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  1. My border Collies's mother was O'brae Edna, but she was put down last year due to Cancer. She was fairly old, I think. I think they purchased her from Gwen Cassel and she lived a good life on a horse and cattle farm. So I think you can still find the lines if you are looking for them.
  2. I will try. Someone just told me that Gwen Cassel is on here as well, so I am going to try to contact her first to make sure she is alright with it. I don't want to offend her. I really love my Border collie and just want to learn everything I can about him.
  3. My male Border Collie has a long line of Obrae' Border collies on his mother's side. I decided to do some research on his pedigree but have been unable to find much information about them. The few people that I talked to makes me think that it is a fairly well known line but the only thing that anyone has to say is that some people really like them and some don't. I am mostly just curious about his background and the type of dogs that he may have come from.
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