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  1. Hi all... Had a few people in this posting inquire about how the AKC allows this to go on. I attempted to write to them in my grief, and find out how one files a complaint. This are the responses I got, back to back, within 5 minutes of each other. They fully explain why the breeder is still in business, and why she can sell "AKC Registered Purebred Dogs" (My edits are in Dark Green): First reply: Second reply: The above should answer the questions as to why the AKC allows it. They want their litter registration, and owner registration money, NOT the dogs heal
  2. Thank you to everyone that wrote about Breve. I appreciate you all, and appreciate the service you're doing to help educate folks, both on what makes up the slightly insane little goofballs that are our BC's, how to stay at minimum, level with their intellect (lol!), as well as how to train, treat, and choose the right one. In this instance, I let my heart make up my mind for me, which was not the right thing to do. She had a ton of puppies, I could have left and researched her further based on what we observed there, but I didn't. I fell in love, and had to have her. I did everythi
  3. Thank you for the info on lasers kelpiegirl... I was unaware that it could be an issue. I've used them with great enjoyment and success for many years with all my BC kids. With the exception of Breve, all of them learned all their herding terms via the laser light. When each then moved into sheep, they knew their terms already, and what the sheep "should" do (away, bye, etc.) based on what the light (ME!) did for them in practice. Even tho' Breve went the opposite way of it, she loved it, she was just a backwards doggie. I'll probably stay away from them in future, just because.
  4. Hi... Thank you for your thoughts... The problem with the AKC is that they want their fees more than they want the betterment of the breed. I attempted to file a complaint early on with the AKC, and their statement, in a nutshell, was: "It's your word against hers, and she's been a breeder for many years." Other than outlets like this, I don;t know what else can be done really. kim
  5. Thank you Jodi... She appeared normal at the kennel. We began seeing signs only after we had her home - Same night in fact. The screaming, the clinging, the food aggression, the inability to be alone. The potty training that went so well and then went to hell. Learning her commands so quickly, as every BC I've ever owned did, only to have to be REtaught them the next day. She was ours already, and we assumed, mistakenly, that she was just "sensitive," as some BC's are. We determined that we couldn't take her back, she was ours, we would love her and work with her. We contacted th
  6. Hello, I'm recently new here, joined just so I could share this story, and perhaps someone else could learn from my errors. This is another warning about Bairds Creek BC's, or Baird Creek BC's, or Baird Border Collies http://www.bairdbordercollies.com/ As previously referenced on these threads: http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.p...=23203&st=0 http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.p...c=1277&st=0 Originally written July 14th, 2010 I am sitting here today, in mourning... My BC, Breve, is currently behind a gate in the hallway leading to a bedroom, where she has
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