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  1. Does indeed sound very much like Whiskey, he is beginning to show the signs of settling a little more in the evenings, he goes straight in the crate if he starts to mouth and I give him something to chew in their and he calms down after that. I am doing the nilif routine with him now, just need to get my wife to follow suit with consistency, the bird chasing and recall isn't improving to much but I'm going to get him enrolled in obedience classes in the next week, thanks for the support
  2. Im sure the mouthing will improve over time, as you say it's early days yet and it can be very frustrating when you are so looking forward to getting a dog and then find that there are lots of issues to correct, one thing at a time I guess !
  3. Have put some photos of him in the gallery, heres the link http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.php?showtopic=28598 Cheers for the supportive words Ruth, definately think your right about the long line as he certainly is getting obsessive with the bird chasing, hopefully it will help ! We have just come back from a walk and I crated him while we ate and he was fine, problem is as soon as he is let out he comes over and attempts to get on the sofa with us as always and when we tried to get him off the mouthing starts again, this even occurs whenever we stroke him, he always starts to mouth us...so frustating
  4. There are long lines on ebay that are 50ft and only about £10 so may get one of those to try. I will try the treats aproach with the sofa problem, he certainly does look at my attempts to remove him as a game at this time and mouths terribly !!!
  5. Great reply, I am trying the turn around and ignore approach, which does work sometimes, although not much use when your sitting watching tv and he is trying to get on the sofa with me, I try to push him off and tell him no but that just winds him up and the biting starts, the only I can get anywhere is to remove him to the kitchen !
  6. Becoming obsessed with the bird chasing is something I am concerned about, it's a bummer as we have a good sized garden which is ideal him to run around in and for me to play and train with him as well, but after doing things with me for a couple of mins all he wants do is chase them about and bark at them.
  7. Than you all so much for the reply's, I have got a crate now and looking to get him used to it, he's not to bad and will go in from time to time on his own but will occassionally start to pull his bedding up and start scratching madly at the tray in the bottom, part of that problem maybe that he still also has the bed that we initially got him that he seems to prefer and he sleeps in that in the kitchen at night, I will look to use the crate more for him especially when we need him to chill and provide him with a chew to hopefully let him settle. I am using reward based training with him, we we also do a lot in the garden working on commands and he is doing fairly well until he decides the birds need chasing, then even the tasty treats take a back seat, a long line will be my next purchase I think !!!
  8. We have had our Border Collie 'Whiskey' who is 9 months old for 3 weeks now, we took him in off a couple who said they were unable to look after him any longer due to the husband going full time with work and his wife being pregnant as well as having 2 children already. They claimed he was well behaved and was calm in the house, I don't think they were being completely honest truth be known, now I fully understood the commitment required when taking in a Collie and have been spending loads of time with him. He doesn't appear to have had much training and we have been constantly working with him getting him to sit, down, stay and attempting recall which is proving tough, he also gets 2 good hour walks a day without fail. The issues im having is that he will not settle easily at all when in the house, he constantly attention seeks and when you stroke him or try to get his paws off the furniture he will start to bite (not hard) and will get hyper. The only way to halt the behavior is to remove him to the kitchen ( which I feel guilty about ) on his own where he calms down, as soon as he is let back in to the living room the antics begin again, it's getting to be a nightmare, once he does settle hes fine and never causes any issues through the night, he just seems to find the transition from play to rest extremely difficult. Even training him in the garden is tough and doesn't last long as he is more interested in chasing the birds from bush to bush and barking at them. We are determined to gain the upper hand in this relationship as I can see that he will be a superb dog once he learns to calm down but at the moment it is very wearing. Please advice it will be greatly appreciated
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