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  1. Ringo is darling, looks like my Moo

  2. We have had Molly for 5 years now, and two months ago she herniated a disc at the park. We took her to the vet and they gave her a round of strong steroids and told to keep her as quiet as possible. We haven't walked her, carried her down 3 flights of stairs for potty breaks, and so far she's been really mellow. She seemed like she was getting better until a few days ago when we came home after a long weekend away and she was so excited to see us...lots of jumping around and she's back to the original gimpy self. It's awful to see, her back end is weak...she doesn't seem to be in any pain. Anyhow....not sure how to crate train a 6 year old border collie. She's had free range of the house but we need to try and minimize her movement as much as possible. Also, any suggestions on how to get her to mellow out when we come home....lots of jumping when we get home. (bad parenting I know). Thanks in advance for help.
  3. Hi all...we rescued this one about 5 years ago and am wondering if anyone thinks she could be all border? We guess 1/2 aussie...but not sure. This is the best pic I have of her at the moment. Either way doesn't matter, she's the better than the best thing we could have asked for!
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