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  1. All I can say is wow to these replies. I have basically solved the problem by keeping her on a long leash whenever we are out in the yard. In retrospect it may sound like a foolish question but I was really taken aback by the sheer bluntness and basically rude and higher than thou attitude. It is very obvious from my post that I do not want a dead dog. Honestly.
  2. I have 2 bc. One is 4yr old and the puppy is 7 months. My older one learned to stay in my yard at a young age and NEVER leaves the yard, even when her favorite ball or frisbie goes out in the road. I live on a 3 way corner and the limit of 25 is NEVER observed. I am constantly yelling at people to slow it down. They are going at least 50 and it is dangerous. Naturally the first thing I taught my current 4 year old and my previous bc was NO STREET! My current puppy has dashed across the street at least 3 times luckily without incident. Each time I practically drag her by her collar and yell NO
  3. Hi All, I have a 4 yr old female BC who I have had since she was 9 weeks old. When I brought her home, I had a 12 year old BC living with us. My older dog put up with all the shananigins of the puppy well including the nipping and jumping and trying to take her food. Unfortunately, she became quite ill with a very large tumor and had renal failure. When we put her down, our younger pup was quite confused and would look endlessly for her. It was quite sad. I wanted to get another bc about a year later but hubby was not ready. We are, now, however, going to get another 10 week old BC on Sunday.
  4. I have come to hate the fireworks since my sweet Lexi is terrified by them. She is already noice phoebic and between fireworks and thunderstorms,she has really been on edge. I have her with me with the fan blasting louding so it muffles it some what but I know her hearing is much better than mine. I gave her Xanax two days ago since the doopy people start shooting them off during the day and several days ahead. Didn't do anything for her except make her somewhat uncordinated and we had to scale back play time since I was worried she would hurt herself. I had given her some sort of sedative las
  5. In all honesty, first border collie we had was in response to having had a horrible experience with a chow who bit me twice and my husband once. That was a bad situation. I thought I would never get another dog until my husband convinced me that border collies are smart and sweet and no where near the temperment of a chow. We had sweet Sparky for 13 years until July of 2009. We got Lexi the fall prior and we just adore her. I have read your sticky and I understand your philosophy on raising working dogs. I am guilty as charged for not doing her justice by not raising her as a working dog she
  6. I am not sure what all the "comments" above really mean but they sound condescending. I absolutely love my bc. I am not fortunate enough to do competition/show since it is very costly and I do not have that kind of money. I play with my bc (since borders was laughted at), take her to the park, and teach her alot of differant tricks. It seems this thread is sticking their noses up at the breeder I have chosen twice for my companions. I love her, I believe she has outstanding dogs. I don't care about all the titles. If I did, perhaps I would have gone another route. If you are looking for extrem
  7. Try [link deleted by moderator] Have purchased both borders from this wonderful caring woman. She has an huge 88 acre farm with 13 borders that are so well behaved. She also has horses and cats. Very, very clean and organized. I did not get the dogs for competition but both very loving and smart. She is near Gainsville, VA I believe. Good luck. I bought both at 9 weeks old. If I had my way, I would get another border but my husband says no since everything would be double in cost. I know this but it would be worth every penny!
  8. this strikes me as a great idea. Where did you get the meds and herbal mix? I know the vet has meds but not sure about the herbal mix. I do know that if I need the kennel to administer any meds or anything differant with food, they charge. They charged $1.00 for each pill at 2 pills a day. My neighbor saw Lexi yesterday and Lexi didn't bark at him and actually wanted him to pet her. That was a shocking surprise. They have been watching several dogs this summer for other neighbors in their home. I will try and get them to do a one night when I need to go down to visit my daughter at colleg
  9. Came back last week from vacation with Lexi in kennel. 2nd day kennel called and said she was vomiting and had diarrhea. Of course they wanted to run a test for parasites. I let them knowing full well she had made herself sick from anxiety/stress. Test was negative and they gave her med for diarrhea. Third day I called kennel because the area was having a major thunderstorm with power out at many places! Of course that put Lexi further into anxiety mode. When I called I spoke with a girl there who said Lexi was hiding under her desk and that Lexi reminded her of her own dog. I felt relieved th
  10. Lexi is headed to kennel for 7 nights tonight. I am seriously dreading taking her. They offer day care which includes more walks and play time inside. I will pay. She will most likely not leave her area unless she goes for a walk. I worry about her eating (she only eats after active play). I told the kennel this and she acted this way last summer when I left her there. I wish my neighbor would take her since Lexi Loves her but my friend's husband doesn't like her enough to keep her at her home. I don't want her alone in the house for long periods of time either. My husband does not want a dog
  11. ooh this pic makes me so sad. It reminds me of how my Lexi just loves the water and streams. She would play in streams for hours fetching sticks and checking out all the rocks/fish etc. But that ended last April when we were at one of her favorite spots and she cut her paw deep in something in the water. She came out of the water with her paw up and blood streaming down. It was truly frightning. I wish I could say what it was, but the vet did had to do 6 stiches. It took a month of wearing a bootie which could not get wet to heal. Probably someone thru glass in the stream. Believe me, if I eve
  12. Well aside from last years 4th of July fiasco with some idiot lighting off firecrackers in the adjacent soccer field..... Lexi goes to the dog park to work, work with me and the balls. Does not like the "greeting committee" at all, in other words all the dogs come running to the gate to see the latest arrival. I have to stay with her to make sure she does not go into instant attack mode upon arrival. Most dogs get the hint that she is NOT interested in them. I do not like to see her go after other dogs and try to herd them but it happens routinely. She does not even want to drink when other d
  13. [size="6"]I think this whole firework fear came into play last 4th at the dog park. During the DAY, some idiot lit off those fireworks that just sound like guns shooting rapidly out in the soccer field across the way. Lexi ran to the other side of the park and it took me 20 minutes to coax her back and then the $%#%$%^ people did it again! Well, back Lexi ran and then by the time I got her back to the middle of the park, she bolted for the gate to go home. I took her back to the dog park several times after and she would go in but just sit there and not play. Then I took her to the puppy side
  14. Yes this is a huge problem for my Lexi. She has been progressively become more frightened of alot of things. Won't play frisbee outside or play in her pool either. This is such a huge dissapointment for me. Vet says nothing physical and recommended dog behavorist. Well at 75.00 an hour, I did not have that as an option. So, we just play in the house...She will take walks willingly as long as there is nothing out of the norm that will set her off and believe me the list is pretty long. Balloons, large or unusual trucks or workman ladders, etc. She is the most loving and sensitive dog I have ev
  15. She sometimes hears people walking around upstairs and gets a little nervous but not enough to stop playing all together. We have been playing in the basement almost every night for close to a year. So I would rule that out. We went to the dog park today for the first time in 6 weeks and she was fine there. I will try and play again tonight to see how it goes. Wish me luck!!
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