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  1. Brady has a bath at least once a week swimming in the lake and the river, does that count?
  2. I'm so glad he's home and I hope he recovers soon. D:
  3. Then you should know that at 9 weeks old he is going through a very large adjustment in his life and that is going to signal instability to him when all he has known up until this point as been stable, consistent, and familiar. This is not. And yes, you have a right to be concerned, but you that concern should come into play so much later down the road, like if it continues when he's 10 months old as opposed to almost 10 weeks. Right now, and I know it's hard because everyone wants things to happen so quickly, you have to foster a positive attitude and one of perseverance. I saw someone quote on here something about how you don't always get the puppy you want or expect, but you get the puppy you need. So just give yourself a pause for right now and don't worry about the adult dog aspect because the fact is, he's not an adult dog. He is your puppy, your baby, and right now your job is to give him love, patience, and security. You can't do that with too many expectations of what he should be like and when he should be like it. In fact, throw almost everything you think you know about puppies out the window, because this puppy isn't going to be like every other puppy. This is your puppy, not someone else's. You've been given a lot of good advice here and I really hope to see you and your pup's journey as it unfolds.
  4. Oh goodness typing half asleep never ends well for me, lol. Thank you for catching that!
  5. At 9 weeks, he's still going through a HUGE adjustment of living in a new place, with a new person, without his mother or littermates. Just slow down and give him time to adjust and settle in, don't try and rush it or else you could exasperate the situation. He has to acclimate to the new setting and all that city noise is only going to be amplified. I would definitely suggest going through and reading through the boards here, there's a lot of information on first time puppies and the alike. Also, go out and buy a copy of Leslie McDevitt's Control Unleashed: Puppy Program if you can. It's fabulous for teaching confidence in both you and your puppy. But mostly, just give him time, patience, and love. A puppy isn't going to act like an adult dog, they're babies. They're not going to immediately settle in and match your expectations (although some puppies are Wonderdogs right from the get-go). And why can't you take him anywhere to socialize? Once he's gotten his final round of shots you can take him to Petco or Petsmart, Lowes, the dog park, a regular park. Also puppy classes are a GREAT resource for both learning how to control and shape your pup as well as getting him the socialization he needs.
  6. Ice cubes, ice cubes, ice cubes--we went through a ridiculous amount of ice cubes, and he still acts like a wiggly puppy when he gets one and he's two, now. But in hindsight I would have frozen more meat juices and broths, not just water. I second the frozen Kong and frozen bones, they helped LOADS.
  7. Thanks guys! I'm going to talk to my roomie and see if he's up for trying these out. I really, really, REALLY want this to be a positive experience for both dogs, but especially Brady because the move will be a pretty big one from him.
  8. Maybe just sort of forgo any training now and work on the relationship between you two first? That might help with the disconnect problem.
  9. I looked through the archives and couldn't find anything that had already been posted on this subject (but I probably didn't search it right) so I thought I'd ask. I'm going back to school in the fall and will be moving in with a roommate who has a female 1 1/2 year old border collie (yay for border collie person as a roomie!). I know the proper etiquette of introducing a new dog to an already established household, but I'm worried about how Brady may or may not react. He's been raised in a multi-dog household since he was born, but for the last year and a half he's been living with smaller dogs that pose no threat to him or the pack hierarchy. He's young and hasn't really ever been put in his place by another dog and I don't want his inexperience to lead to an all out brawl over who's higher than the other in the pack. I really don't want there to be any brawls...at all (although I realize this may be unavoidable). How do I keep a sort of peace between the two as we make the transition? Because that will certainly have a hand in it, I'm sure. He was too young the last time we moved for it to really have had an effect on him. He's fairly good with other herding breeds and other collies in particular, but that's just from our occasional visits at the dog park. I really have no other intel on how he'd be living with another dog that's his size. Is it possible to train it beforehand? I know that's probably a stretch, but thought I'd ask.
  10. Control Unleashed is my bible and helped get me through the puppy years! It teaches calm in all kinds of situations. There's also a newer version of the book out called Control Unleashed: Puppy Program. Well worth the buy!
  11. Wow, 30 bucks a jump? Yikes. $10 sounds more my speed for something that just seems/feels like a fun game to play with the pup. I hope they bring another competition similar to the first back, sounds like it was a blast! Thanks! If it ends up being too costly we might just stick to the practices and enter only one or two competitions just to see what they're like. I just want to give him something fun to do that's different from our normal activities. We used to go to Lacamas Lake since we found a pretty secluded dock/swim area over there, but I'm skeptical of the place now since Lacamas is where the whole puncturing of the toe joint incident occurred. I think there was some hidden shards of glass we didn't see. :/ Sponsorships? Oh man, if we have do sponsorships to compete I'm definitely not interested. I just figured it'd be lower cost based on the lessons being only $15. It looks like so much fun, too! They have competitions every year at the county fair and it's always looked like a pretty inexpensive activity--looks are deceiving I guess!
  12. Is anyone on the boards involved in this sport/game? Brady and I are going to our first practice on the 30th, but I was just wondering how else you would go about training the sport/game (other than just tossing the bumper off a dock). It looks like a fun activity to get involved in and it combines two of Brady's favorite things: swimming and retrieving. HOPEFULLY we have a good success with this game since it's about ten times lower in cost than agility or fly ball.
  13. ]: I'm so sorry to hear this. She'll be waiting for you at the Bridge; sleep well, Whisper!
  14. Just saw this on FB. I hope they find Tobie, this is just beyond heartbreaking. ]: ETA -- I signal boosted this on tumblr, hopefully people see it and pass the word along.
  15. We sell the shake weight at work and it takes all my self control and then some not to crack a smile when people purchase it.
  16. Sswitched from orijen 6 fish to acana fish two months ago because it was too rich. So far we're doing much much better with Acana. Plus, it's cheaper and I get to keep my freq. Buyer program.
  17. Is this your first collie? First puppy? I think you have a different idea of what their energy level is like. They ARE active dogs but they're not as hyperactive as everyone assumes or "warns" you about--they're not labs. They're more mentally active. As for your puppy, she's just a baby. It took mine until he was a year to figure out how to walk on a leash without pulling. Was it frustrating? Yep. But when it comes to your baby dog you have to understand that your relationship is the first and foremost important thing right now and /ever/. So just breathe and be patient. Yes, walking on a leash is important to learn, but for now you can use a harness that clips in front or a gentle leader. Just enjoy her for now. Living with you is still new--it's only been, what?, 60 days? Give her time to settle in. For potty training, be consistent. If you can't physically see her, she goes up. Tie her to you with a leash. Observe her. Give her time. Things will get better! Have a little faith and remember you two will make it out of this stage.
  18. What a cutie! Congrats on your new baby and good luck in the many years to come. Check out the archives and the Read this First link on the boards, there's a lot to be learned from these boards. I hope you have a wonderful journey with your new partner. <3
  19. Brady hated baths, swimming, and water in general until I got him a baby pool when he was 9 months old. Now (at 22 months) he is the biggest water dog you've ever seen and swimming/playing in water is a huge, huge reward for him. We're even contemplating getting into dock diving because he enjoys the swim/water environment so much that pairing that with a retrieve would be absolute heaven for him. Give her time and positive exposure to smaller bodies of water that have nothing to do with an activity she may not like, like bathing. Try out a plastic kiddie pool. Maybe with time she'll grow to like, maybe she won't. Collies are crazy like that.
  20. Thanks for all the insight, guys. I guess I'll just have to be more...aware. I swear he has no sense of self awareness, just a constant mindset of: oh, you want to hike up the mountain? well, I'm going to run THROUGH the mountain! It's both endearing and terrifying, lol.
  21. Only advice I can offer you (which isn't much since I'm still learning, too) is to never, never underestimate how quickly things can go wrong in a puppy or young dog. It's much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your pup. So, even if YOU don't like to go to the doctor, try and make the jump more often with your pup because she's not able to actually vocalize what/how she's feeling.
  22. Just from the recent experience with a more serious injury than a shallow scratch, I've become absolutely amazed at the level of pain my dog can tolerate. I know it's been mentioned repeatedly on these boards about how tough collies are, and have to be, but I've never actually experienced this in a dog before. Ever. All the other doggy companions I've had in my life have had either a low or average threshold to pain. They yelped, limped, or growled when in pain and brought attention to the issue. But Brady? I've almost started to believe that he doesn't even feel pain (although, I know he MUST...right?). After puncturing his joint on a rock, despite the fact that he was bleeding EVERYWHERE, all he wanted was for us to throw the toy. Completely ignored the fact that he had to have been hurting, and I know he was because he initially favored the limb the few seconds after it happened, and even walked on it all the way back to the car which was a good fourth of a mile away (which I feel intensely guilty about, but he wouldn't let me pick him up). And lately, I've been finding scratches and scabs on him from smaller, shallower injuries that must have happened during our romps outside but I never noticed because of this sudden bout of thick man-hair he's grown on his chest. Never showed a single symptom of pain. Ever. And now I don't know whether to be in awe of this dog who is apparently part superhero or if I should be disconcerted. What else is he not showing? Do I have to go on hyper-alert now every time we do something? I know bumps and bruises are going to happen, that's just part of living, but I don't want him to develop something serious and have it go undetected because he just simply...swallows pain like a champ. How do you guys cope? I know a bunch of you work your dogs daily on livestock or other physical situations, so what do you do knowing that these tough, tough dogs are literally just going to suck it up until the job is done? I know this may be a completely out there and juvenile question (and probably one you guys have addressed before) but I'm just concerned that maybe I haven't been doing it right and that I need to be doing something...more. Plus, I value your guys' opinions quite a bit. You all are like the border collie jedi masters.
  23. Eek, long time to be on crate rest, I hope they get better soon! Thank you! I'll have to go out and buy some knuckle bones. I think I'm going to go out and buy another kong or two, having just the one isn't cutting it. I need a rotating system, lol.
  24. Happy birthday Willow! <3 Hope there are many more to come.
  25. What a pretty girl! <3 I hope you have many happy years together.
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