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  1. Hello, I was wondering if you could recommend any trainers around Pullman, WA or Moscow, ID?
  2. Does anyone know of some good trainers in Pullman WA or Moscow ID??? or any clinics going on up here???
  3. I just wanted to comment that my two cats love to go walking with me and the dogs every morning. We go at least a mile and a half and they are right up there with the dogs. Most of the time harassing them. As far as the dog trailing behind when you are going slower, my Shepherd mix does this when we are on the four wheeler. She likes to hang back if we are going slow, stopping to dig for gophers and go for short dips in the creek. When we speed up she (well shes not fast enough to be right beside us) falls into place just behind the four wheeler. I think its because when we go slow she can always see us and can do her own thing while going with us. Then when we speed up she needs to close the distance so she can make sure she knows where we are going... My heeler on the other hand follows pretty close behind when we go slow, and then goes out in front or to the side of us when we are going faster. He thinks it is a game to keep pace with the vehicle when we go fast. So maybe it is a game for your girl too...
  4. Thank you to everyone for the great advice. I have been really working with Nitro and have been able to successfully teach him to come when called. (Although if there are gophers popping out of their holes, they are way more interesting then me still) But at least he is learning!!! Thanks!!!
  5. Hello All, I have Heeler that insists on barking at the four wheeler everytime we go out (living on a ranch this is almost in use all the time).I dont know how many of you have heard a heeler yap, but it is extremely high pitched and annoying! I have tried everything to get him to stop barking at the tires, at us, and just in general around the four wheeler. He is now teaching my little BC to yap as well at the four wheeler. I have tried to not take them out together anymore, but Nitro will still bark. Here are a few things I have tried please anyone with any advice let me know I am desperate!!! Stopping the four wheeler everytime he barks and waiting a few seconds for them to calm down Asking for a quiet (which they both know the command) I know this one is not helping matters but... Sometimes we just have to get far enough ahead of both of them (quite a chore with the heeler seeing as he runs at least 25 to 30 mph with us for a couple of miles... and going through fields you cant go much faster...) that they really have to concentrate on running rather then barking. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!
  6. juliepoudrier and Sue R Thanks for the great advice. I have been trying the light long line with him, but sometimes it seems to cause more of a problem then anything. We live on a ranch and anytime we go for a walk or even try some training he ends up getting tangled around a fence. He knows that if he gets himself stuck then he gets to get off the leash for a bit and run away. Sigh puppies! LOL! I will continue to try the leash idea though. Sounds like it is my best option seeing how we dont have a fence area he cannot get out of to work in. Thanks again!!!!
  7. I live in eastern Idaho (Idaho Falls is the nearest "big city") Salmon ID area is where I'm at and am looking for a trainer to take my pup to when he is of age. Also I would like to attend some trials/seminars in the area, or around Idaho/Montana if anyone knows of any coming up. Thanks!
  8. I also have my dogs carry their own food and collapsable bowls. I'd much rather give them their own food that they are used to then introduce something new on an outing. Sometimes I buy those small pouches of wet food and bring a few for each dog to add to their dry kibble to entice them to eat especially if we are doing a more difficult backpack trip. Outward Hound has really good packs. Your local pet store should carry those packs and make sure to take the dog to fit for one if you have not done so already. I found that the size charts on the packs aren't always right. Good luck on you trips!
  9. Hello All I am having a slight problem with my 4 month old pup. He seems to has selective hearing. Most of the time it takes a couple of "come" to get him over to me. I have tried clapping my hands or just making some noise in general to get his attention, Ive tried running away from him when he looks at me calling his name and saying come, as well as on a leash and rewarding him with some chicken or beef when he comes over... (He has very good name recognition, knows sit, wait leave it, almost knows down...) Even on the leash I find myself having no luck. Nothing seems to work. I dont want to get him to come by tugging on the leash and basically forcing him to come over to me. I am all about positive reinforcement training as well so I don't want to resort to any sort of correction collar or something along those lines. He is also unfixed, and I have heard that an un-neutered male dog will be more difficult to train as they are more independent... Im not sure if it is true, but compared to my other male, who is fixed, the pup is having more difficulties with this area of training. By the way, he does not seem to have a favorite toy either to try and entice him to come back to me. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  10. Hello All! I have a young BC pup that eventually will be working cattle, but at the moment is too young to go out. I have been reading up on some training techniques for BC's (I have a Blue Heeler that I am training at the moment) and most sources state for correction methods to use a piece of rubber hose so you can kind of aim it at the dog when they do something wrong... I am not sure if this is an expectable method of correction. I find with my heeler it is easiest to hit a stick on the ground in front of me to grab his attention and get his mind off doing the wrong thing. (I don't want to use this method with a BC if it is going to scare them since they are such soft dogs) I never ever have used anything to throw at him or hit him with. I know BC's are a much softer dog then a Heeler as well and I don't want to put any unnecessary pressure on my pups. What are some common means of correction that don't involve throwing something at the dog? I've also heard using one of those cattle paddles with the beads inside to shake at the dog works well... Also when is a good age to start a pup on cattle? Our calves are getting fairly big by now and I don't want him to get injured. He is showing a lot of interest in the cows and calves that are in the corrals already. He is only about 4 months old... Being that cows and calves are a lot bigger then sheep and can be more dangerous then them as well what would you suggest as far as introducing him and when to start his actual training? Thanks!!
  11. I do flyball with my Heeler and am starting my Border Collie on it as well. I used to live near a team, but unfortunately now live in a really rural area where the closest team is in another state. When I was first starting out I got the book Flying High by Joan Payne. I found that it was a great book to read and learn about flyball before we joined our first team. Now that we live out in no mans land, I made a couple of jumps and a makeshift box to work my dogs on. Below are a couple of websites that are helpful with flyball related issues. http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ranch/2119/boxplan.htm http://www.flyballblog.com/lesson-1/ http://www.flyball.org/ http://www.u-fli.com/ Good Luck!!!
  12. Hello, New to the boards, but I have found a bunch of advice already. I have a about 10 week old border collie and I am starting to do basic training with him. I already have a heeler that does some herding, should I train Nitro (my puppy) to a different set of commands so when they are working together they each have their own? We mainly use them for driving cattle across fields and out from the mountains, never really out of earshot, so I haven't even started the heeler on a whistle yet... Any suggestions for commands and if whistle training is something I should definitely do or not? Also does anyone know where to get a good whistle (and what type) from? Thanks!!!
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