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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures hope you have safe travels
  2. Bree is still doing well with going outside...no accidents! She seems to have kennel cough though as her coughing/choking started a day ago. The vet told us the doxycycline should help and just to watch her, so she will stay sequestered from our other dogs a little while longer. Otherwise, her personality is really coming out! She is still very shy/sensitive, but is much more alert and interested in us and her surroundings. We can already tell she is very smart since she will try to direct us back to the basement door when we are outside and she's ready to go in. She can also open the door if we haven't shut it completely. Although walking on the leash still bothers her, she is learning to come to us so we will start working on some basic manners/commands! Any other suggestions for these first weeks together and bonding?
  3. Oh and we have named her "Breeze", or Bree for short, because it was REALLY windy the day we got her!
  4. Well maybe just posting here was good luck! She went #1 outside for the first time around 1030pm last night. We praised her so much I'm sure the neighbors thought we were nuts! She got a treat too (which she has just started to take from our hand). She made it through the entire night with no accidents, went #2 early this morning (530am), and #1 again for my wife around 730am! Seems like we are on the right track now. I guess she just needed to get comfortable around us before making the decision to go! Interesting thing is that we had her out of the crate and just hanging out with us for almost an hour before she went last night. She had relaxed enough that she was yawning and stretching in front of us so maybe that bonding time really helped. Re: the Lyme's disease she is getting 4 pills a day of antibiotics (doxycycline) and will keep getting them for one month. She likes string cheese so feeding the pills has been easy! She also got a large dose by pill of de-wormer (sorry, forgot the name) the first day after she went to the vet.
  5. My wife and I adopted a border collie female last weekend from a local kill shelter. She was being kept in the "cat room" because she was completely overwhelmed with the noise and activity of the kennel. After 5 minutes there we knew she needed to get out and be given a chance. The vet confirmed that she was loaded with worms and Lyme positive. We had her vaccinated and will go back in 3 weeks for boosters and have her spayed within a month. She seems to be about 1 year old. Other than needing an intense about of TLC and time to trust us, her biggest issue is using the bathroom in her crate. Since we don't know her background we assume she learned to use the cage at the shelter and probably wasn't taken outside (she wouldn't walk on a leash/neck collar). We take her outside very regularly all day until going to bed but she is only going every night between 11pm and 3am or so. As soon as we hear her rearranging her crate we clean everything up and put her back. Absolutely no correction or fussing, just a rub on the head telling her she is ok. We have tried to let her smell something soiled of hers outside, and even had her watch our other two dogs "go" in the yard. She is not loose in our house and is being kept away from them for now though. Any suggestions for this shy little girl?
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