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  1. We have gone through the same diagnosis with our boy Chip.We tried restricted activity without much luck so opted for the surgery.He has totally recovered.Our vet was able to just part the muscle and remove the lesions without cutting the muscle,so his recovery time was much shorter than what we had read about.He was pretty much back to normal after 6 weeks although we didn't let him go full out for a while,more for our peace of mind than anything.We have him on a daily dose of glucosimine,MSM,and chondroitin as suggested by our vet.
  2. It's nice to know that Chip isn't the only dog to act this way.I just ordered Control Unleashed earlier today and am hopeful that with time and work things will be a bit more settled.Thanks again for the feedback,folks. Denise
  3. Thanks for the feedback,folks.It all certainly makes sense.My daughter and I have discussed before the behaviour of the labs as maybe being seen as rude by Chip .I guess its something we are just going to have to keep working on ,and in the meantime be cautious with our boy in these situations.
  4. Hi everyone -Just looking for some suggestions for dealing with a dog who likes some dogs but not others.We have a great boy who is 17 months old,neutered and great in so many other ways but his unpredictable reaction to other dogs is getting frustrating.He went to puppy socialization and obedience class and walks most evenings with a group of dogs which he is fine with.Sometimes other people in the neighbourhood join us and that's often where the problem is.He doesn't seem to like the 2 male black labs in the area but it is not limited to just them.He acts like he wants to see them,tail wagging and excited but when he gets close he lunges and growls(and I know it's not a let's play growl).We always do our best to correct him -we have tried using "No",grabbing him and pulling him away,even pinning him but it doesn't seem to help.We don't expect him to "like" every dog but is it possible to change his reaction ?
  5. Having a little problem getting anything done out in the yard with my six month old BC pup .Chip around.If I'm down digging in the garden he keeps jumping on my hands or the flowers ,but if he's tied just out of reach of me he barks like a mad-man .The sound of the grass trimmer or digging with a big shovel causes the barking reaction also.I've had to take him in and put him in his crate to settle him down which I hate to do when it's good weather(so rare here in Nova Scotia lately).Any suggestions?
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