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  1. I suspect she will be just fine. My vet and agility coach keep Wallace ( 11 months ) under a little bit of restriction until his growth plates are closed but nothing too crazy. We don't do repetitive exercises with a lot of pressure like full height jumps, a-frames, etc. and we do not practice flat work every day. We do go for walks, occasional hikes, and play fetch with a chuck-it a few times a week. I couldn't imagine not letting my him run now and then, but we certainly aren't training for any marathons or 20 mile backpacking trips. I think of it a bit like human kids, they need exer
  2. I have a 10 month old. One day when he was around 6 months old he was standing at the door of my car and I was preparing to let him in the car. When I said "load up" he jumped on the hood of the car and stared at me. My old dog Rocket hopped onto the washing machine after I happened to pat my legs ( a signal that it was okay to jump on me) while I was doing the laundry. Each of these happened from a complete standstill. So, your story seems like a border collie story. I am glad she's okay. In each of these cases I told the dog, "NO! not there!" and they got the hint. Wallace doesn't load
  3. Oh Ezrydr I am so sorry to hear that. Try not to be hard on yourself. It's so hard to be there. I used to work in a vet office and assisted with many dogs. Even though they were not mine I held them and spoke to them as they went when their owners could not. I recently had to say goodbye to my border collie, Rocket, a few months ago. She was 14. I sat with her and it was one of the hardest things I have done, and I have sat with human family members who passed away in hospice. I just held her and cried into her fur. About 6 months before she passed I got a border collie puppy, Wallace. Hi
  4. I think its going to be very hard to determine 100% exactly why Tucker is biting. There are likely many factors. Just because the problem started after you went to work full time it does not mean that is nessecarily the cause or main cause. If I eat some applesauce every day at bfast, suddenly stop, and develop the flu it has nothing to do with my diet. This is a classic falacy of "correlation is not causation" So, the responses on the forum arent far fetched by any means. In terms of the shock collar it's really hard to know what Tucker assoicates with a shock. Punishment works when it i
  5. I agree with GentleLake and would explore sound triggers. Especially with the hiding in the tub behavior. I had a BC, Rocket, who started to lose a few marbles in her old age. She never liked thunderstorms as a young dog but started to react to very bizarre sounds when she got old. When she was about 13 she started to become really anxious, panting and running to her crate, when the dryer dinged or when the Xbox made sounds while you were navigating menus. After awhile she started to do this whenever I got the hiccups too. I did a little counter conditioning but mostly avoided the sounds
  6. Thanks Ruth. That's one of my favorite photos as well. I lost Rocket, on the left, to cancer just a few months after that. She was trying to sleep and Wren and Wallace just had to wrestle right next to her fore some reason. I always thought she was thinking "really? You have to do that right here?" Your comment on noise is interesting. All my BCs, even if not noise phobic, pay a lot more attention to sounds. I can take Wren grouse hunting and she will work and retrieve with the shotgun happily. My BCs will stick around and not bolt but are not generally happy with gunshots. Even with a gr
  7. Agreed. Not all my bc's have been noise phobic either.
  8. Thanks! Wren is the brown one. She might have some bc but I cant say for sure. She behaves a lot more like a hunting breed. Not gunshy or afraid of loud sounds, likes to retrieve and swim, zero interest in stock but starts shaking if she sees a squirrel she isnt allowed to chase. She really likes water and snow. Anything to stay cool. However, her most favorite thing to do is sleep on the couch.
  9. Tama is really cute. I also use the "go sniff" command. It's pretty nifty! If he is getting too amped up to do the behaviors successfully he likely isnt quite ready to walk nicely at the park or busy streets. I concur that practicing in the yard is really good. Once he's got that down visit a quiet road or a quiet park and then once he's got that move on to busier places. I have a 10 month old I am working with on this same stuff. Heeling is just straight up hard to teach. I could teach Wallace to get me a beer from the fridge faster than I can teach him to heel nicely.
  10. Thanks everyone. I asked a vet in my agility class and she said the same thing. Im being overly paranoid about lazy feet. Plus he still has a little growing. He's my first agility dog ive started this young and I'm overly protective I guess. Here are some better photos.
  11. I can snap a better photo later. He runs nicely but they are turned out when he sits every time. I also accept that I could be overreacting!
  12. I am a bit worried about Wallace's front feet and am planning to consult with my vet about it. They point out and his left foot is quite noticeable. Is this something that could contribute to injury as he ages or is it purely cosmetic?
  13. This past year I lost my old dog Rocket. She was my first border collie that was really my dog and there won't be another one quite like her. A few months before her passing, when I knew I just couldn't handle it, I got a little border collie and we named him Wallace. In the meantime we also rescued Wren. I was hoping she might have some BC in there and you could kinda see it when she was a puppy, but now I think it is just impossible to tell what breeds she is. Either way, introducing Wallace the border collie and Wren!
  14. http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/23181930 So, I am thinking of asking my landlord if I can adopt this one. My landlord is exceptionally dog friendly, though there's always a chance he could say no. In the event that he says, "yes" I am trying to weigh the pros and cons of getting another dog... Pros: He has an awesome temperament He is young; so he would have many years of sheep herding, agility, and obedience ahead of him I really like him for some inexplicable reason He needs a home While in school I work a lot, but I have a flexible schedule and can often work from home.
  15. Another day; another ribbon! I didn't expect to do so well. Its too bad, the judge is the same guy tomorrow. So even if we qualified again we could not finish our title tomorrow.
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