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  1. Hello. I have recently noticed that my two-year-old Border Collie runs a little funny. He trots most of the time, but sometimes he has a little "hop" to his back legs. He'll do it mostly when he's stalking his ball, but it will also come out when we're out running trails together. It seems to be more pronounced when he is getting tired. I know that Border Collies have a couple of different types of running forms, but I'm nervous about hip dysplasia. I don't know anything about his history, as he is a rescue. He is otherwise fine - no problems moving around or getting up, no problems going up or down stairs, no popping sounds. His vet said that his hips felt great upon palpation, but I know that you can't always tell what's going on in there without x-rays. I know it never hurts to get their hips checked out, especially when you don't know their history. But I'm nervous and was curious to hear your opinions and/or experiences while I wait for his appointment to come around.
  2. Hello. I apologize if this is discouraged. Or if it's not in the appropriate place. Or any other number of things since I'm very new here. About a month ago I adopted a two-year-old BC from a local breed-specific rescue called Glen Highland Farms. (I highly recommend them. They were incredible to work with.) His name is Kevin and so far it's been a wonderful transition. I've been lurking here on the boards and figured I'd introduce ourselves before I start posting all willy-nilly. Kevin came to Glen Highland Farms as a rescue from a kill shelter in Pennsylvania. He had been found as a stray there and was on the block to be put down. I fail to understand this, as he is the most charming and well-mannered little man I've ever met, even before the training we've been working on. But there it is. His favorite activities are playing with his stuffed shark, obsessing with tennis balls (he's quite drivey), trail running (I'm competitive, and he's the best running buddy/coach I've ever had), hiking back at home in the Adirondacks, and going for long walks. He has also just completed his second beginner fly ball lesson. We're quite a busy little family, but I've found that Kevin fits into my and my husband's active lifestyle perfectly. Thanks for all of the information and the great community you've put together here. Kevin and I will see you around.
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