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  1. Thanks for the information. I'll know what to ask for the next time I go to the grocery store.
  2. I'll have to investigate and learn more about the raw diet but for now I have been giving Zoe chicken and turkey necks about 3 times a week. She love, love loves them! When I pull one out of the freezer she bows, rolls over and begs without commands...lol. Do you let them eat the skin? I pulled the skin off...habit! I am also using a product to remove plaque and tarter. Her teeth are beginning to improve and her breath is 100% better. She use to smell like something died in her mouth from 4 feet away. Now just regular doggy breath. But her teeth are so bad, still dark yellow and brown but
  3. Thanks to everyone who shared advice. I'm definitely going to start off giving Zoe some turkey or chicken necks, frozen. She loves it when an ice cube falls out of the ice maker and runs to grab it up as soon as she hears it hit the floor. I'll try some of the other bones you suggested also. I'll watch her but usually she is not a gulper. Thanks again for your help. Deborah
  4. About 9 months ago I adopted a 6 or 7 year old border collie from a shelter. We named her Zoe. I have posted here a couple of times right after we got her and you all have been very helpful. When she came to us she was under weight, scrappy looking and had horrible breath and dark stained teeth. One of her lower front teeth looks decayed and she drools constantly. I put her on a good quality grain free kibble and she gained about a pound each month until now she is at a healthy weight and her fur is beautiful and shinny. I got some Petrodex Enzymatic toothpaste and made an attempt to brush her
  5. All this information has been helpful. I guess a lot depends on the region and habits of the dogs. I stayed with Interceptor and Frontline. After talking with a couple of the vet techs it seems to be OK to let them get wet and then rinse her off as long as I don't use soap. According to the vet our tick season is at it's worse Nov. through Feb. Then she suggests going back to Comfortis and Interceptor. She was telling me of a new dog collar coming out for ticks and fleas that last 6 months and you don't remove it when they get wet so they have continuous protection. She had not gotten them in
  6. Thanks everyone for your advice. I'm going to ask the vet today about Revolution. She has not mentioned it to me but I was doing some research and came across it and went to their site where it states it's effective even if you bathe them 2 hours after applying. My husband and I are retired and I wanted to try buying her meds online but my vet charges $15.00 per prescription. Is this common? I feel better after finding out that Shoshone and Jagger didn't know how to play but learned. I have read with Border Collies you can teach them new things regardless of their age. We've only had her two
  7. Thank you for your help. We are meeting with a trainer next week. She behaves perfectly but she has no interests in playing except when I take her on her walks. Then she tries to chase squirrels, birds, cats, etc. She even caught a large possum one evening and laid it at my feet! That's why I love taking her to the beach, she will try forever to herd the sand pipers and just has a great time. So far, she has not tried to swim and the vet said to make sure I have fresh water for her to drink. The trainer she will be working with has 3 border collies and thinks she may have been left alone by he
  8. Hi, this is my first time posting. I adopted a 6 year old border collie from a border collie rescue place about 2 months ago. We named her Zoe and she's perfect! However, we live in Northern Florida on an Island with a small backyard that's not fenced in. We take Zoe for a mile walk every morning and evening; she loves the beach. I have tried Interceptor and Comfortis recommended by my vet, but she failed to tell me the Comfortis didn't protect from ticks. I began seeing ticks on her because she loves to jump in the tall grass and do her business. So, the vet put her on Frontline, but said I c
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