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  1. I am in need of some help with my whistles. I have finally been able to get a couple tones out of it. Two higher pitched and one lower... Unfortuantely I dont know how I am doing it. Alls I know is I blow, it makes noise. I feel like the whistle is awkward in my mouth too. I'm not even sure that I am holding the darn thing correctly. I have a cd by Kent Kuykendall for the types of commands (all of which I can do in my head! )... Any advice is welcome! Thanks!
  2. We are looking at getting a couple of bikes and I am trying to find those things for dogs to attach to the bike. The pole like things with a leash on the end... I'm not exactly sure what they are called. Anyone know where to find them? Thanks!!!
  3. I'd like to say that my dogs (ages 4,2,and 1) are well enough trained that if I were to leave food on the counter, whether it be a roast, cake, or whatever else I'm making, they would not touch it. (And I'm talking no matter if I'm home or not) I train all of my pups "leave it". It is one of the first commands they learn to master. I do not train with common things like doggie treats but with real delicious and great smelling food like bacon or a piece of roast. Makes the training even more interesting.
  4. I'd have to agree with training the "invisible line". My dogs know "go", "git", and "out". It works well for other things like a round of fun cow chasing ( ). A loud "git out!" turns their tails homeward immediately. It also comes in handy for cleaning and when guests come over. We only have a one bedroom apartment at the moment and it's been fun to train variations with the do not cross line. For instance, when cleaning I say go bed, and they both mosey on into the bedroom and hang out until told to come out. Go is also used at the dinner table when they decide it's okay in their minds to
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTryp5xLDOg&feature=related And the stupidity just keeps coming. Oi!
  6. Mine wear collars from Gun Dog Supply as well. The ones I have are linked below.I would highly recommend them! http://www.gundogsupply.com/k-9-komfort-center-ring-w--dee-1--collar.html
  7. I wonder how I can get my pup, with his spotted coat, to look like the dogs in the video? All fluffy and purdy like? Without mud, burs, or just plain being stinky after a long day outside? LMAO! What a joke! I'd gladly take my scruffy pup with dirt and mud all over him any day! http://video.westminsterkennelclub.org/breed_judging/herding/2011_2/border-collie/v1292926
  8. I thought about putting cloth over the buckles. I have tried putting a wet towel under the backpack when we hiked before, but it does not seem to stay in place, and dries up quickly. The main problem I have with the backpack is that there is no ventilation so while the weather is hot, the dog is getting even hotter from the backpack. (I have three dogs, so I won't be throwing it away! ) The other Outward Hound I have is great, it has cloth to go over the buckles, and mesh on top so it breathes. I just can't find one like it anymore. Petsmart is always changing things up on me! Boo! LOL
  9. We are going to be hiking Hells Canyon this spring with some friends, and of course our dogs are coming with! I have two outward hound backpacks now, the dogs each carry their own gear, but the older one I do not really like how it fits and rubs on my BC. I need to start getting the dogs (and myself ) in shape for the 26 mile hike, so having a good backpack to gradually add weight to is essential! Any suggestions for backpacks for dogs? I also am looking for some good booties for my BC, as the ground might be pretty hot already. (Coming from AZ we never hiked anywhere without taking booties
  10. Does anyone know of someone that is selling a started dog that works cattle in Idaho or Eastern Washington area?
  11. I just wanted to thank Mr. McCaig for writing an excellent book! For someone like me, who when looking into getting my first BC, wasn't sure about getting an AKC dog or not, after reading this, I sure am glad I decided against the AKC. No one ever hears about any other clubs but AKC this and AKC that. I had no knowledge of any other dog registry as far as BC's went. Of course after much research I found the ABCA and decided they were the ones that really had the good, working BC's. The Dog Wars has really given me some ammunition for when talking to friends who think the AKC is all that and by
  12. Does anyone know where to get this book? I looked in Amazon and from what I found in the search the book is $80.00!!!! Also, what are some other good books to read about herding; training, trials, etc.? Thanks!
  13. Maybe I should have clarified when I stated ranch mentality... (my in laws and I just finished a heated conversation about the cons of in breeding and I suppose I was frustrated at the time.) what I meant was that the old way of ranch thinking about being ok with in breeding and not even considering the possible outcomes both good and bad... Most people were I'm from have related dogs anyways... No one gets their dogs fixed... They assume the dog will not be as good if its nads are gone... Dogs are constantly running around the valley creating babies. So who's to say that the father isn't
  14. Unfortunately this is the true way most ranchers go about working cows to become more docile and excepting of dogs... Lucky for my in laws they have a fairly dog friendly herd. With a few exceptions of course. I don't think that sticking cows in an enclosure with dogs like in the video is acceptable. It isn't fair to either cow nor dog. Although there does have to be a level of respect between both animals. I do agree that the dogs need to lay off of a cow once she turns away though. Boo hiss to stupid people and people who put their animals, both cow and dog alike, in dangerous situations.
  15. So my husband was talking to my father in law today about another ranchers female who is an excellent cowdog and how if Nitro turns out to be an excellent worker as well we might breed him. Now I don't know much about breeding and all as I am just learning everything and really don't have any plans on breeding at the moment, but we were informed that this other rancher wants to cross his female with her father... He wants to keep the good working line going... Now like I said I dont know much but Im sure crossing a father daughter might not be the best of options... Anyone have any comment
  16. Great! Thanks I will look into that!
  17. We will be having calves in a couple of months, and I would like to take a few of the bottle fed ones and turn them out for training purposes. How does one go about "breaking" the cattle so they are safe for a newly starting dog to train on? Thanks!!!
  18. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on supplements that can be given to support joint health in both young and aging dogs. (I have forgotten the name of the pills some old friends told me about.) My 4 year old German Shepherd mix has really stiff joints and bad hips... I want to start all my dogs on something that will help prevent the younger ones from having bad joints and help my older girl with her current problems. Thanks!
  19. So as an update... I talked to our apartment manager and she agreed with me that the behavior of both human and dog was unacceptable. Unfortunately I have never seen what building the dog has come out of, so there is no way to send a notice to the owner. (We were all supposed to take our dogs to the office for "mug shots" so when things like this happen, they can pinpoint the person and dog easily. Unfortunately only the responsible owners complied...) Although the office manager did say she would keep an eye out as well as asking the Resident Managers to do the same. Sigh. Oh well. It is
  20. Not sure if this is the right category for this posting... Yesterday I was informed by my husband that a dog at our dog park decided to have an aggressive hump fest with my dogs. (A little background info, we live in an apartment, moving to a college town right as school is starting makes it awfully hard to find a house to rent that is available and takes dogs... So we found an apartment with a dog park. At least some place for the dogs to safely run and most dog owners control their dogs.) Luckily my Heeler is dominant and takes no crap from anyone, but my 9 month BC is the most submissive
  21. I'd have to agree with the fact that the elevation change (not sure where you are coming from)would be the greatest factor not the weather. I used to live in Phoenix, and speaking from experience taking my dog up to Payson to a flyball tournament, it wasn't the heat we worried about, but the elevation change. You could definitely see after a race the dogs from the Valley were affected. I wish I could head down for the trials in AZ! I need to get out of the cold snowy weather in Northern Idaho!!!
  22. Oh, I'm not looking to start him on my own! I just wanted to get some people's opinions so I can look for a trainer that will have cattle available to them if that is the route I am going.
  23. hello all, I am going to be starting my pup in the beginning of next year. He will ultimately be working cattle where he will need to bite, he already has shown that with refinement he will be a biter (I took him for a test on sheep and he was all about heading and tried to heel the ones that stood off with him.) Now I don't want to discourage this behavior as working with our bulls it is a must to have dogs that will deliver a bite... Would it be best to start him out immediately on calves/cows or should I start him on the sheep? I'm new to starting a BC for herding... My heeler on the ot
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