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  1. does enybody no whear to find the results to the bluegrass
  2. i think on the cattel dog without saying names a one spouse was judging another at one of the first cattel finals when they wone the nuersery the ruel was made
  3. i agree with pearse that every breeding dog shuld be a proven working dog iam talking border collies. one thing i see is every newe handeler gets a average bordeercollie & thinks its a mirical dog & starts breeding. i no i was but lucked out & produced several top cattel dogs.i havent bread enything for 3 yr.becuse i can find dogs that suit me & in the cattel trials i go to hold thear owen. i whish abca culd regulate breeding so only proven dogs culd be bread
  4. thanks for puting that on that dog prety wel took control & the sheep wasent scard
  5. does enybody have a video of the winning run i liked the way the dog tookcontroll of the sheep was abel to stay close & cotroll
  6. i watched the stream of the calgary world chmpionship sheepdog trial.the way i saw it the dog that wone the trialwas abel to get inside the bubel & control the sheep with out having to make bigmoves was it the dog ,sheepor handler?
  7. i like to feed in the evening then walk the dogs so they clean out then walk in the am they are ready to work
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