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  1. Thank you. I'll check over those sites tomorrow. This has been an incredibly tough journey, and we have thought long and hard about this decision. It's so hard, I love him so much, but we feel as if we have exhausted all of our options.
  2. I would love to do this. However, I think the group has since fallen apart. It was out of Baton Rouge. I found this dog on petfinder, talked to the lady once on the phone, met in person and got the dog. She was supposed to send his vet records and heartworm preventatives to me and never did. I tried getting in touch with her about that shortly after adopting him to no avail. And now when I search for it, they have no "available dogs" and no phone number for me to call.
  3. I've posted here before about my border collie and received great help. However, it's come to the point where I believe our best option is to find him a new home. He needs much more than I can give him, and that's completely unfair to him. It's not his fault our life changed so much and he deserves more than I can give. That is why I want to find him an appropriate home or a rescue group that can. Can anyone give me any help/advice as to the best way to go about this?
  4. I don't really have the time nor energy to really work with him at the moment with having my human baby. So I really hope the drugs continue to do well until I can devote more time to him again. We may be facing a move soon too so it may be better to wait and establish a safe place/routine once we do. Thanks again for all the help and encouragement!
  5. not sure if you did or not, but someone did. we may look in to getting one. we'll see how this keeps working and reevaluate in a week or so. we're supposed to have tstorms all next week so we'll see how it goes.
  6. I posted recently about Rowen and figured I'd give an update. He's been on clomipramine for a little over a week now and I can already see a slight improvement. He doesn't pace the house like he used to even when not raining. We haven't had rain until today. It's storming right now I mean STORMING... I gave him a Xanax a little before the storm (probably not quite soon enough, but I wasn't home to give it sooner... our a/c went out last night and it is H.O.T.! But, alas, now I'm sitting in the heat with my 3.5 month old babe sleeping on me and the dogs at my feet. ) He's found his kennel in the hall on his own and is lying quietly in there. For the big booms he still comes out and comes to me, but the whining and excessive panting/pacing is less. Please hope things continue to improve for us and that he doesn't have any poopy blowouts tomorrow from this. ETA: the worst of the weather has passed and he panted for all of 5 seconds then calmed and NEVER whined. Amazing!
  7. My dog has managed to open the door during a thunderstorm as well. And has locked me out on numerous occasions. And has ripped the doorknob completely off before. Luckily he only attacks the door to the garage so has never completely escaped the house.
  8. I finally got the vet to understand this and she rewrote the rx for 50mg. I'll be starting it today. And I got Ro as a rescue so who knows if he's purebred or not. It doesn't matter either way to me.
  9. She's very cute! I grew up with a golden who I loved dearly. And 16 is quite a good age for a golden!
  10. Okay thanks. Rowen is about 50lbs. (I think he must be a border/australian mix b/c of his larger than most border collie size.) We're still working out what to do dosage wise on the clomicalm. I can't afford name brand clomicalm ($50+ a month from them), and so hopefully they can work something else out for us so I can get it from somewhere else. Been playing phone tag so we'll see.
  11. Okay, so I was able to get xanax and clomicalm (generics). Well, I got the xanax already, waiting to figure out what to do about dosage size for clomicalm. Vet prescribed 40 mg tabs and the pharmacies only have 25, 50, 75. So when the vet gets back from lunch we'll figure something out. Wish us luck, because I don't know what I'll do if this doesn't work. I know it takes time for clomicalm to start working, let's just hope it really does work for him. Thanks for all of your fast responses! It really means a lot. I'll keep you posted. For those of you who use xanax, how much? This vet prescribed 0.5mg pills... one every four hours as needed SPARINGLY. I only question as this wasn't the main vet and this one is sometimes a little ditzy. Does that sound about right?
  12. Thank you. Really. I've been crying all morning. We had tried the Prozac for months and months. I'll go to the vet armed with this info and I would think especially since I used to work there that getting him xanax shouldn't be a problem. It needs to work. For my sanity and his.
  13. We have tried the bathroom. And the hallway. (It's the only "room" in the house away from windows/doors. I don't think he can ever find a safe place though. He paces and paces and paces. I don't coddle him. I've tried having him lay at my feet, or across the room. I've encouraged him to find a safe place in the laundry room, bathroom, the hallway. I've tried playing with him through it. I've tried giving him tasty treats. I'm at a loss. I don't know how much more of myself I can put into him as 125% of myself goes into my new baby already. I'm exhausted and feeling rather hopeless.
  14. I live in Houma. I haven't tried Clomicalm but I did read about it on that recent thread during the first bout of diarrhea. We've tried Prozac and a list of other things and nothing seemed to have even the slightest effect on him. Fireworks didn't upset him at all. (Upset our other dog slightly though.) I have tried giving him bones, treats, kongs stuffed with all sorts of goodies. Doesn't work. He just goes into destruction mode.
  15. I have a thunderphobic border collie and I'm at the end of my rope. Here's our background. I adopted Rowen, a red merle border collie, 2 years ago from a rescue program. DH and I were looking for another dog to add to our family (a dog and a cat). I found Rowen through petfinder and absolutely loved what it said about his personality. I had never had border collies before, but I liked what it said about him. The only negative was that supposedly he was a working herding dog that had become fixated on the owner's horses and thus they needed to get rid of him. Never disclosed anything about thunderphobia. Well, the day we drove up to get him (about 2 hours), we brought our other dog to make sure they got along well. We met at an outdoor park and the rescue group had brought along some of their other dogs. It started storming while we were there. We liked Rowen, and took him home. It stormed the whole way home. I think this is what developed this fear in him. I also think he was abused as he was terrified around men for a long time. (He does great with men now though.) He was 4 when we adopted him, and he fit in well. No accidents in the house, didn't jump on us or furniture, loved playing with our other dog, didn't mind the cat. The cat would actually sneak attack him all the time... it was cute. Then comes the thunder. I live in southern Louisiana (I'm talking 60 miles southwest of New Orleans...) and we have thunderstorms nearly every day. It wasn't so bad at first. He would just pant and pace a little when we were home. Then he started becoming destructive when it thundered and we were gone. He attacks everything standing vertical... the garbage can, the broom, mop, ironing board, $2000+ armoire, clothes hamper, barstools, etc. He's also ripped off the doorknob and locked me out of the house on many occasions. So we started kenneling him. At first this was fine. Then came the escape attempts. He was able to escape two different types of kennels. I know, I know, putting him in there is not the best of things, but I couldn't deal with the destruction as we are living in my in-law's garage apartment and we can't have the dog destroying their place. I worked as a vet tech last year and tried all sorts of drug therapy to no avail. Also tried desensitization therapy (hard to do, because it rains nearly every day here.) Two weeks ago, DH, my 2 month old son, and I went to a family gathering on Saturday. Of course, we locked the dog in the kennel as it was supposed to rain. Well, the dog got so worked up, he made himself sick. On Sunday, he had diarrhea all over the kitchen. By Monday, it was like water so I took him to the vet. They agreed he just had gotten so worked up he cause himself to be like this. $200 and an overnight stay later, he was better. Now, back to present time. Yesterday it stormed all day. Really stormed. I was home the entire day, never left. He panted, paced, but eventually settled down. This morning, I get up, tend to my son, feed all the pets, and go take a shower. (DH had just let them out to potty before I got out of bed.) I get out the shower and there's diarrhea and pee all over the kitchen. My baby's crying, my hair's up in a towel, and there's a horrid smell and mess in my kitchen. So he worked himself up to illness while I was even home. I can't do this anymore. I love my dog, but my baby comes first and I just can't do this anymore. It's not working. I'm miserable, and I know my poor dog is miserable. Please, please, help us!!
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