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  1. Hi - new to the forum and a new BC owner. I got Isabel last winter, at 11 months. (rescue) She had been clipped (summer cut type) because of last summer's heat (NW- 90's) Her coat came back over the next few months. I haven't clipped her yet this summer because it hasn't been too hot. BUT- she is shedding profusely. I am wondering if BC owners routinely clip them? I take her hiking a lot- 6-12 miles average. Lots of elevation gain. I carry water if there will be none available to her. Since these dogs are bred for herding/working in all types of weather, I am thinking their heat tolerance is substantial? I know each dog is different, but as a breed, one would think they are among the hardiest? She is black coated- do they get too warm more quickly than lighter colored dogs?
  2. I joined BC boards just recently. I got a rescue BC a few months ago- we are having a blast! This is my 1st BC, I had a Siberian Husky for 15 years before. I live in the NW, which isn't the hottest part of the world, but I take Isabel with me on long treks in the mountains. She has acclimated to this well. Loves the snow. Now that it is summer, I wonder about how she will be. This is my 1st black coated dog & her coat feels warm to the touch when it's sunny even on cool days. My husky's coat insulated against heat as well as cold & didn't get overheated easily. Do black dogs overheat more easily/quickly? Isabel doesn't like water, won't get in, or swim. I always carry water for her, & watch for signs such as red gums, excessive panting, curled tongue, etc. She does seek out shade frequently. (smart)
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