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  1. Thank you all! I would love to try herding out, I am always open to trying new things. I think Asa would really love it and to let her do what she was bred for would bring me a lot of happiness. As for our trips to the barn I never let her off leash when the horses are out, she is only allowed off leash when the horses are in their stalls. I have seen first hand how fast a dog can lose it's life when a horse is in a bad mood or a dog pushes them too far, though they were never my dogs I still felt horrible and I couldn't imagine how the owners felt. Plus I don't want her learning about chasing horses. I will look into the herding more for sure now. I know Asa's breeder does herding around this area with Asa's dam so there is something local that I can get into. I really appreciate all the input! You all are so nice
  2. I am new to border collies. I have bred and shown JRT's for over 10 years, and it was through the JRT's that I became a fan of BC's. I did agility, go to ground and a little bred to type now and then. But agility has been my passion for the last 8 years, now here is my question: I bought a 10 week old BC pup (she is from working lines with mom and dad that do trials) and started taking her out to the barn with me while I did barn duties. I usually keep her on a leash either attached to me or tied close by where I can keep an eye on her. Around 14 weeks of age I decided to take her off leash and have her follow me out to throw hay while the horses eat their grain. Now there are two llamas at the barn too and one morning I noticed Asa had an intrest in the llamas so out I stepped into the middle of the pasture with Asa off leash. She watched them like a hawk and soon started following them and then it happened, they ran away from her and off she went. She ran in front and dropped to the ground, when they moved she moved closer trying to keep them together. I eventually had to go and get her. After all the reading I've done a lot of people seem to think you can only have one type of dog, either an agility dog or a working dog. I don't want to keep her from expanding what seems to come so natural to her (and what she was and the rest of her breed was bred for) but I bought her as an agility prospect. Should I try herding out? I have absolutely no experience with herding, I wouldn't even know where to begin. Or should I continue with the agility line of thinking? I am really confused about it, why can't you do both?
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