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  1. Lol... I've known a few. But the ones I knew werent nippers. I guess I see jacks as more likely to nip than corgis. I've not owned one though... eta-a couple of the ones I knew also did agility. A couple were barn/family dogs.
  2. Or what about a Corgi? They are such sweet dogs and have a similar drive to a border collie. I was looking for something similar. I wanted a smaller dog. (smaller than the german shepherds I've been raised with) But not an ankle biter. My list was, Corgi Mini Aussie Small Border Collie (lol Obviously what I found... though I guess he's not small for the breed. 36lbs... but small for what I've owned)
  3. Thanks y'all!!! I've been taking him EVERYWHERE with me. He's such a joy! He's now getting in the truck on his own... He's able to come off the leash more and he's learning his name. Whata smart cookie! His laid back side is really coming out. He loves his afternoon naps... over the a/c vent. lol ...and he LOVES his kiddy pool... lol And he loves running with my gsd... (dont let this picture fool you... I think he just lets her run ahead so she feels special. He's a little speed racer)
  4. They absolutely love each other! ... and apperantly... he loves to chew socks... I'm off to rescue an unexpecting sock from the jaws of doom... Thanks y'all!
  5. Thanks ya'll! I'm the lucky one here. It seems like he's getting better and better by the minute. He's getting acclimated to being in the house (he's a natural born couch potato... so he fits right in with the rest of our spoiled brats lol) He's learning his name fast. He knows sit/down and is learning come. I'm so happy he's turning out well. He's starting to WANT to get into the truck for car rides. (Before he was terrified of it... he's a chicken) Now he falls fast asleep with the A/C blowing on him. lol (He had to get over it eventually... he's gotta be socialized) I'm stoked about what kinda activity I can get him into. So far, he doesnt give two bits about tennis balls ... but he seems to love frisbees. He doesnt know to bring it back yet, but he loves to chase them. I'd love to try agility. Wills Park is about a 15 min drive from me and I know they have some agility stuff there. Might be neat to learn more about. I'm excited to say the least! Thanks again y'all!!!!
  6. I actually did yesterday. I'm stopping by petsmart today to find out if i need to return my food or not. Thank you!
  7. My bf uses Solid Gold for his picky bc. Right now, we feed Eukaneuba (sp?) for my German shepherd's sensitive skin. I'll look around and see. I've heard of the natural balance foods. They said he weighs aroun 39 lbs... but I doubt it. A friends dog weight 43lb and feels a good 10lbs heavier.
  8. Thank you! I'll do a search!
  9. Thank you! I was trying to figure it out. I'll definately try the IMG. Yup, He was spades... but the name just didnt fit right. Since he didnt know the name... I decided to name him Jesse. My BF has a bc names Daisy Duke... so he's Jesse Duke (from dukes of hazard) lol
  10. Thanks! His eyes are crazy cool. I had never seen a bc with orange eyes before so I thought that was kinda neat. I have a question... So I adopted him yesterday. The shelter that I got him from feeds Science diet... I dont care for science diet at all. Does anyone know of a good food for a border collie? That can help build weight. He's VERY under weight. All bones.
  11. Hi ya'll, I'm new on the boards... I actually just adopted a bc from a local shelter and figured this would be a great place to find out more info on them. Anyway, here's the new guy, Jesse. http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g62/mrgu...er/Jesse003.jpg http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g62/mrgu...er/Jesse002.jpg http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g62/mrgu...er/Jesse001.jpg http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g62/mrgu...er/Jesse004.jpg
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