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  1. Brady's a 15 month old male from working lines and he's ~19 in. and 37.5 lbs--all lean muscle this boy is!
  2. I know this late and entirely off the new flow of the topic, but...how could they not afford the spay/neuter? I'm a student, but I have a job and was able to find the funds to neuter my dog when the time came. Never have understood the whole "can't afford to neuter my animal" speech--if you can't afford that how the hell do you afford the other vet visits? Feeding? Training? Basic amenities? Ugh.
  3. Once upon a time, I wanted a Disc Dog, but Brady thinks a frisbee is more for eating than it is for chasing. So, I've let my dog's personal interests shape my dog sport goals--agility, fly ball, rally, etc. But most of all, at the end of the day I just want him to be my boy. That's what you should look for in your pup, but I second the rescue ideas (that's my choice for the next border collie I add to my family). You'll be able to more accurately test a potential adoptee and are probably more apt to find a dog that fits perfectly in with your interests. Good luck on your search and I hope you find the companion that you're looking for.
  4. That article kind of makes me balk, especially the bit about how grains don't contribute to food allergies. Why, then, is it that when we take a dog that has itchy skin and a distinct odor and put them on a non-grain based dog food that they seem to get better? I don't quite buy his argument about the grain stuff--but that's just my personal opinion on the matter.
  5. Omg, could he get any cuter?! Congrats on your new pup! I can't wait to see the pictures of him as he grows up! <3
  6. I have whapped Brady on the butt a couple times because I lost my patience and he was getting onery and mouthy (as in, almost took out a chunk of my arm because he was playing too rough) or because he got into a fight with my mom's dog. It's only happened a few times and I am hardly proud of those instances--I need to remember to keep my cool at those times. But I never hit hard and certainly not with ill will; I want him to love and respect me, not fear me. He once got slapped when he was much, much younger by a guy my ex-roommate brought home from the bars--he was told to leave immediately before I called the cops on him and it never happened again (nor did I ever see that man in my home again). I'm not a huge fan of over-the-top physical corrections in dog training, I was raised to believe that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
  7. I'm not sure if you tried it yet or not, but maybe do the Control Unleashed program with him? It helps to build control and confidence and has worked for some of Brady's little quirks (the 'go to your place' bit is absolutely amazing). I hope he works through it though. ]:
  8. oooh dog parks. right now they're a sometime treat for Brady; too many bad incidents for me to go there as often as I used too. But usually people ask me: 1. Border collie and what else? 2. Oh? But he's so little? 3. What's HER name? SHE'S so pretty... 4. Border collie? You know that they need a lot of exercise right? But my all time FAVORITE "lecture" I got was at Petsmart when the cashier proceeded to let me know how cruel I was as a dog owner because I did not own a farm with AT LEAST ten acres of land and a flock of sheep. I was also completely ignorant because I had no intention at the time to tak stock lessons and my dog was OVER THE TOP in energy because I gave him no outlet (he was in a polite sit stay in the line right next to me while I paid). gotta love people.
  9. I started out on raw and then switched to orijen puppy when I had to move back to vancouver (my parents don't believe in raw feeding ). We just switched to Orijen Regional Red and so far it's worth the the 54 dollars--I can't wait to get back to raw feeding though.
  10. Just leave. We get it, you're angry and want to "prove your point." The cruel insults didn't start until you showed up. You're not going to convince any of us to see the light of your plight and you're just stirring the pot. Again, Pecan, check yourself before you wreck yourself.
  11. Woah. I would hardly call what transpired in this discussion "bashing" or "slander" until you thought it a mature, wise decision to come barging in on the boards and shouting your protests for all to hear. Clearly there are some underlying insecurities regarding your practice, otherwise you would have come into this discussion to speak with us about your discontent like an ADULT. So, on that note, check yourself before you wreck yourself.
  12. yick. not much of a doodle fan. The one time we were attacked at a dog park was with a labradoodle attacker. and then my ex-roommate had one; she wasn't too bright and had some serious allergy issues.
  13. My grandpa owns a cattle farm and one day when he dropped by to visit us he had this little black and white pup he named Augustus (the rest of us just called him Gussie or GusGus). This dog was the sweetest, brightest dog I have ever met. My grandpa is old, and, even though he says he got Gus to help with the cattle, we all know it was mostly to have a companion--he lives all by himself out on that ranch. Gus was his best bud--he went with him EVERYWHERE. He even rode in the front seat of his pick-up; would /refuse/ to ride anywhere BUT the front seat. One time he got lost and when he and my grandpa were reunited, Gus wouldn't stop howling out of joy for a good thirty minutes. Unfortunately, we lost Gus to a very tragic, unfortunate accident after her turned about two. But, he's the reason I wanted to get a border collie. And I found Brady through a very lovely breeder. I don't think I'll ever have a non-border collie dog again--I'm hooked! <3
  14. how about when they "protect" us from all kinds of monsters like plastic bags, boxing gloves, and coco puffs? or how they're always asking "what are doing? Why are you doing that? How're you doing it? When are you doing it? But most importantly can I do it with you?"
  15. My instructor says that dogs learn through fading. Whatever no longer works for them in getting what they want they fade out. So I don't think it would be hard to change the rules at all. maybe a little harder on the human, but the dog would get on just fine.
  16. Brady's perfected this to an art, lol. Most people seem to think it's charming and indulge him in a few throws. He's also quite the flirt with the ladies~. He seems to have come to the conclusion that he can seduce anyone of the female gender into giving him love.
  17. Was just about to mention him, lol. You beat me to it!
  18. Don't worry, I don't feel criticized! I'm pretty tough skinned, and you make perfectly good points! She just seemed to be coming into this discussion incredibly defensive and with guns blazing. In my POV, that's a reaction that comes from someone who feels as though their beliefs are being attacked by another (or from some who got their 'feelers' hurt and is trying to 'fight back.') And since she stated that she has been browsing this board for quite awhile, I'm assuming she felt as though we were blatantly attacking her own personal ideals. It just seemed that much of her post was very defensive; I don't think she was being very perceptive of what was actually being said by anyone since some of the commentary was kind of...ignorant? But sometimes, even myself, people just shut themselves down when they feel wronged instead of actively listening and partaking in a discussion. Stubborn is as stubborn does, I suppose. But, honestly, I think someone was just a little "butt hurt" and then decided to go and "get revenge" against the boards, completely ignoring all the opportunities for decent discussion, education, and good will that come about from this board. So if she'd like to throw herself in with the conformation lot, so be it. It's her loss. I doubt she'll find people as good-hearted as those that are a part of this community--most of the 'show types' I've met from volunteering at those types of functions are nothing short of stuck up and rude (with a few exceptions). I hope I explained myself better! Sorry if I just talked myself into a circle, Brady's trying to coerce me into a game of "throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball."
  19. Hello PattiG! I just wanted to state that I am in no way an expert on border collies...even in the slightest (I am still very new), but as someone who used to frequent the AKC world, I can tell you I completely disagree with their ideals--for all dogs, not just the working collie. Kennel club and pageantry ideals are just the leftovers from the eugenics push: the idea that you can breed the "perfect" specimen according to a written ideal. On paper, this is a grand idea. The problem with the AKC is that (and judges have OPENLY admitted this) the standards were often written by those who'd had NO experience with the breed itself. So they made a written standard for dogs they had never seen work, never seen in the real world beyond a simple passing glance. In the early 20th century this wasn't a big deal /yet/. Another huge problem was that they based it solely on the physical appearance. Again their idea looks great on paper but the show world is HIGHLY political and many dogs who get their CH. Or Gch. Were campaigned for. There's also the problem of being fussed with things that would have NO effect on the working ability of the dog: ear sets, for example. If the competition is TRULY about breeding to a standard then why tape and glue ears? The end result was not genetic--it was synthesized. I have a lot more to say, but as I'm at work on my break I've ran out of time. I'm sorry you felt attacked.
  20. I'd take my coyote dog over a furry table top anyday.
  21. Things like this FB group make me shudder--it reminds me too much of the whole eugenics push in the early 20th century, and look where that got the world. You'd think people would stop being so consumed by the whole idea of... pageantry and realize how fruitless it all is. I suppose all we can do is hope someone will slap some sense into them (although this will probably never happen). Kinda funny to see what they consider beautiful though: some of those border collies look like short, stubby tables in black and white fur, lol.
  22. Well, this sucks. I LOVE Nike gear. :/ Their dri-fit technology is great for running in and their sports bras are super comfortable. Plus about 80 percent of our sales at work is because of Nike (I live about 20 minutes away from their headquarters). Oh well, Asics and Under Armour works just as well.
  23. Brady was a horrid poo eater--I just tried to pick it up as fast as possible. They usually grow out of the habit with time. It has something to do with the fact that their bodies aren't able to properly absorb all the nutrients just yet, so they eat the poop to get back all the nutrients (or so I've been told). However, if you let it progress and become a habit it can be dangerous (e.coli, anyone?). But if he's only four months old, I bet you anything he'll grow out of it sooner or later since that's still pretty young. Just give it some time.
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