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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies! I might clip her stomach and see if that helps however I'm nervous about clipping her whole coat. Fame has been enjoying her new doggie pool and also wet bandanas around her neck. Hopefully the summer won't be too terribly hot for her!
  2. Hey all, Today is the first day that it's been hot and Fame does not like the heat! Any tips on how to keep her cool? Shes been lazy all day and we all know that's not a happy border collie!
  3. Wow, Fame really looks like Jenny in that picture! The pose, the look shes giving, and her coloring! I live in Manteca. Its a town in the central valley. I would love to get her around sheep!! I just dont know anyone in that kind of farming. Ive thought about calling different sheep farmers to see if they would let her run around but thought it would be an awkward phone call ending with a NO. If any of you know anyone in my area that would let my little one do that, please let me know! Thanks everyone for responding! Im now going to call fame a border collie instead of a border collie mix.
  4. Just looked up a picture of the austrlian cattle dog and her face and ears look like them! Im in the central valley in CA. Are there agility arenas in this area? Ive always wanted to try that with her plus its difficult to find another dog that can match her crazyness. It would be nice for her to meet other BCs! Thanks everyone for the response! She loves to jump up onto that drinking fountain. Its in the park right by my house and we go there pretty much every day. I dont think my neighbors really like her doing that but i think its hilarious!
  5. I frequently visit the boards but don't usually post. Ive had my Fame since she was 10 weeks and she now just turned 1 on the 22nd. I rescued her from the SPCA so dont know anything about her mom and dad. Ive posted on here before when she was a few months old to see if you guys knew what she was mixed with but i think she was still a bit young to tell. Ive heard from people that she could be Aussie, Queesland heeler, and even terrier. Maybe shes just a mix of herding dogs. I live in central CA so their arent many herding dogs around and you guys probably know a bit more than I do. She definitely has the personality of a border collie! Shes about 38 lbs and 19-20'' Thanks for your help! I love her no matter what she is. I just would like to know :-D
  6. Hi! I rescued Fame from the SPCA about two months ago. She is now 4 months old. They said she is a mix but i cant seem to see any other type of dog in her. However, i dont know enough about dogs to know. What do you guys think? The first Photo is her in 4 months the second is at about 2 months I need to get one of her from the side but she usually wont stay still for that long! lol
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