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  1. Hello again, Just a follow up. Brodie allowed his classroom trainer to approach him yesterday and did target work with her. Accepted payoffs with a nice, gentle mouth. We also met with the potential dog sitter who we will probably not be using. He's a nice man and has had some behavioral training in his background. But he appears to still be using dominance theory training mode, and in silly ways. Brodie met him on leash, moved in nicely doing basic obedience moves for rewards for him. VERY interested in the hot dog reward, which we do not use but trainer does. Trainer was sitting o
  2. Hi everyone, thanks again for all the input. Brodie has been working with a vet behaviorist since the first week he came to us. We were looking for (maybe have found) a dog sitter with enough of a 'behaviorist' background to help reinforce the program on a daily basis. Re our am hikes: We have always hiked in the early am with the same group of people. The group varies slightly from am to am but consists of the same 3-5 dog trainers/sitters and a string of 5-8 dogs. We hike mostly off leash but leash up when necessary. The area is on the levy trails, specifically off leash for dogs, remot
  3. Good Morning Everyone, Brodie took his Prozac yest and this am and kept everything down. Slight decrease in appetite but he is eating. When hiking off leash this am we were surprised by a runner coming around the corner fast. All dogs ran towards him with DH and I at full speed behind them, calling. My heart stopped. The runner stopped, held his arm straight out and said 'stop'. Brodie stopped in his tracks. I then called him to me and he came, I leashed him....... This guy runs on the off leash trails frequently and is never nice about off leash dogs (not sure why he chooses to run at this
  4. We always tethered or 'wore' all guide dog puppies. When they demonstrated some decision making skill and confidence they graduated to short periods on tie downs in the room we were in. That meant that once they were old enough to walk on the ground they went to the potty with you, sat by your desk, were 3 feet away at most while you cook dinner, slept right next to the bed and sat in the foot well of the front passenger seat of the car (prob not allowed now). It was always on the left and once they learned to heel it was on the left without exception. I have followed some of this practice wit
  5. Here's a pic of my pb bc smoothcoat girl at 4 months:
  6. Hi Daisy, Here's my front door scenario. Sage, my oldest, is a chow/lab. He is my second chow mix. I like this mix because the majority of the time he is a couch potato. He lays around like a slug, we step over him and he is relaxed and friendly with guests who enter the house. But he alarms when anyone approaches our home. I live in an urban, downtown neighborhood, mostly nice stable neighbors but with some transient folks around and a county jail just one mile down at the other end of Main st. So I feel safe with Sage at my front door. I always respond immediately to his notice and he is
  7. Hi guys, Tried the Prozac again this am...8mg, so far he is keeping it down and kept down breakfast. If he starts vomiting again I'm going to call the vet to see if it's ok to start him on 4 mgs instead.Thanks again everyone for all your support; because of it I'm feeling like Brodie might actually be rehabilitated. I'll have to take more pics and post them so I can share how elegant and beautiful he is.
  8. cody you are right. 7 weeks is not a long time. Why have I been forgetting that? The last few days have been very good for Brodie and he is growing in confidence and trust. I see lots of nice things. One is that he watches and gently thumps his tail now when I stroke the other dogs. Clementine and Sage have always done this. Visible affection to one seems to make the others happy too. My son has agreed to call/ring bell before opening the door. He's no novice to dog training, having done guide dogs through 4H for years. But, like us, he has a learning curve re fear aggression ie just redirect
  9. talked to my vet tonight who says she used the mist when her 3 dogs were fighting...per vet it calmed them down and no problems since...If this stuff works this well..I wish I had been the one to come up with the formula! Maybe someone will invent HAP?
  10. thank you Harlow. I hope so too. He's just so sweet (with us) that every time I think "I can't do this" he does something that makes me realize I have to keep going.
  11. Hi Blackdawg, We bought the 'reconcile' which is the vet. form of Prozac...chewable beefy thing, 8 mg dose per day. He started yesterday on the first dose in the am, no problem getting him to take it but he vomited dinner then refused breakfast this am. Ate a little 30 minutes later when fed by hand, along with his pill...vomited it all up after 5 minutes. I've stopped the Prozac for now because this boy was on 2 courses of antibiotics for pneumonia until mid June and lost alot of weight. I need him to eat so he doesn't drop down too low weightwise so for now I'll use the DAP collar, fol
  12. thanks Cody and Duchess, yes, the son thing needs work... It's funny but Brodie seemed to bond with us immediately. I can do anything to him handling-wise and he will tolerate it. He's a big baby with all family members. I felt it was a step forward when he stopped fence running/barking. He now comes to 'tell us' that something is disturbing. He tells on people/things frequently and then we go check it out together, if he's willing. His early signs are subtle but usually noticeable. They include slight jaw clenching, a worried stare....sometimes just a heightened focus or stillness. Growli
  13. Hi Blackdawgs, thank you so much for your insights. I should have come onto the boards sooner with my issues....it is so helpful to hear from other people who have been down this path. The Prozac might be a moot point. Brodie refused to eat today. Coaxing and hand feeding got him to take a few bites of breakfast. He took his prozac then spit it out. Half an hour later we tried again. This time he took it but vomited it up after 5 minutes. Hmmmmm.....I am a critical care nurse and fairly familiar with the concept of steady serum levels. Not sure how easily we'll be able to attain this....we'
  14. Hi Julie, Thank you so much for your kind words. When I decided last Friday that it was time to send Brodie to heaven my family split right down the middle in yeahs/nays. No body was neutral about it. Some are tired from all the work, some think he just needs more time. It was my husband really whose quiet protest tipped the scale. I was glad afterward that we had decided to give him more time as he surprised me this weekend with his awesome attitude. I'm not sure yet how far my family is willing to go re long term management. Brodie is not difficult to crate when we have company. We usua
  15. thanks urge... we just started two brodie journals. My husband and I are each doing one. It'll be interesting to compare notes! DH was a non dog guy when we married. He barely tolerated my extremely well behaved lab at that time. 10 years later he's in classes, dogs go with him everywhere, sleep on his chest, practically share his food LOL
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