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  1. I say it and I say it loud, my dog is a rescue and I'm proud! I don't object to people who adopt dogs from breeders but I do object to those who denigrate my dog because he is a dog. Respect should go both ways.
  2. I think it's obvious that when one adopts from a breeder, a rescue dog that could have been adopted won't be. I prefer a rescue but that's just me. I'm sure more experienced posters here can testify to the fact that dogs that come from breeders are not necessarily going to turn out the way one expects. In a way, it's better to go for a rescue and be ready for anything than go to a breeder with set expectations and be disappointed. Dogs are living beings with their own personalities and breed and pedigree are indicators of behaviour, not guarantees. Also, my dog is my first BC and altho
  3. I thought I heard that BCs with certain colour markings are blind. Or maybe it was Aussie Shepherds? They're all beautiful though.
  4. Where I live the town and residents are hell bent on putting tons of salt everywhere, so I don't really have a choice. I bought Ruffwear boots. They are expensive and they don't come high up the leg but they are the best ones I've used so far. I used to have a pair of Muttlucks which are longer and my Aussie shepherd would have them off in no time. It's true that some dogs won't put up with them but because of the salt, I need my dog to have some kind of footwear.
  5. Thank you and, yes, we are lucky we have found each other!
  6. Thanks for the info. It wasn't obvious to me. My BC rescue is doing well. He's still a puppy and could run and play 12 hours a day but the fact that he's not destructive and displays good behaviour for an adolescent male tells me he's content. One thing I find baffling. If you read two lines about BCs you've been told that they need TONS of exercise. Physical and mental. I just don't understand people. Hoping you are enjoying Max!
  7. Congratulations and angel points to you on the rescue BC. Why would herding dogs have a harder time in the evaluation? I would imagine it's stressful for all dogs.
  8. geonni banner: Dear me, those photos are scary. I'm glad your dogs are getting along. Thank you for the input. It's good to know I'm not alone. Ms.DaisyDuke: Thanks! My dog trainer has a Patricia McConnell book. I'll ask if I can borrow it. The arrested development thing, yes, it a bit embarrassing. He really prefer playing with puppies who are far too small for him! By the same token, he's getting more and more interested in playing with dogs his age and size. njnovice: Louis has good recall unless he's following a scent or playing with another dog. A "hey" doesn't quite do it in the
  9. OMG!!!! I can't help it, I always get a rescue dog but one day... one day I would LOVE to have a tiny puppy. My heart just bounced when I saw those pics with their dotted pink noses. BABIES!!!! Congratulations by the way!
  10. I'm not an expert, I'm only on my second dog but I recommend you go to a Karen Pryor certified trainer. Clicker, reward-based training, all positive feedback. No aversion, no corrections. You can read her book "Don't Shoot the Dog" which is a classic in dog training. The thing is, if you can train your dog using only positive feedback, surely that's the best route for both of you and the first one you should try. It takes a lot of patience, but you don't have to beat yourself up for mistreating your dog because you're not choking him and punishing him. To me, that's the best of all possib
  11. Thanks for the comments. I've been trying to find medium-size males to play with Louis and that has been working out well. So, we had a private session with a trainer and Louis apparently just thinks he's still a two-month old puppy which is why he plays the way he does. There's nothing wrong about the way he plays so that's good news. I'm a bit upset about all his health problems though. I know he came from a puppy mill that was shut down by the authorities but I really wished the organisations who took him in had taken better care of him and better care in assessing him. In eight wee
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