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  1. It is a sad day when we retire one of our dogs from competition. It seems like that day comes way too quick. Congratulations Speedy on a wonderful "career".
  2. Wow your friend is really old! Wait....when was I born.....oh....never mind
  3. When our GSD was a pup,9 weeks, she would latch onto your hands, arms what ever. Every time she did this I would just get up and leave the room leaving her behind. No reprimands/corrections. I would then come back in a minute or so and if she repeated biting, I would leave again. When she would come up and lick, I would pet her. As I hate being licked, as soon as she was licking consistently and not biting, I started to get up and leave when she licked. She got the attention she was seeking when she sat and calmed herself down. It took about a week for all of this to go down. Was it a pain in the butt? Yep but it did work. 7 years later she is still pretty good about calming herself for my attention although the tongue makes an appearance every now and then.
  4. This was sent to me by someone I know who is going: Here's the relevant info from AKC... Real-Time Results / Running Order via Twitter At the conclusion of each dog’s run, we will send a “tweet” to one of five Twitter accounts (one for each ring number). Below is a list of those accounts: http://twitter.com/AKCRing1 http://twitter.com/AKCRing2 http://twitter.com/AKCRing3 http://twitter.com/AKCRing4 http://twitter.com/AKCRing5
  5. Here are some other ways to keep track of nationals: http://twitter.com/AKCNACResults http://www.facebook.com/AmericanKennelClub http://www.akc.org/events/agility/national_agility_championship/ Supposedly, and I don't know this for sure, they will be "tweeting" after every run (????) Good Luck to those who are going. We are skipping again this year. Knowing that we qualified will have to be good enough as prior commitments do not allow us to get away. We just qualified for 2012 this past weekend making it the 3rd year in a row that we have qualified by the end of April. Probably won't go again next year either. Such is life
  6. It could be a little bit of both. I know that people don't always like to talk in terms of structure but through generations of breeding for a task that requires the dog to shift "gears" repeatedly, quickly and often, the working dogs have developed the structure (type) and the mind/muscle connection that allows them to do so. Conformation dogs tend to be (not always) heavier in type which makes them carry even more weight over the front end then "normal" hence some of the plodding gaits you see in the ring (think labradors ). Form for function.
  7. Congrats on your first trial. You did great and look great too. You identified the issue with the first tunnelers run and worked it out. Bravo to you. Many people would have blamed the dog.
  8. Course maps can be a double edged sword. I once arrived late to a trial and missed the walk through. As I have run courses from "off the map" before, I went and studied the posted map, got my dog and went to the ring. Upon entering the ring I headed for the first jump only to be stopped and told that "the start is over there", finger pointed to the other side of the ring. ?????? As I walked over to the start I knew something was wrong. I ran the course or, should say that I ran "a" course and left laughing. I went back to the map posted on the wall only to find that it was "yesterday's" course.....which I had run and never realized while looking at it! Check the dates on the course map....it helps
  9. I think you need to get over your own self importance.....
  10. Sorry to disappoint, it was Jodi that provided me the laugh with her sarcastic reply. I have a thick skin and don't let things like this bother me. I'll give you credit when credit is due...
  11. That is interesting because if this girl (name withheld) was a professional athlete or famous celebrity, society in general wouldn't pass the same judgment as is being passed here. In a round about way, this girl is rewarded again by giving her attention, albeit negative attention, that isn't worth the time and effort. In the grand scheme of the original posting, she is probably nothing more than glorified kennel help anyway.....
  12. Weren't this kid's 15 minutes of fame up a couple of years ago? Move on and stop giving her the satisfaction of being the subject of conversation.....
  13. http://japanagility.chipin.com/japan-agility-hit-by-tsunami
  14. That was a long time ago. How many rule changes have there been since then?????
  15. One of things that I do that helps with the outdoor issue is I keep some equipment in the "dog" van especially weave poles. If we are out and about and I see a place that is suitable to set up a quick sequence, I will do so. It is not uncommon to see me at one of the local malls putting up weave poles and jumps in a grassy area. I do have off lead control and always set the situation up in my favor. That off lead control was established prior to much of our agility training and is considered one of the key elements to our "foundation". I also will just go out into an area and work handling drills on the flat. This could be anything from turning into me, away from me, get out, go around "that" tree etc. Our training bag goes every where so we find training opportunities in some of the most unlikely of places.
  16. Most of our trials are now indoors out of the elements but when I first started competing way back when there was no such thing as an indoor trial. Now many people won't enter an outdoor trial because of the risk of bad weather. These are the very same people that would freeze, fry, blow away etc just to do agility. At a NADAC trial years ago I asked to have my dog moved down in the run order. Gate Steward asked "why" and I pointed to our pop up tent that was blowing away like a tumbleweed. It rained and snowed that weekend, the courses were covered in mud and water. It was miserable but those were the things you put up with.
  17. I am going to answer the question "How did you know you were ready to trial?" with a collective "you" meaning the dog and myself. After running three dogs who started out when they could do all the equipment (all started within two years of each other) I decided that dog #4 would not come out until we met certain criteria. First obviously was that he was proficient at all the equipment and when presented with the equipment was going to give it a good honest attempt and not run past, ignore etc. Second, he was focused and controlled at all times in the ring, solids stays and understood handling (or my lack there of). Lastly, I wanted "us" to be a team that could work at a higher level of competition than we were starting out at which means that we were capable of running an excellent, masters, elite level course and not make a mockery of it. We didn't need to qualify, we just had to be together as a team. He was 22 months old when he started competing. I did this to avoid the pitfalls I fell into with the other dogs who in reality, probably needed more skills when they started than I had given them. I should have fun matched them more than I did. Two of those dogs were very successful but I had to go back and correct so much that I should have taken care of first. Live and learn. I am working with dog #5. She just turned a year old and her target start is December when she will be 23 months. If she does not meet the above criteria, she won't be starting and we will keep working until the time I feel we are the team I hope we will be.
  18. I wasn't going to go there but I am glad someone did!
  19. To better give us an idea of what is going on, how are you trying to teach the weaves now?
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