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  1. Wat a cutie pie! Love, love, LOVE his name! Rhett Butler will forever and always be my favorite anti-hero. <3 Can't wait to see the places you two will go together! Enjoy your new baby!
  2. What great progress! Keep it up! <3 Sending lots of mojo and good vibrations to you and Kelso from Washington.
  3. Lots of mojo from brady and I! Pull through Fergie!
  4. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I just wanted to say how much I respect you all for keeping the border collie everything that it is--I was patronized by a conformation collie owner the other day and had to really bite my tongue. She was about the most ignorant person I could every imagine, and when I countered with some of the arguments you all post here on the boards all she could do was continue to blabber about how her dogs were intelligent AND to standard, and they worked livestock too (poor sheep. ]: )! Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really respect all of you guys for it. Thank you for being such great teachers and role models, honestly. You learn a lot from this community just by sifting through all the different posts and threads. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks everyone! I'll definitely check it out, then. The mention of the AKC in anything always makes me initially suspicious so I'm glad Brigand's HideOut has positive reviews from you all. Thank you!
  6. There was an article in today's Columbian (Clark County, WA local paper) about a woman's facility where she teaches others to work livestock--mostly sheep, sometimes ducks, and cattle. At first I was incredibly excited to see such an article make the front page of its section, especially since I would LOVE to learn to work stock with Brady one day and having a facility so close would be an absolute DREAM. But I got discouraged (and a little a sad) when it mentioned the owner attending AKC herding events, and that she taught breeds like Rotties to work as well (I always thought Rots were...not the herding type and were more guardian dogs?). I was just wondering what you guys thought about the facility and if you'd heard of the woman before. I would really like to learn to work with my dog and to learn how to work with stock (you guys have really made it sound like such a rewarding, enjoyable activity), but I want to do it right. Article Here
  7. I've definitely been in this same situation. When I was looking into rescues to adopt, I mostly got turned away because I was "too young" to be considered. I just turned 21. And I understand the concerns a rescue has because they want the best situation possible for the dog, but I can tell you that dog that eventually came into my life wants for absolutely nothing. Everything I do is for him, and I'd never make a decision that would not be beneficial to him. It was a very frustrating search at times--I only wish I had been given a chance for an interview at the very least.
  8. Brady was a HORRIBLE chewer when he was teething (and he's just a natural tough chewer anyway--I think our toys last about five minutes before they're just shredded), what I did to keep him from nipping was everytime I felt teeth I said 'Ow!' in a really high pitched voice, stopped playing with him, and left the room for about a minute-- just let him know that it was completely NOT okay for him to use teeth on me. When I came back I generally offered my hand to lick and gave lots of praise for 'being gentle'. For his teething, I soaked a rag in water and froze it before giving it to him, gave him some frozen teething toys, and gave him ice cubes to suck and chew on (they're still his favorite treat, lol). Having lots of different textures for him to chew was really helpful. Hope some of that helped! And don't worry, you'll be outta the teething stage soon!
  9. the poor girls, getting bred back to back like that.
  10. Sadly, she owns the dog who fathered my pup, 'Kohl'. ]: ETA: If it's the person I think you're talking about. And I thought I'd just add that I didn't buy Brady from them, he's from a farm in Ohio. I think the lady who bred him was a little misled.
  11. Thank you all so much for your advice! I think I'm going to use the tin method paired with boundary training. I was thinking about using a lead or a jump rope to give him a physical boundary at first. Hopefully with a clicker it won't take him too long to figure out. =D He already has a solid leave it on him, but it hasn't really helped to solve his counter surfing issue. :/ But I think that all your guys' advice will help to get him to stop.
  12. He's seven months old and he does get corrected, he just likes to trying and sneak to test his boundaries--I think he's entering that teenager phase. He's crated whenever I'm not home since they treat him more like a novelty or a chore than an actual puppy, and our kitchen combines with our dining room/den so there's no way to gate it. ]:
  13. Brady's become something of a countersurfer and its nothing short of annoying, but I've been working on it with him. It's gotten a LITTLE bit better, but with him you have to kind of...explain WHY you want him to make a certain choice and then let him either make the right choice or the wrong choice, otherwise you might as well forget it since he can be SO stubborn. I don't have a problem with where we're at right now, I really don't, but my mom (who I'm living with) does. And tonight she got really fed up with it and threatened to kick him, and she wasn't kidding. I was half terrified that it was going to happen right then and there, thank god it didn't. It's not the first time she's threatened violence towards him or the first time she HAS been physically aggressive with him--she's kicked him before when he stood up for himself against her chihuahua (who is a jerk, by the way, and deserved what he got). And I'm absolutely frustrated with it. I don't really have a choice in moving out since this is kind of my only option right now and I've tried talking to her but she just doesn't listen. I got a trainer like she demanded, but the trainer has said over and over and over again: he's well trained, he's just a baby. All she did, essentially, was fine tune some of the techniques I had been using and spent the rest of the time with the chihuahua, trying to fix his MANY, MANY issues (how funny since it's supposedly MY dog that's the issue). Anyway, I was just wondering what you guys would do in the situation and, essentially, how can you train a PERSON to be more understanding towards standard puppy behavior?
  14. Soft dogs don't take correction well, from what I understand. They get upset if they're yelled at and may shut down or kind of cringe (we have a chihuahua that does that; if you raise your voice at him, he'll roll over and pee on himself). Confident dogs can mentally handle much, much more. You can use a firmer tone with them and they won't mentally shut down. We have both types of dogs in the house. Brady (my Border Collie boy) is a super confident puppy who can take any situation with stride. If he gets verbally corrected he just kind of looks at you like, "Oh, so that's what I did wrong," and then goes on his merry way. Peanut, my mom's Chi, is a super soft dog; mostly because of the situation he was raised in before he came here. You can't raise your voice, or even use a firm tone, with him because he'll tense up and just mentally shut down. Usually, he rolls over and pees on himself--we try and be really careful with him, because those kind of situations (or really, any situation that's not calm and collected) really stresses him out. ETA: I'm just going off of personal experience, so if I got anything wrong let me know! =D
  15. That's probably my only complaint about them: their thickness. It would be nice if they were a little bit thinner so I could actually use a name plate instead of the regular tags (I like how the nameplates hold more information and are more stable). But it's lived up to its worth so far--no stinky smells, and I love, love how easy it is to clean. I just wipe it off when he gets a rare bath or if it gets too muddy. Which is especially nice on a day like today: torrential rain and massive mud puddles he likes to attack, lol. They're super flexible, especially once they've been worn for a bit, and there's no skin pinching or fur grabbing. =D ETA: A picture of Brady and his Dublin. It's a little hard to see because of that mane of fur he's growing out, but it's peeking out!
  16. I love the Dublin Dog collars. Up here in the Northwest we're constantly rained on so Brady's almost always wet and muddy in some form or other and his collar takes a beating. I just wipe it off when it gets gross and that's that. It's really sturdy too, and stylish. I think it cost me something like twenty bucks?
  17. I never found it hard to find a working breeder. Brady was ranch bred, but I intended for him to be a companion/agility/flyball partner. He's on a limited registry contract (as he should be), but I just went to stockdog.com to look up breeders to talk to when I was researching the breed and looking around. The breeder didn't mind that he was going to a non-working home, either, so long as he was on a limited contract with terms stating that he had to be neutered since he wouldn't be contributing to the working gene pool, something I agree with entirely. Sorry if this is redundant or completely irrelevant. I just read that some people may find it hard to get a pup from a working breeder, and I think that's easily solved by doing a little in-depth research.
  18. It was the first time we had gone to the dog park in a while because I've been trying to work on his recalls and focus without all the distractions of other dogs, plus there's just something really nice about having some actual alone time between you and your dog. But the school fields we usually go to were closed while school was in session so we were forced to go to the dog park. ]: I can't wait until the daylight hours get longer so we can stay at the school fields for more than half an hour before dark because I'm definitely more wary of the dog park now. Thank you! I'm glad he's ok too! Scared the beejus outta me though, lol.
  19. Today was the first time I've had a scary moment at the dog park. Usually everyone is very friendly and open and all the dogs are happy, fun loving dogs who just want to make friends and play. Brady's more of a stand-offish type and would much rather chase his ball than, heaven forbid, interact with another member of the canine species. He's very well socialized and has very polite manners in large groups of dogs, he just has no interest in playing with them or being overly social, especially if they're bigger than him. His usual routine is to drop his ball for 0.5 seconds, give them a casual sniff, and then it's right back to playing fetch (which is a very serious "job" for him, apparently, lol). He doesn't usually mind if they race along with him, he just ignores them. Essentially all he focuses on is me, the chuck-it, and that glorious, soggy tennis ball. Sometime between him relieving himself and me picking it up, we both lost sight of his ball, and I declared it lost for the moment and ended up just walking the loop with him while we went in search of the every illusive tennis ball. We came upon a large poodle-mix and his equally shaggy owner (I thought it kind of funny that dog and owner looked alike, since I had never seen an instance where this had happened) and both Brady and I made our usual greeting: me saying hello and waving, Brady doing his 'sniff-once-and-walk-away' routine. I don't know if the fact that Brady was smaller than the dog was what triggered it, or if the dog just really had no idea how to properly play, but all of a sudden this poodle-thing was on top of Brady and biting him. Brady started scream-yelping and doing his best to run away, but the dog continued to pursue him and even started biting at his legs. The poodle started to get more aggressive the more Brady ran, and I tried to block the poodle when there was adequate space between them, but Brady took this to mean that I was a shield and started hugging my legs. The dog's owner did nothing to try and control his dog and, in my opinion, even encouraged it by laughing at the whole thing. My dog has never, ever had a fear of other dogs, just a kind of nonchalant neutrality with them. He's never shown the amount of fear that he did today, and quite honestly, I was terrified that he'd end up shutting down around other dogs after the experience. When we'd gotten away from the dog (and I had half a mind to turn and give the owner an earful, but I was too caught up in Brady), I checked him as thoroughly as I could. He seemed fine, just absolutely terrified of what had happened and incredibly stressed out. It took a couple minutes but he finally calmed down and I got him to chase his ball a few times. By then another group of dogs had wandered into our little space, and Brady seemed fine with them so I'm hoping this means he's generally forgotten the whole experience. I've just never been in a situation where a dog was aggressively going after my own, and I know I probably did everything wrong in the rule book. I'll definitely have to be prepared the next time I go instead of just relying on the integrity of other owners to have control over their dogs. But, man, what a day!
  20. No, I don't think she was from their lines--Contact Point's Stoni is a blue merle, right? Susan's Stoni was black and white. I remember Susan mentioning Stoni's breeders once in either her blog or Shaping Success, but cannot remember (or find ] where she mentioned them. Augh! I wish I could be of more help!
  21. Feature is from English lines, but I don't know which ones, and Buzzy is from Cedar lines. I don't know Encore's parentage, but she's related to Stoni ( I think she's a niece, but I can't remember ).
  22. I use the Kong harness that comes with a seatbelt attachment. It works pretty well so far and is fairly cheap. I got it from PetsMart. =]
  23. Many prayers and mojo from Brady and me. I hope he pulls through! <3
  24. :/ definitely not a fan of any poodle cross...My roommate has a labradoodle and she's probably one of the stupidest dogs I've known. She retains no information...it took FOREVER to teach her how to sit, something Brady learned in the course of twenty minutes. She's also incredibly smelly, Brady may shed but at least he doesn't smell like dead animal. I'll never understand why people have "doodle mania".
  25. I think he was just bit by the lovebug! =D
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