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  1. Patrick Shannahan will be joining us for a lessons on December 13 and a clinic on 14/15. Clinic will be held in Buckeye, Arizona just outside of Phoenix. All levels are welcome. For additional information please email me at azstockdogs@gmail.com
  2. Dianne Deal will be joining us Nov 1 - Lessons, Nov 2-3 for a clinic. All levels are welcome, limited working spots available. Location is Buckeye, AZ just outside of Phoenix. If interested email me and I will send you the information. azstockdogs@gmail.com
  3. Dianne Deal Novice Clinic Buckeye, AZ February 2-3, Lessons February 1 For those interested in USBCHA trials, this clinic will focus on Novice handlers and dogs. 5 ac fenced grass/alfalfa field; Dorper Cross Farm Flock Sheep. Diane Deal Clinic Flyer.pdf
  4. We all hate to hear of this happening. I work in the veterinary industry and it really INFURIATES me when we hear of this especially when its the breed I love. I have spoke with a couple of the AZ BC Rescue people and my company is on board to try and help some of the dogs coming to Arizona. I love working for a company that actually cares about pets and helping those who can't help themselves. But even more than that, to those who rescue these wonderful animals...THANK YOU!
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