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  1. The dog was technically my dad's since we got her when I was about six, so I had no legal rights to her. Jazmyn was taken away at a time when I was still technically a minor and away at my first semester of college. My Dad was at work when it happened and we weren't told/had no access to the information of where she had been taken. Either way it was just a nasty situation that grew worse and worse. Here's to learning lessons from these experiences, I suppose. She was 15 when she passed, but it's still awful knowing I never got to say goodbye to her in the way that she deserved.
  2. I've definitely experienced this, I'm sad to say. I lost my best friend to a nasty divorce between my dad and my now ex-stepmom. Just to get back at me and my dad, she gave my dog away. Jaz died a couple months ago, and I never got to say goodbye. Divorce is awful in so many ways.
  3. This reminds me of something similar Brady's begun to do. If he wakes up in the middle of the night, he'll go and find the hardest, heaviest toy he can and then drop it on my face to wake me up. It's the worst way to wake up at 2 in the morning, especially when he looks so proud of himself, lol.
  4. I'm so happy you've both found one another but, where are the pictures?! I wish many long, fruitful years for the both of you. <3
  5. Brady hates, hates, HATES having his front paws touched. So if you touch them when you play with them, he collapses onto his chest hides his front paws underneath him, and flails his head around on the floor while still trying to hold on to his tug or stuffed toy, butt high in the air. It's the most awkward looking position, but it's so hilarious. And it never fails to occur if you touch his feet when he's playing, lol. His favorite treat is an ice cube. Not even kidding. He could be dead asleep, upstairs, and if I open the freezer he pretty much teleports to my side in hopes of getting an "icey." He hates "violent" situations so if people are wrestling or just fooling around, he'll run and grab a toy and shove it into the back of their legs until they stop. This also happens if I hug someone. And he never just drops the tennis ball, he has to press it in between your knees for you to "hold" before he'll let go and get ready for another throw. I have no idea where he got it from or why he does it, but it's funny-cute, lol. He's pretty much just a big dork.
  6. I think you guys sound like a lovely home, honestly. Although you might want to talk to/convince your husband to actually visit some border collies. Visiting Fido's Farm might give you a a better insight like Sixx said. I think that's the biggest misconception about border collies because of poor breeding habits by show, sport, and BYB breeders; they've almost completely morphed the idea of the border collie into something neurotic and out of control. They're more...mentally active than physical, I'd say (although they're very, very physically active too; athletic!). They're always thinking, always mentally busy. But that, too, probably varies from dog to dog. Anyway, now that I've rambled on forever, good luck on your search! I hope you find the perfect new addition to your home. <3 And if you're looking to adopt: Pacific Northwest Border Collie Rescue is a great source! edit: for whatever reason, that's not turning into a clickable link, so here's the url: www.pnwbcrescue.org
  7. Vet's diagnosis was allergies and she gave me this eye ointment to put into each eye for a week with a check up in 5-7 days. Here's to hoping it's nothing serious and it clears up soon. :/
  8. I searched the boards for this and only found one similar topic, so I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. This morning, Brady woke up with a loooot of discharge/eye gunk coming out of his eyes. It had completely matted the fur on his left eye and was a bright green color (much like the color of a sinus infection). At first the right eye was alright, with only a little bit of the same discharge. As the day progressed both eyes started getting worse. The sclera is inflamed and very red. There is also heavy discharge from both eyes now. I've been doing warm wet cloth compresses to help clear away the gook and to help sooth them, but I think they've become very itchy; he keeps pawing at his eyes. I'm going to try and get him in early tomorrow at the vet before work, but just wanted to see if you guys might have a clue as to what's going on?
  9. I like the way that last harness you linked too looks. Also here's the omnijore system in action, sort of. The dog doesn't seem to be pulling very hard, but she looks kind of. overweight as it is, lol. edit: and here's it again on a faster dog:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toSGhtgyodA&feature=related
  10. 10% off Cost for me would be about 55% off of the retail price, so I could get the whole system for about 65-67 bucks which, after doing the math with the Nooksack products, would be pretty much the same for the harness, the hip belt, and the bungee lines. I suppose I'll just give it some more thought.
  11. Cindy, That looks like so much fun! Honestly, I just want to get out and hit the trails with him but at a faster pace that won't slow him down as much (he gets so annoyed with me and my running pace, lol). I'm debating on buying a mountain board since it's similar to snowboarding and would be an easy cross over for me. Also, I would totally go for sled dog equipment, but I get Ruffwear at 10% off of Cost because of where I work (which is the only reason I discovered it in the first place, lol). So I think in the end it would be cheaper for me to go the Ruffwear route than a sled dog supplier. Either way, you guys have made this a definite priority for me. Thank you for sharing your experience!
  12. good luck! I hope he figures it out soon.
  13. Oh ok! Thank you! Bike jore-ing might be the best place to start since he's already used to running alongside of a bike. Although, he usually loses his endurance after about a mile. But I read somewhere on here that that's all he should be running at a year old?
  14. While poking around REI and my work, I came across RuffWear ( kinda feeling stupid for not having known about it before given it's based in Bend, not far from where I live ). After doing some more poking about on their website, I discovered something called skate-joring, which is basically just having your dog pull you on some trails on a mountain board. It looks incredible amounts of crazy-awesome-fun, but I've never done anything like 'joring' before and don't know the slightest thing about it regarding the safety of my dog, how to go about training it, etc. etc. Any ski/skate/jorers here? I'd love to learn more about it and you guys are the wisest bunch of people that I know.
  15. How long are sticking to any one method and how consistent are you in your criteria? I think that's the hardest part in training dogs, sometimes we just expect to see results quickly, instead of really seeing the baby steps towards the end game destination. Maybe take two steps backwards so that he truly understands what is expected of him in those situations?
  16. I second Control Unleashed, even if it's just buying the book. It really helps with confidence issues in dogs along with calming and focus exercises. Also, maybe try and do more mental stimulation like teaching silly tricks to help divert that fast thinking brain. Kikopup on youtube has a lot of fun things you can teach your dogs.
  17. Sending all our best wishes and mojo your way. <3
  18. I think they're a bunch in California--at least that's what someone told me a while back when I originally started putting my feelers out for a pup and was gathering information. I met one in Ellensburg, he was pretty sweet.
  19. First red flag is that it's called a company--like they manufacture the dogs. :/ That just doesn't feel right to me. edit: Nevermind, all of it is a red flag. Mr. Durbin sounds like he's never handled a trained schutzhund dog before, or, really, any dog, and Kraftwerk just sounds super sketch. :/
  20. Brady's 15 months old and we've hit a wall with training for obedience and rally: he's starting to really lose all his focus. During class, he'll decide to tune me out or get so excited he starts bunny hopping alongside of me (as in, we're during an exercise where we must pass by another dog quietly and he's leaping for the moon beside me). He just can't seem to keep his focus long enough to just...be still. And this is the dog that usually astounds people by how calm he generally is in class; most people can hardly believe he's 15 month old border collie. Is it normal for him to still have some super puppy antics left? Or am I encouraging them somehow? I usually have some super-awesome-amazing treats on hand (his favorites: chicken, liver, hotdogs, and cheese), but even they don't seem to hold his attention much. I don't really want to bring a toy into class because he gets so focused on the toy everything else shuts down. I really want to succeed in obedience with him, and other activities later on down the road, but I want to make sure we have a good foundation beneath us and I don't really want to mess it up. Help, please? QUESTION NUMERO DOS. How do I get it in his head to walk on a loose leash by my side? We've literally been working on this since I got him, and nothing seems to work for more than a few steps no matter the amount of reinforcement. Initially I walked and clicked and treated for him being in the "zone", aka walking politely at my left side, and stop if he forges or pulls. He got that down pretty quickly so we moved on to no longer using the clicker and using the forward movement as the reward; if he walks the way he should, he gets to continue to move on-wards. I know he /knows/ where he needs to be, because he does it amazingly for those few feet that he decides to do it, but then after those few feet he'll start to edge forwards. He never quite /pulls/ anymore, but he won't walk like he should. Whenever he does this, I stop and wait for him to put slack in the leash himself and once there's slack, I move forwards again. Same thing. It's a constant pattern and I'm really tired of never being able to just /walk/ anywhere. It's always a "go-stop-go-stop" sort of thing. Not enjoyable. He walks just fine in class whenever we do anything regarding walking on a loose leash, and you'd think it'd be the opposite. :/
  21. She's still super young and kind of at that age where she loses her mind every once in a while, lol. I taught leave-it with a click and treat method. First I started with a treat in the palm of my hand and presented it to Brady, when he went for the treat I closed my fist. If he turned his head, I clicked and treated him from the opposite hand--I wanted to mark the behavior of him removing his attention from the treat. After a few repetitions of him getting it 100% of the time,I introduced the "word": leave-it. Rinse and repeat before I moved on to putting the treat on the floor and doing the same thing: covering it with my hand if he tried to take it and if he turned his head away I clicked and treated. From there, I moved on to dropping it from standing, same process. Just eventually worked up to being able to leave a plate on a low table and walking out of the room. So far it's worked really well and he knows to divert his attention if he's told to leave-it; it's called him off squirrels and cats a number of times now. It just took an absurd amount of work, lol. Also, I worked with Susan Garrett's "It's Yer Choice" game. It helped loads Now I can pretty much throw food in his face ( not that I ever would ) and he'll ignore it until I say ok.
  22. From what I understand (which isn't much, since I'm still very new), the border collie has been bred to use a heading and gathering style as opposed to heeling, which australian cattle dogs use (that would be the lunging you're seeing). It's not so much a preference as it is something that they have been bred for over the centuries. And please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong everyone! I'd like to be able to give correct information when these sorts of things pop up in regular conversations.
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