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  1. wow thank you! I will definitely be checking this place out!
  2. Thank you all, he is so beautiful to me also! It was most definitely meant to be because I walked in there and every dog was barking at me in their cage except for him. He was just sitting in his cage with his head down so sad looking. I immediately had to walk him after that, and he just seemed so confused and sad to be in there. While growing up my uncle bred Golden Retrievers so we always had Goldies, we also have had a dachshund for 17 years and counting! So the dogs run strong in our family. I tried training just for fun one of my goldies for agility and he was great, except for the f
  3. Wow! All of you have beautiful BCs! He has really sensitive skin, is this a trait in BCs? I'm glad that we've finally established what he is though, I always knew deep down he had BC in him if not all BC. They have been my favorite breed since I was in elementary school, and now my dream has finally come true with my little pound pup!
  4. He also sheds like craaaaaaazy, and when he plays with other dogs he is very rough and nips at their necks. He is very vocal too when he plays and loves for dogs to chase him(because he's faster) and looooves to chase other dogs. He is definitely a nipper when he plays too. Ever since I was young I have been very interested in agility and would love to train him, but I don't know if it's too late because he's a about a year, and I also wouldn't know where I could find a place to train or where I could get help. Anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks for welcoming me everyone! Britni
  5. I believe he is somewhere around 50 lbs and is about 23-26 inches
  6. Hello! I am new to BC Boards and I'd like to introduce myself and my pup! My name is Britni and I am going into my junior year of college majoring in Middle Childhood Education. I am totally in love with border collies and am trying to decide if my dog has some BC in him. I just rescued him from the local dog pound on June 14th and he is the best dog I have ever had in my life. I cannot believe I got lucky enough to rescue such a well behaved and obedient dog. When I rescued my pup that I named "Raz," he was said to be approximately 1 year old and he is house broken and knows how to sit, l
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