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  1. My coonhound has always peed on himself. He has kind of learned to switch positions when he starts to pee on himself but doesn't always do it. He then licks his front leg to clean it off! My border collie/mix? puppy jumped up on the couch one day to see me and peed right on my hand and leg. My fiance laughed for an hour about that. I didn't find it quite so funny
  2. Thank you for all the help everyone!! I appreciate the support group information. I got a copy of the blood work. Her potassium was really high and sodium was high too. So was Anion Gap and Bicarbonate was low. I am not sure now that Addison's is the correct diagnosis because I read that usually potassium is high and sodium is LOW. I'm going to take her to a different vet to get a second opinion of the blood work and then probably also check blood again to make sure there were no mistakes. I'm turning in a urine and fecal sample when I go to the vet. We'll see what the other vet has to say. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for all the support. It is greatly appreciated.
  3. The doctor did suggest the water deprivation test and I did not like the sound of it. I do not wish to dehydrate my dog to the point of losing body weight. As a compromise the vet suggested that we take a urine sample as soon as we get home from work after she's been in her crate. (we crate her on days she doesn't go to doggy daycare). That way she will have been deprived of water for approximately eight hours and we can see if there is any concentration. Hopefully that will give some answer. I would definitely like to hear any alternatives for the water deprivation test should this plan be inconclusive. Plus, I would very much like to talk about her symptoms and see what other people with DI dogs think. you can pm me the yahoo group if you'd rather not post it or email me at: wendy_w1107@yahoo.com I really appreciate this!!
  4. Yes we thought she had the diabetes insipidus. We are still going to be testing for that as well. Her blood sugar levels were normal as were all liver functions and kidney functions. The only abnormal was the electrolytes. She does not have any of those symptoms that you mention though when I was reading about it they saw those symptoms occur during an "episode." I read it is possible to have Addison's for a bit before there is an actual episode. I hope she does not have Addison's. Also, I truly hope she does not have diabetes insipidus either!! But I think its probably likely that she does have one of these conditions, just based on her electrolyte readings and the extreme thirst/frequent urination thing.
  5. I am so so lucky here in Pittsburgh because we have a pet store in Bridgeville that is owner operated. The owners - sister and brother - have had the store for forever and they are the only customer service employees (they have kids to help stock and such). The woman, Sue, makes it her business to really research dog food, treats etc and is able to provide great information on foods (she also has reading material to go with it). I trust her opinion completely. She is the epitome of what I consider a great store owner. Her brother Larry's expertise is more in fish and aquatics. They have a large fish section. I am just so happy to be able to go to them when I need help and advice. (I actually trust them more than my vets - showing the poor vet quality around here). I live approximately 1/2 hour away from them but it is worth the trip!!! Plus, they are much cheaper than Petco or Pet Smart!
  6. My puppy given some blood tests to try to explain her extreme drinking and urinating (thought it might be diabetes) and when they came back the vet said her electrolytes were messed up specifically sodium and potassium and said it was possible that she might have Addison's. The other possibility was whipworms. I do not believe she has whipworms as I have in the (long) past had dogs with whipworms and I do not see the same symptoms with her. However, they are going to deworm her first to rule that out. I asked if there was any other possible diagnosis and the vet said no. Has anyone had any experience with this? If the deworming does not help I plan to seek a second opinion.
  7. I used to feed Evo which I thought was an excellent food but then we got Orijen out here and I switched over to that. My coonhound used to have bad anal gland problems. I always thought that it was just him and the breed. BUT lo and behold when I switched to Orijen the anal gland problems stopped. I have heard other people mention the same thing when talking about their dogs and Evo. That's really my only complaint about Evo. I am really very happy with Orijen and I think that if you can't/don't want to feed raw that Orijen is the next best thing. Just my opinion...
  8. OMG my puppy loves dryer sheets too!!! She is constantly looking around for them. I must take at least one out of her mouth a day!
  9. Thanks for the info on the DNA tests!! I think they are about $60 a test and I have 3 mutts so if they are not helpful in determining dog breeds I would not want to waste the money. How annoying it would be to come back Inconclusive! I don't know my dog's herding style. She has never herded anything. I think she is a BC mix but I'm not even sure of that. I thought exposing her to a herding situation would help to determine whether she is BC. Please feel free to recommend trainers - I need someone with a lot of experience, as I have none!!
  10. I'd like to see how my pup reacts to sheep. As I've posted in a previous post, I believe she is part border collie and would like to have her doing some border collie things. Trouble is - I'm clueless as to where I can take her to learn to herd? I live in Pittsburgh. I've looked over the internet and can find no places around here. Does anyone have information on where there might be such a place in my area? On an unrelated note - has anyone heard of dog DNA tests? Do they determine which breeds your dog is and are they accurate?
  11. I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions to stop my pup from nipping/mouthing. She is very inclined to bite (not hard). She is getting better - when she was younger she was constantly biting/nipping. We always make a yelpy noise and then say firmly NO BITE. Then we walk away from her. Unfortunately, this is not completely alleviating the problem and I was wondering if anyone had any other helpful suggestions? Also, when she is on her leash she will constantly circle around me no matter how much we try to get her to walk properly - I realize that this is probably natural Border Collie behavior but does anyone have any suggestions regarding this? I prefer to use only positive reinforcement methods. She is also a food gulper. When she was younger she would eat so fast and assume an almost food-possessive position that we decided to hand feed her. We hand fed her for approximately 2 months and now we have purchased one of those slow feeding bowls. She still eats as quickly as possible with a very possessive posture while eating. She does not growl or bite if you put your hand in her bowl. Any ideas? Also, she drinks an excessive amount of water. This was a huge problem when she was younger as she would have accidents constantly. Now she is 6 months and not having as many accidents but still drinks an absurd amount of water. We have to take the water from her or she will drink an entire bowl. She still can go pee every hour or so. I think this is not very normal. Is this common with Border Collies? I am worried about diabetes. Any thoughts? Thank you all for any suggestions!!! I do so appreciate it as I have never dealt with a herding dog before!!
  12. Thanks for the replies!!! LOL she does have a whole box of toys. She had dumped it on the floor. I think she is a mix also. She does not behave overly much like a border collie. She seems to care less about rabbits in the yard or our cats. She is very quiet except when she is playing. She really does not bark much at all. She does seem to have some herding behaviors - she circles quite a bit. I'm planning to get her into agility and see how she does with that. I have a coonhound mix who was extremely good at agility (strangely enough). She also seems to like water so once it warms up I'm eager to see how she does in the lake. My coonhound loves to swim so I'd love for her to swim with him. Glad I found this board. I don't know all that much about border collies. Any advice would be very appreciated!!
  13. Some updated pictures. And in answer to the person who asked if it mattered what kind of dog it is - no of course it doesn't matter. But it does help if you can find out what the breed is so you can be more prepared on the dog's behavior and training and activities. Naturally, I love her no matter what. Thanks for all the comments on how cute she is and all the help!!! Here she is at 6 months.
  14. Thanks for the help. I'm not sure why they labelled her lab/husky - this particular shelter is not very good at guessing dog breeds and there is a lot of confusion there. She is approximately 6 months now and weighs about 30 pounds. I will get a more recent picture of her and post it.
  15. Hi all!! I recently got a puppy at the Humane Society and they told me she was lab/husky. However, I believe she is a Bordie Collie - maybe a smooth-coated one or maybe a mix. I'm not sure. The only thing that makes me wonder is because she doesn't do that intense eye thing that Border Collies do. I'm inserting a picture maybe someone can help me out? I'd love to hear some opinions! Thanks!!!
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