in the Spring, when the ground was fast and hard. Used Musher's Secret, they healed fine, and I haven't had a problem with his pads since.
  10. I always say the dog's name before asking them anything, except when I am working Pete on sheep, then it's just "lie down" or "come bye" or "right there." He is the only one (of my 3 dogs) working there, and he knows that I am working with him, so I do not have to say his name. However, when I am doing anything else, Rally training with Jack, or just training at home with Annie because she enjoys it, I always say their name before asking for a cue. If I just said "Sit!" to Jack without saying his name first, he would not do it, and he would look at me like "Are you talking to me?" Jack can be highly distracted by all the other dogs and people and noise going on anywhere, so I have to get his attention first; "Jack," (he looks at me) "Sit!" and he does it. I get very irritated with trainers who insist that we all conform to their ideal, and treat every dog or horse or dolphin the same way as they think we should. It doesn't work that way in the real world. I remember seeing the famous Cattledog, Skidboot and his trainer, David Hartwig. David used very long sentences when talking to Skidboot, and those two had the most amazing bond. He even kidded around during their performance about a well-known trainer telling him that he should use one word cues when training Skidboot. The communication between the two of them was like a lengthy conversation. It was quite something to see. I say, do what works for you. If you say your dog's name before a cue, so be it. If the obedience trainers (and judges) don't like it, that's their problem. I say, tell them to get over it.
  11. 89!! I thought my '96 was old!
  12. We have the three video set at the public library system where I am employed. Purchasing them was a conspiracy between me and my boss at the time (now retired) who is also a herding dog enthusiast. I enjoy watching them and picking up bits of information from them, but I think most of all, I enjoy Eric Halsall shown watching the proceedings, wearing his "Sherlock Holmes" style cap and puffing on his pipe. I almost expect him to say "Elementary, my dear Watson!"
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