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  1. He's been relatively the same other than the diarrhea. He still wants to play constantly, still eats with earnest, is drinking water at the same rate. He does ask to go out more often, but I think that's a given with the diarrhea aspect. Everything else about him is pretty much normal. It's definitely possible he could have eaten something outside, he's one of those types that puts everything in his mouth to try and figure out what it is. Usually that only happens if I'm not paying attention, but Brady can be pretty covert sometimes. I've also thrown out any cloth toys that he could have gotten a hold of recently (I am not going through that blockage thing again. It was awful. ): ). I'll try out the pumpkin to see if it helps, but on the off chance that he does still have a blockage would that make it worse? Thank you guys for responding!
  2. Hey boards, it's been a while. Hope everyone's doing well! This might be in the wrong board, and if it is, I apologize! About a month ago, I switched Brady to Wellness because it was available at the local Co-Op in town and I didn't want to have to continue shipping Acana to my house; it's just easier to be able to pick up his food in town. At first there were no issues, he seems really enjoy it and never refuses it. Lately, however, we've been having some issues. He had a minor blockage a few weeks ago after he decided to eat a toy (to keep Mhya from playing with it, too) but after some vet attention, it passed and his stools returned to normal. The last 24 hours he's been having really runningy/watery stools. They're not miscolored in any way and there's nothing super malodorous about them, it's just...diarrhea. He DOES have a sensitive stomach, which is why I keep him on the gentler fish based formulas, but prior to the blockage he never appeared to have an issue. I was just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues with the food? And what would be a better replacement for it? I want to keep him on a high quality food that's grain free, but I also don't want him to have this continuous issue. Your thoughts and comments are much appreciated, as always!
  3. Hi Jenn, welcome to the boards! This may be entirely off topic, but the book that's been mentioned on here several times, Control Unleashed, is probably one of the best tools to go out and purchase for yourself while you raise your puppy. I got my first collie when I was 20 and thought I'd be able to raise him by sheer common sense, some internet articles (I was a devout follower of Susan Garrett's blog at that point), and intuition. Wrong. While it was a good jumping off point, it wasn't until I asked questions here, opened my ears to the discussions going on, and immersed myself more into the dog world that I realized I needed to take a different approach. Go to classes with your pup if you can. Don't just stop at puppy class. Read books (Click to Calm and Control Unleashed are popular suggestions and rightly so) and apply the different techniques as they suit you (every person and every dog's different, sometimes you gotta make adjustments). These boards and the people who post here frequently are treasure troves of information, utilize that! I call them the Collie Jedi Masters. They helped immensely with raising my, now two year old, hellion. I'm glad you're looking forward to a long, loving partnership with your pup. Here's to many wonderful years ahead!
  4. I bought a small elk antler for Brady's 2nd birthday and it lasted him almost 5 months, but he only really gets into chewing on something if another dog's around. Otherwise he savors his chewies.
  5. Not weird at all! Different strokes for different folks.
  6. So Valek would be the nickname of Valentine? Why not just make it easier on yourself and pick either Valek or Valentine and just call him Val?
  7. My boy did the same exact thing at about the same age and all of the advice you're getting is wonderful! Another user on here also suggested "walking him down" when he refused to come when called. It worked for me but I'm awful at explaining the steps. I'll see if I can hunt down the post.
  8. I like Alice because you could just call him Al. Or if you're like me, you give your dog a ridiculous amount of nicknames, most of which aren't relevant to his actual name (i.e. brady, brady alan, bady, monster, destructo, ohmygod-what-the-!@#$-is-in-your-mouth).
  9. I do this too! And Brady's tastes are also waaay expensive lol.
  10. I appreciate your input, but like I said in the first post, I know how to introduce strange dogs to one another. I was looking for help to keep the peace during a very large, stressful move. Also this thread is older. The dogs have since met and are doing fine, as I mentioned in the update. I'm sure it wasn't meant to be, but your reply came off as very abrupt (at least to me). But again, thank you.
  11. Thanks! I am indeed going to Central! Double majoring in psychology and nutrition, lol. Oh man, the smoke is SO BAD here right now. We had a better today with a 2 mile visibility, but it's still just so, so bad. The smoke's actually worse here than it is in Wenatchee where the fires are closer. But I guess that's what happens when you're in the middle of an almost literal burnin' ring of fire. Hopefully the fires get under control soon, it's been so bad this year. ]: 110 are burning right now--the big boy is 74 square miles of just...fire. I love the wind! It reminds me of the ocean when it blows through the willows and trees. Mostly I just love this little town, it's charm has grown on me over the years.
  12. Just wanted to update in case anyone was curious how it went! I moved in about two weeks prior to bringing Brady up, just so I could get settled without having the stress of the big move and my own stresses from starting school again affecting him. This also gave me time to find a new employer without having to worry about my dog's well being at stake. Moved him in today and Mhya and Brady hit it off beautifully! There was some snarking over a couple bones that were out and over "Tennis Ball Control," but they played and played the rest of them time. Probably one of the first times I've seen Brady really take to another dog so quickly. I'm sure there's many more snarks and tiffs in the future, but so far it seems like the two are fast becoming friends. Which is good, because they make an ADORABLE pair. I'll have to put some pics up of the two of them together. I'm a very much relieved pet owner, lol.
  13. Sounds like she's just exercising her collie powers and just needs to be redirected and reinforced. My pup locked on to anything that moved with laser precision, but he grew out of it with some training. Most of the time he was just kind of a goob running all over the place and banking off furniture.
  14. Brady will lie like that when he's hot. His hips are probably fine, just another quirk! He's awfully cute.
  15. Lol, no, I was just using her as an example as to what people have to..."model" themselves after. They see it on tv, and they think it's okay. Just like with shows like the Dog Whisperer, etc. etc. Even if it's just a subconscious thing, it's still an influence.
  16. Working in retail and other customer service industries really exposes you to the "average American" and, most of the time, it infuriates and embarrasses me to know that some of these people are my countrymen. It IS a highly (if not almost entirely) ME society--there's very little common courtesy extended to others. I know quite a few dog owners who refuse to pick up after their pets because it's "gross." Plus, look at what's on TV. On that Jersey Shore spin-off, JWoww lets her tiny, obnoxious dogs pee and poop all over the house. It's an instant gratification thing: The dog won't behave so I'll call someone else to fix it. The dog still won't behave, I guess I'll ignore it. It's tough call, I guess. I'd love to be able to bring my dog everywhere with me. He's well mannered, quiet, does what he's asked, but with today's society (or at least my own community which is very suburban and the part I live in is very...Wysteria Lane/Desperate Housewives-ish) I wouldn't want to take him into more places where I know he'll get accosted with sticky fingered kids, rough strangers, and other ignorant people. I'm not really sure what my views are on this topic, I guess. ( edited to add: although I really hate paying pet rent and non-refundable deposits when my dog is pretty well behaved. :[ )
  17. I'm not a huge fan of the doodles...most of the ones I've met have been sweet, but dumb as rocks. I think I'm just partial to animals I can see think, learn, and problem solve (probably going to being a collie person for life). And I don't think the people who buy them are stupid, so much as ignorant, naive, and uneducated. The best thing for sleazey marketing people is an uneducated audience. Unfortunately that's largely what the American public is, and not just in pet ownership...it's in a lot of things (but I won't go into those). A lot of people think the AKC is the most Holy of All Holies when it comes to dogs, too. Or they think it's totally okay and sweet when Fifi jumps up on people and tackles them to the ground because "she's just being friendly, she likes you!"--they just don't really know any better.
  18. I just saw this on facebook and it brought tears to my eyes. it's so sweet.
  19. Oh she is gorgeous! It sounds like you are all on the start of a wonderful journey together. <3
  20. That would explain everything! Also explains why their pet classes are so...bad. I think having a broken filter is better in these cases than having a working one. Being nice doesn't seem to get the message across to 75% of the pet owning public. I mean, the majority of people at the dog park we used to frequent thought that raised hackles and generally aggressive stances meant "oh! he just wants to play!!" Can't say I blame you!
  21. I seem to get these three tidbits of "advice" the most in regards to Brady, that or "oh, what's he mixed with?" It's the "advice givers" that drive me up a wall the most. One guy actually lifted his hand to strike Brady when he was younger and acting out, as all young animals will do when they're testing their boundaries, and I put myself between my dog and the jerk and told him to get the hell out of my house before he found himself in jail--no one strikes my dog. No one. He hightailed it out of there and mumbled something about how I was such a 'crazy (insert unimaginative curse word here).' Never did come back to my place again though, probably because I threatened my roommate over it (not necessarily a good thing, but I was really tweaked over it, ok). A cashier at Petsmart once lectured me on how cruel I was to have a border collie in the city and not buying a farm and "giving it acres to run around on." Thought she was going to call a hotline on me by the way she was carrying on. It probably took a good twenty minutes for her to check out the single frisbee toy I had brought up. I almost told her to just void the entire transaction so I could just /leave/. Another time, again at Petsmart, one of their associate trainers was working with a couple and their puppy while Brady and I were quietly checking out some water appropriate toys for the river. He was lying down at my feet, loose leash, pretty much half-asleep because we'd been at the river and the dog park, so he was plum exhausted. He was not amped up, worried, or really doing anything other than looking at me like he was about to pass out. The trainer starts to walk down the aisle, COMPLETELY oblivious to our presence and the dog she was working with was spinning in circles, yapping, and being pretty rude. Suddenly she stops, glares at me, looks down at my dog and turns the other direction while loudly saying, "We can't go down here, did you SEE how out of control and excitable that collie was?" Brady had literally not moved an inch. I should probably just stop shopping at Petsmart, lol. People drive me nuts, sometimes.
  22. I hoping to be be there for Friday or Thursday, so maybe we can bump into one another!
  23. The Lacamas Valley SDT is coming up and I'm beyond excited to be able to go this year (just as a spectator, of course)! Is anyone from the boards attending or running in the trials? It'd be great to put some names to faces!
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