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  1. I'm sorry to not have been clear about what I meant about the sheep comment--I've read a couple posts here that say they don't use high value food rewards, that working sheep is enough. I was just going from what I'd read, I'm sorry to have made any kind new kid on the block mistake...I'm still new to the border collie world. Trying to learn still, lol. I'll definitely have to give these a try. They seem like they'll work a lot better than ho dogs and string cheese...he liked the for about a day and then decided they were too boring. :/
  2. I know a lot of you use sheep as a reward for your BCs, but I was wondering what types of food rewards really get your dog to go bonkers. I'm still looking for that one tidbit Brady can't resist so I thought I'd ask for some ideas. He gets bored with regular treats, hotdogs, and string cheese. =]
  3. Thank you everyone! I started giving him ice cubes to help with the pain and to give him something to chew on and froze a couple soaked rags. As for the nipping, I'm trying out the yelping and then ignoring him--so far he doesn't like it when I turn my back on him or walk out of the room. I'm definitely glad to have joined this forum: I imagine you all will be savin' me as we navigate puppyhood! I can't tell you guys enough how awesome it is to have your advice. =D
  4. Brady has taken to being a real terror when it comes to nipping and biting. It's not just people, it's everything. And he's such a headstrong, playful pup it's getting hard to get through to him. He's definitely teething at this point, the vet said his teeth were loose, but it was something I had already expected with him being 13 weeks today. I've tried replacing whatever he's chewing on with an appropriate chew toy, but he doesn't like any of the chews I have for him. He hates nylabones and just loses interest in everything else. He's started nipping on to clothing and then pulling back for all he's worth. I've used firm no's, I've used the replacement thing ( as I stated above ), and I've even lightly ( very, very lightly ) thumped him on the butt. Absolutely nothing has worked or stuck with him. He just keeps testing and testing his boundaries and I don't really know what to do at this point. I even tried to teach him "close your mouth" but he just won't have it. It gets worse with every day and I REALLY don't want to have a bite-y adult border collie on my hands. :/ Please, please help. edit: I've also noticed the biting/nipping is at its worse when he's tired, excited, or hungry--especially when he's tired. He'll start nipping up a storm and then as soon as I put him in his crate he just zonks out. It almost makes me wonder if he's just throwing a tantrum to get a point across, but I just don't want it to develop into a habit that will take forever to break. I don't want to make it sound like I don't love him or that I'm frustrated ( I am to a point, but this is definitely something that's fixable so I'm not too worried ), I just want my baby dog to grow up to be a well-behaved adult. He's already the love of my life ( for all his arguments about my authority ) and he's worth any trouble he may cause. He is my first border collie, but far from my first dog, and I think I'm already hooked. I am absolutely willing to do whatever I can to help fix this problem ( which I'm sure I, at one point or another, contributed to ).
  5. Thanks so much guys. =D I went out and bought some ground turkey, pumpkin, and chicken wings to introduce him to his new diet. We'll have to see how it goes, hopefully well. I think if it goes alright we'll give it a couple weeks and then add in organs and some red meat. He looks just like his dad, same structure and everything, so I'm thinking he'll end up in-between 45 and 50 lbs. I hope this goes well, I'll post back with an update on how he takes to it. =D
  6. I've been looking in to a Raw diet for my BC puppy, Brady, but no matter how much I look through the internet, I haven't been able to find how much to feed him at this age. Some sources say to feed 2%-5% of the ideal adult body weight, but there are conflicting sources saying to feed 5% of current weight. I'm not sure which to go with, and so I come to you guys for help. =D Also, what would be best to start him off with? Ground meat with the bone ground in or just go straight into RMB?
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