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  1. It really does depend on the dog. We feed our 2 BC's 1 1/4 cup of Canedae all life stage twice a day. The older one is overweight and the younger one I think is too skinny. I can't get her to eat anymore food, also sometimes she skips meals. She just refuses to eat sometimes.
  2. Just make sure the piles are not too big so that you are not putting a food dish in front of it at supper time.
  3. My two year old has developed this. I was actually coming to the forum to ask about it. It is the same leg as the OP. I was hoping that it was not the hip thing that BC's are known for. If she gets rest it seems to get better.
  4. That just might work. I have been throwing the holy roller for the young dog and sometimes she has a hard time finding that if it falls in snow that they have not trampled yet. I have a glow in the dark ball that they love to play with at night, but they lose that too if it goes deep in the snow. We are getting warm weather this week so most of the snow should melt the next few days. The older BC is only interested in tennis balls and the glow in the dark ball. She does not like the holy roller at all.
  5. My black and white does that when she is hungry. She knows when it is time to eat and she wants to eat!
  6. Welcome to the boards. Great looking dog. You asked why someone would get rid of such a great dog. Border Collies are not like any other dog that I have owned. Some people don't have the patients and commitment it takes to deal with some of the traits of the breed, that is why there are so many in rescue centers. I am glad that Patch has found a new home with you. Just be patient with him as you two learn to coexist together.
  7. I just stopped in to say hi. I posted on this forum early last summer before I finally found a job. I have two border collies. One is 7 and one is almost 2 now. I have been very busy over the last 9 months. As I said, I finally found work. My wife and I also bought a house closer to where we work. We were commuting two hours to and from work each day. The best thing about the move is not only are we 15 minutes from work, but we are out in the country. We have 1.25 acres of land that our dogs are absolutely loving! 1 acre of that is fenced, so they have a huge playground now (compared to what they had). We have not been able to play ball out there recently due to all the snow we have had. I am looking forward to spring though. I will be stopping in now that things are settling down after the move.
  8. I miss walking my dogs. I play ball with them several times per day. I need to start walking them again.
  9. My advise, get rid of the cat, they are the spawn of Satan. just kidding
  10. Unbelievable! Why does the government services make things harder than they have to be?
  11. My female is 1 year old. Is it too late to start teaching her agility?
  12. I throw the frisbee at an angle and out to the right so that when she turns to catch it, it is coming right to her. It does two things. It gives her time to get to the catch spot and it makes it easy for her to catch. She is new at this so I am trying to make it easy on her.
  13. We have a pet sitter for the dogs. She comes to the house 4 times per day. She lets them out, plays with them, and feeds them. She is great and they love her, but I am sure they miss us as much as we miss them.
  14. Man do I miss my little girl. Can't wait to get home tomorrow and wear out my arm throwing stuff for Autumn. We have been on vacation this week and while we have had a great time, I miss my girl.
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