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  1. Brady's kind of weird about playing, too. In fact, I call him "breedist" because he'll only play with herding-type dogs or dogs who have a similar play style (tag, tag, tag!) and they have to be just his size or smaller. Dogs that are bigger than him intimidate him. When he plays he can sound a little ferocious, which intimidates some dogs, but he's mostly just vocalizing his joy in finding a friend. He absolutely WILL NOT tolerate overly excitable dogs or dogs that chase him without an invitation to play. I've stopped going to the dog park all together because so many of the people who go nowadays have dogs that are just all over the place and rude; Brady kept getting into little tiffs and I just didn't want to push the envelope. In obedience class, he had a golden retriever friend named Annie who he just fawned over. There was also an ACD a few months younger than him that he absolutely adored. Other than that, he's pretty much disinterested in other dogs. He'd much rather hang out and play with me.
  2. Thank you! We're gonna have to try aaaaalll of these out.
  3. Brady ended up ripping open his paw and puncturing a toe all the way into the joint when we were at the river yesterday. One trip to the ER Vet and 330 dollar bill later, he's all stitched and bandaged up. He should heal all right--I hope, anyway--but he's such an energetic dog who likes to keep busy, busy, busy. Already, he's starting to get antsy and this is his first day of not being sedated and under super, super light activity. Unfortunately he just won't chill out on his own, so he's condemned to crate rest and a short, leashed walk. What do you guys do when you have to restrict your dogs to crate rest due to injury? We have a few Nina Ottosson games, but he loses interest in those pretty quickly and I don't know what tricks I can really teach him that don't put weight on his injured paw. He's also a certified conehead for the next few weeks. I'm just having a little bit of trouble thinking up things that will keep his mind stimulated and off of the fact that he can't be going, going, going all the time. Here's to hoping I can keep myself, and him, sane over the next month!
  4. Some Sports Authorities carry Ruffwear items, mostly in the larger stores or the S.A. Elite stores. R.E.I. is a big Ruffwear carrier, too, if you're looking to try out the Ruffwear packs. I love the company and swear by a lot of their outdoors products.
  5. Thank you! I'm posting this on my blog, hopefully more people will see it if it gets around Tumblr and the blogging world.
  6. I've gotten the "that's not a purebred border collie, what's he mixed with?" bit more than a few times. And, for the life of me, I can't understand why. He looks like a collie to me, not an Australian Shepherd (which are fairly distinct, are they not? At least in the face?). But mostly, people look at me like I'm too young and Brady's "too much dog." I've actually stopped going to dog parks for the most part because of how many times I've been lectured on how to raise my dog in "proper" border collie fashion. And oh, why didn't I take my dog to Petsmart for those obedience lessons? They do a much better job than other organizations... Excuse me, but this little collie's favorite activity in the whole wide world is sprawling out on a two by two couch and sleeping the day away--how's that for crazy, hyperactive, and over the top? Blech. Biggest pet peeve in the world right there (if you couldn't tell, lol).
  7. Pretty sure this is off-topic, but I figured I'd pip in anyway. The other day, a good friend of mine who is heavily involved in showing her Australian Shepherds recommended me to a "well known" border collie breeder in the UKC rings. When she told me about the recommendation, I tried to, politely, tell her that I didn't agree with conformation showing on any level and while I was flattered that she thought me a great owner for another dog, I just didn't want anything to do with a "barbie" collie. She tried to assure me that the breeder worked her dogs on her farm daily and that they were all "working" collies. Finally, I relented and said I'd at least check out the site, if only to be a good friend. Sure enough, the website was 100% conformation slop and all the dogs had that awful puffy, pomeranian face (no offense to anyone here who loves poms, I just don't like the way their faces look like infantile foxes) and the outrageous coats that were so thick they looked ridiculous. I exited out immediately and just told my friend no, in a much firmer way. She still believes that the dogs are working collies and are the best of both worlds "pretty but functional." I think that's the way most people in any kennel club operate, at least on the lower, plebian level. They truly believe that what they're doing is for the best of the breed they love and are completely ignorant to the issues caused by an organization based in outdated eugenics and pageantry. They get caught up in the glitz and glamour and make that their whole life. Maybe I'm wrong, since I wasn't heavily involved in the AKC (thank goodness), but so long as the majority of the club members are blinded by their own ignorance, I doubt things will change. It's not that they don't have the heart for it, or are bad people, they're just...ignorant. And ignorance can be one of the most dangerous state of beings out there. Anyway, just my two cents...feel free to ignore since I'm sure only about...25% of it was coherent at all, lol.
  8. Brady hated his crate when he was a puppy, absolutely hated it. But, like everyone else has suggested, try and make it a happy place with goodies like kongs and chews. It helped when I played Crate Games with him and just sort of worked it up to being this grand ol' place of fun. Feeding in the crate helped me, too. If I remember right, you've only had him for a couple of weeks now? He's still getting used to being in a new place without Mom and the siblings around and that's probably pretty frightening for a young pup. Just give it time and a lot of patience, it'll work itself out in a month or two when he's older and a little more independent.
  9. Always knew I loved Van Halen, now I just DLR a little more.
  10. Maybe Brady's not wired right, but he's one heck of a cuddlebug.
  11. All our good thoughts and mojo. ]: I hope things turn out for the best!
  12. Where's a like button when you need one?! Too funny!
  13. lookit his little face. <3 oh goodness, what a darling! have fun with your new baby! I'm looking forward to hearing about all your adventures together.
  14. He has the most darling facial expressions <3
  15. I think I take it for granted sometimes and, sometimes, I think it makes me a little haughty because I have this dog with such a beautiful state of mind and capacity for thinking. He's still very young, but I can see him maturing now. His thinking skills are starting to sharpen, but for the better. Now he uses his mind to communicate more effectively rather than to get himself in trouble. Although troublemaking still happens, often. He's learned how to close my laptop by pushing the top with his paw, for instance. I have no idea where he thought to use that method before and it amazes me, but at the same time it's a bad habit that I've got to teach him /not/ to do, lol.
  16. I have a similar ongoing problem with fear reactivity and recently had a post about it. Maybe some of the responses on the thread could help you as well? Click here!
  17. Pedigree Dogs Exposed is a pretty decent documentary that's usually on netflix, but you can find the parts on youtube. Just be prepared to watch some pretty sad, and maddening, things. :/ The boxer with seizures nearly had me in tears. And you get a chance to lol at some of the things the fanciers and judges say--their ignorance knows no bounds.
  18. I like Dublin Dog collars, but you can't fit a boomerang tag on them and they're a little thick. They're perfect for muddy, wet conditions though. :]
  19. If you were given the wrong information, I don't think he should deny you reimbursement--that's on the group for not communicating effectively. I really don't think he should be such a jerk about it, I understand money's tight in this economy, but yeesh. :/
  20. I'm so sorry for not giving an age, because it's led to some confusion. Ricky's 17 and is about to graduate high school, so I consider him an adult. Even though he's not related to me by blood, he's every bit a little brother to me and if there was a bite, it wouldn't put strain on the family and I wouldn't get sued; I'd probably be asked to take more control of the situation, but it wouldn't turn into a legal mess or anything. He was also only in the home during the 10 days that I left Brady with them for about 3 days--he was at his dad's, at school, or at work the rest of the time. A bite and further aggression is specifically what I'm trying to prevent. Right now, Brady's not lunging or attacking (he's very avoidant), but he's clearly distressed and panicked. I can see it in him. The whites of his eyes are showing, his body's very, very tense, he's growling, and he fear-barks (which is this really, I don't even know how to describe it; it just sounds panicky to me in comparison to what he usually is). But, I don't want to wait until there is a physical altercation to ask for help, I want to help...now. If not for my family's sake (my dad LOVES him and he's helped ease the pain after Jazmyn's recent loss) and safety,then for my dog, who I love and cherish above all else. I just want to see him calm and confident in the situation. If he never ends up accepting Ricky to the point of friendship again, that's fine. I just want him to be able to navigate a visit with them without being totally, completely afraid. I think that's my responsibility as an owner to help him feel safe and to be able to tell him 'it's ok.' I just want to stop this before it becomes a much bigger issue, I owe that much to him and to my family. When I meant borrow, it was more of a phrase--and I'm sorry for causing any kind of confusion or ill feelings, I really didn't mean to. I've just been in such a rush with this whole thing that I haven't really sat down and typed my thoughts thoroughly. Giving him that much space is kind of hard, because when I visit them, I have to bring him along. There's no one who can watch him in Vancouver and I am loathe to board him--we've had some bad experiences, so I've just kind of. shut down that option entirely. Plus, he's goes everywhere with me and I'm as attached to him as he is to me. On the subject of something happening, I think it's entirely possible, but I don't think it would have been intentionally directed at him like some of you have suggested. Is it also possible that he correlates them with me leaving him? Since none of this started to happen until after he was left with them for 10 days? I'd really like to try the window method paired with the LAT game. He love, love, LOVES LAT. He seems to thoroughly enjoy the game, I've just never paired it with a high-anxiety situation before because this literally only happens with them. He's bombproof the rest of the time, including with young children, which is why our experience with CU has been limited to the book and what I've gleaned from her youtube. I love the program. And if it weren't for these boards, would never have been introduced to the program, for that I'm very, very thankful. I don't know how relevant this is, but Brady's really attentive to detail. If something he notices is different from the norm, he will alert me to it. He'll growl at the ceiling fan when it's turned on or will growl at a bag of groceries set on the counter that wasn't there an hour ago. But from the stories I had read on here, it seemed that this was a relatively normal trait in collies, so I never thought twice about it. I suppose that could have a hand in all of this as well. Sorry for the muddled thoughts, I'm operating on a sick brain. We're home now, and he's absolutely fine. But, then again, he's king of the castle here.
  21. It's only with my dad's family, in or out of their home. They've come by our house up in Vancouver (they live in Salem) a few times recently and it's the same reaction. He's not like this with anyone else--he's usually very confident in himself and quick to reach out and make friends. He's always been a very, very social dog. I should probably take a step back and really, really work on the games with him to the point where I could say he's very good at them. Right now he's decent, but we could probably use more ground work. I'll definitely use that as a starting point and then see if I can borrow Ricky for a day or two.
  22. I'm so afraid of that. Of it being something I can't fix. Thank you so much for being able to say what I'm avoiding, it's something I'll definitely have to keep at the forefront of my mind. :/ I just don't like thinking there's things out there in the world I can't...fix for him.
  23. Visiting my dad with Brady has become super difficult. He knows these people and has spent time with them since he was 5 months old. Granted it's never for long periods of time, but when he was about 7 months old I left him with them for 10 days while I went on a vacation with my mom and step-dad. After this, he started becoming reactive to them. With my dad, after about an twenty minutes he warms up. But my dad is a dog person and knows to sit down, not look at him, and just wait for him to come to him. He still gets skitterish when my dad is walking around at his full height, but he's friendly after a couple of hours and will come to him for reassurance, attention, or play. With my dad's girlfriend, it's the same thing. He warms up super quickly and just becomes best friends with her. It's with her son, whom I call my brother, that he becomes incredibly, incredibly reactive. If Ricky comes into the room, Brady becomes hyper-vigilant and will sometimes even bark defensively. He tenses up and is clearly very afraid. He won't even go /near/ him, even when he's sitting on the ground and is trying to be calm. Now, I know this might raise questions of abuse, but I know these people very well and know that none of that happened. They are always respectful of him and Brady and Ricky were even best buds while he was there for ten days. Brady has never been beaten, yelled at, /anything/ and this sudden reaction to them is completely sudden. I don't even know to deal with it because he just completely shuts me out and is almost impossible to calm down without removing him from the situation as a whole. I don't want him to be afraid, I want him to be confident and happy with them. I've worked on some CU with him, but he's just so freaked out that everything goes out the window.
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