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  1. I know I have seen previous posts about training a dog to put toys away and the like, but I do not think I have seen anything about training a roll over (well more of an over on their side as I don't force the dog to go on their backs as most don't like it). Now my Shepherd mix and Heeler got the "over" command very quickly, and I know every dog learns differently, but what I have done in the past does not seem to work for my BC. The way I trained it to my other two is by offering a high value treat, and slowly moving it in front of their head, until they were shifting their bodies and followi
  2. I'm not sure about Agility groups, but I used to be apart of a flyball team down there before we moved to WA. If you look up Phoenix Hot Pawsuit, they are a great group and do not pressure you or your dog into competing until you both are 100% ready. Plus the team just has a lot of fun together, its not all about racing and winning, its more about the fun and love of dogs.
  3. I asked the same question a few weeks back. Someone on here said to try Vasiline... I went ahead and got some, and it works really well for feet, and I've started just running my hands down his legs and underbelly after I'm done doing his feet since my hands are still a little greasy.
  4. I have never dealt with dogs that have had Valley Fever, but when I worked for a zoo in Phoenix, we had a Wallaby that had Valley Fever. He weighed about 50 pounds and we gave him 200 mg of fluconazole every day. 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg at night before close. Same with the monkeys, the smaller ones, were given that dosage daily. (They liked their medicine in a red vine candy ) Sorry I don't have any experience or advice about the dosage for dogs, but I can't imagine that they would be too different as far as giving them something that the dose is based on weight. But since I'm not a
  5. Ahhh Makes sense. For some reason all I could imagine was hair rollers. LMAO!
  6. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! We live in WA and so far have gotten a lot of snow! Although, they do not plow and salt the streets, instead they put loose gravel down... I've noticed that just on our walks to and from the dog park he has been getting a few rocks in the snowball on his feet. I think I will try the vasiline before I get the booties. Hopefully that will work! Thanks again!
  7. Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of dog booties to get? Nitro gets a lot of snow in his feet and then ends up limping home after play at the dog park. I was looking online and can get some from Petsmart but Im not sure how good they really work. I need ones that come up the leg rather than just covering the paws... He is too smart and knows how to take those smaller ones off... Thanks!!!
  8. My almost 9 month old boy is showing a lot of interest in playing frisbee. We are currently using the hard plastic one that someone has left at the dog park for everyone to use. Since it is winter now and we won't be able to travel to do herding lessons, I figured I would try something new with him that is catching his interest and allows him to burn off some of that puppy steam... What sort of disc do those of you that do disc dog use? Thanks!!!
  9. Unfortunately the only thing the apartment can do is put up signs... Short of putting up cameras or hiring a park attendant I'm not sure they can or will do much more.
  10. One of my dogs has a red eye that has been having goopy eye boogers the last day or so. It is only the right eye... My other dog has not gotten any redness in his eyes. Can dogs get the pink eye virus? But I'm not sure where he would have gotten it from since no one in my family has had pink eye... If not pink eye what could it be? Another question... We live in an apartment complex that has a dog park for us to go to. We go all the time since it is the only place for the dogs to run off steam. With the weather changing people are not picking up after their dogs. (GROSS!! A group of us p
  11. I'd like to see all the people that think it is proper for a dog to walk hunched over and dragging its feet walk just like they make their dogs. They should be forced to walk hunched, and drag their toes on the floor and see how they feel after a full day. I'm sure that cannot be comfortable for the dogs... GRRRRR! It still baffles me on how people can take a perfectly good working dog, and force it to become something it's not and completely breed it stupid... :angry:
  12. Nitro, my 8 month old puppy, is allowed to be out in the living room during the day when my husband and I are gone at work. Well for the morning anyways, then after my husband leaves from lunch, he goes in a kennel. Nitro has been doing extremely well with not eating the couch or destroying things other then the empty cardboard boxes he is given to play with. (I think cardboard boxes just might be his favorite toy!) So today he has decided to eat the couch... He has eaten a gigantic hole into the arm of the couch... I do not like to keep him crated all day, especially since my Heeler is all
  13. I am looking to get my dogs new collars. They currently have just the cloth like collars and boy do they stink!!! I've tried washing them and soaking them overnight in baking soda and water and also soap and water. Nothing works to get the stench out. I would like to get them some sort of collar that I won't have to deal with the stink! I know leather would be nice be when we move cows, they cross creeks and ditches, thus ruining the leather collars. Does anyone have any collars that are good for not getting stinky? Or any suggestions on how I can clean the ones I have? Thanks!
  14. I don't understand how the officials even allowed the competition to continue! In flyball we couldn't even run if the grass was slightly wet! A couple of times we were out on the grass with towels and trying to dry off the course, but if it wasn't dry, we delayed. Geesh!!!
  15. Not sure if this is the right section to post this or not but I found this video on Facebook and thought it was worth sharing! I've heard that all the dogs in the video are rescues too! Enjoy! !
  16. I like to use hot dogs as well. I just buy them when they are on sale for cheap and stock up. I also use left over chuck roast when we cook it. I only cook it in water and its own juices, no salt or pepper either, so whatever we don't eat for leftovers or is too fatty I cut up and use that as well. Sometimes they will get lucky and get chicken, but not too often. As your pup gets older I would also try and see if he/she is toy motivated. My heeler will do anything for a ball. In fact he'd rather have a ball then food. Good luck!
  17. Hello All, I have been researching some new foods for my dogs and am not sure what to pick. I am looking at grain free formulas and there has to be meat as the first ingredient and at least 2 or 3 other meat sources in the food. I am currently feeding ranch dog food... We have finally moved from where we only had ranch stores to where we now have access to pet supply stores. YAY!!! So anyways... what are you feeding? THANKS!
  18. I have looked up the Spok-9s and have tried to contact them but have not been able to get a response... Know of any other contact info for them other then the contact form on the website?
  19. I'M looking to get back into flyball with my Heeler and start my BC in it as well. Does anyone have any contacts for a team located around Pullman WA or Spokane? Thanks!
  20. Unfortunately I don't have any other place to leave them as we look for a house. We don't have enough to board 3 dogs, and I know that my two older dogs do not do well in a kennel. I am able to return there for the next week, and hopefully by the time I am ready to return with another load of our stuff, we will have the place we just applied for and I will be bringing them home with me.
  21. I am glad that I found your posting. I have the same problem with my BC pup that is about 6 months old. In my situation though, it is not a friend, but the in- laws... My mother in law in particular. She is all into The Dog Whisperer way of teaching a dog, ie submission submission submission... I do not agree with the way he teaches dogs and I don't want to teach my dog that way. I do more the Victoria Stillwell, positive training ways... I have tried to explain to her how I train my dogs, I have showed how I train my dogs, yet it seems to go in one ear and out the other... She also lets m
  22. Spokane WA is a close major city as is Coeur D'Alene ID...
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