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  1. I write a food blog based in Brooklyn called Clinton Hill Foodie. Uncreatively, I stuck the initials in front of my first name.
  2. Oh, one more thing! I met another BC owner at the park the other day, and she passed along two great tidbits: 1. There may be days where you feel like you made a mistake getting a BC, but don't ever believe it for a second. You have as much to learn as he does, and it takes time. 2. Doing some actual herding will do you both a lot of good. She told me she used to go up to a farm in CT that had sheep and ducks, but that the woman running it doesn't do it any more. I'm in NYC and can travel easily to anywhere within an hour or two - does anyone have any suggestions about where I m
  3. Ooky, that's a lot of really great advice, thank you for taking the time. I have been trying to make sure that if I call him with other dogs around that it's not always to leash him up to leave - I think that's part of what he thinks is going to happen. I also think it's just a much longer bonding process than I had expected, especially given my past experiences with dogs. Archie's just taking a lot longer to trust and understand me. Part of that it probably my lack of skill with him, I admit. He definitely is leagues better now than he was when I first got him. That first month wa
  4. Ok, I guess I must not have been very clear in my post. I'm not trying to train him at the dog park - when I'm working on him learning something it's at home with few distractions. However, I do take him to dog parks. While there, it's very hard to get his attention and he simply won't come when I call him if there are other dogs around that he's interested in. I need some help and advice correcting this, since it's important that he always responds to me, whether he's having fun with another dog or not. As for crating him at night, that will be my last resort. He is getting better ab
  5. I want to thank everyone again for all the help and advice I got. It's been about 6 weeks since my last post and I thought I'd give an update and ask for some more advice Trip, the very ill cat, has sadly passed away. I basically sequestered him from Archie for the last couple of weeks of his life, so he didn't have much stress to deal with. Eventually his heart gave out, though. Archie and Seven are getting along passably well. Seven doesn't put up with him getting close, and she'll chase him across the house, hissing and clawing. I keep her claws trimmed so she can't really h
  6. This is something that's definitely been apparent. Archie has taken a little longer to really bond with me than other dogs I've owned. As the bond has gotten stronger, so too has his ability to hold back. Aside from everything else I'm doing, working on strengthening that bond has always been at the top of the list. Your cat story almost exactly mirrors the process for my last dog, Riley, who looked like a BC but was really a spaniel/retriever mix of some sort. He lunged after the cats exactly once, and with one correction never bothered them again. Riley boned with us almost imme
  7. Can you talk a little more about the "come to Jesus" moments? One of the things that's been frustrating for me is that I feel like I see daily progress with how Archie's responding to me and letting the cats be - but then seems to have a really awful moment that feels like two steps back for every step forward. For instance, the other day he sat (relatively) calmly next to me while Seven hopped up on my lap. Now, he was absolutely fixated on her, but he held steady and didn't move. When she jumped down, he started to go, but then held and laid down flat, in a kind of, "well...fine, I won't
  8. He absolutely does need to learn more control, but what I meant was, once he's riled up, I need him crated since it's too much of a risk to the cats otherwise. This is a situation that's only happened a couple of times, though. He gets regular treats when he's good and calm, which is most of the day now. Whenever he moves toward a cat (usually Seven, who sleeps on a nearby chair), he's corrected. 90% of the time he turns around and comes back to me. The hard part is that if I'm not in the room, or if my back is turned, he will move towards the cat. If I say "no!" or take a step,
  9. Thanks for all the responses. I'm not sure I made it clear in my initial post, but I am absolutely 100% concerned with the safety of the cats and will not tolerate Archie physically touching them, or even getting close enough to. The times he has, it has been a mistake on my part and he has been scolded severely. Just because it's not his fault doesn't mean it's acceptable. The cats do have safe areas of the house, and right now I'm being super careful about when they're roaming free with Archie around. Trip especially is usually given him own room to himself, and only comes out whe
  10. Thanks for the link to the thread! One of my cats still has her claws, and she's the one I'm the least worried about. She'll chase Archie across the house if he gets too close, and for the most part he respects that and doesn't fight back. He gives her a wide berth and basically shes in control. He's tried to pick her up once the other day, but things are back to "normal" now. I'm pretty confident she can handle herself, and I'll even leave them unsupervised for short periods and at night. Often though, there will be some scuffling at 4 am and I have to separate them and close the doo
  11. Hello! I'm a new BC owner, but not a new dog owner. I rescued Archie from a shelter in NJ about 6 weeks ago, and for the most part, he's been a wonderful pet. I've been researching and reading about border collies for years, and felt now was the right time to adopt one. In consulting with the rescue, I was told that Archie tolerated cats and would ignore them after a couple of weeks. Well, it's been almost two months now and I'm not sure things have gotten better. He's still very fixated on the cats when he's at home. Now, he took some time learning his name, and now he both knows hi
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