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  1. My seven year old BC was at a trial in the upper Sacramento Valley of CA on Aug 21. 10 days latter she began spasms of coughing. After x-rays of her chest, a broncoscopy, and about two weeks of treating her for Kennel cough or other bacterial diseases, the blood test result for fungal infection came back showing that she had a titer for Valley Fever. She was prescribed one 100 MG of furconazole to be given by breaking the tablet in half, and giving the half tablets (50 MG) twice daily. Her weight was between 35 and 32 lbs. Although none of the antibiotics had been effective in lowering her fever or reducing the coughing, I was instructed to continue them until I had used them up. As soon as I started the furconazole, her temperature started to go down. It took almost a whole month after starting the antifungal medication for her temperature to return to normal levels.It had been between 104.9 and 103.5 for most of that month. On the first of November I took her to the ranch where I could see how she would do after vigorous exercise. She worked a small group of sheep (outruns, lots of flanking and the starts and stops) for a solid half hour. By the end of that time, she had not had any coughing spells. She still occasionally has some coughing, particularly if she runs around in the cold. I am to continue the medication until the end of the year, then we will have her rechecked with another blood test. It is possible that I will have to continue the treatment for many months more until all trace of the fungus is gone. But I am gratified, and very happy, that the worst of her illness is over. She has her old happy-go-lucky personality back. PhyllisK and Bird
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