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  1. I guess it could have been something besides the chondroiton.I was just going by what she told me.It was an older rottie that actually ended up dying that same year. Maybe something else was wrong. But Ive really scared of the Rimadyl, Ive read that BC were very sensitive to it.IDK has anyone tried Tramadol for thier dogs? Its what my sisters dog was taking and it worked well for them without any side affects. I do think it is time for something on an everyday basis instead of just once in awhile.
  2. Hi all, I have a 13yo bc.He has been with us his whole life and does have hip dysplasia.He is also deaf.His hips are getting worse.Some days he is in severe pain and will barely move his back legs just taking either baby steps or hopping.He can no longer get up on the furniture and we bought him a bed which he loves..The vet recommended either Aspirin(which we give him anyway on bad days) or Rimadyl.The thing is Ive heard bad things about Rimadyl and after my little chihuahua broke her leg the vet gave us the Rimadyl and it made her very sick. Ive not used the glucosamine/chondroiten either as my moms dog started vomiting blood after a few weeks of taking this. Also I dont know when to decide that he has just had enough..I was told by the vet that if a dog shows pain that he is in even more pain then that.In other words he could be in tremendous pain and not even show it till its unbearable.So how does one decide? I am not the kind of person to let a pet suffer because Im selfish and want them to stay longer then they are able.But I know he still has good days and has fun too.Im definitely not ready and I dont believe he is either but I do know that day is coming. Any help or ideas to make his last days more comfortable? How much longer do I let this go on??
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