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  1. No, two instinct tests don't necessarily define the dog's possible interest. See if you can find a trainer that will just let him "watch" from outside the pen as other dogs are trained... Some trainers have organized days when they train, and that way he could get used to all that's going on and start to focus more on another dog and some moving sheep with out any pressure on him.
  2. Hopefully you won't be the first handler to the post (keep your fingers crossed!). Watch the sheep and the handlers before you, and see if the sheep are light or heavy and where they want to run to. Watch each run and think about how you and your dog would react in the same situation, and about where to place your dog. Don't let your dog watch as he should be able to easily spot the sheep on a novice course and you don't want him wound up. Novice runs usually go by very fast, so concentrate on keeping your dog back, and flanking slowly. Watch the ranch and open classes to help you see how the sheep and dogs react to different situations and how other, more experienced, people get their work done. Karen
  3. "A Way of Life" by H. Glyn Jones is excellent, starting from very basic to advanced.... Karen
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    Don't let him get into sheep and get "over his head". You still need to protect them at this tender age...
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