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  1. Hey guys and gals. I am looking for a diagram, design sheet anything to help me build a steel ball thruster. I have found many sites that posts photos and such but they never have exactly what I need to engineer one. I have the tools to build just not the knowledge ..yet


    I am building a Flyball box for my BC and for now will use standard wood launcher but would like to add a steel thruster to better the box. I am not looking to sell the thrusters just build one of my own. I will not buy something I know I can build cheaper.


    Any help will be greatly appreciated. You can post here or to my email (Scott Bowen)


    thank you


    bye bye

    Scott Bowen

    Dexter "The Wonder Dog" Bowen

  2. I have a question. I am building a box. And have been looking high and low for a design or detail pictures on teh ball thrusters or launchers. I can not find any and everywhere I ask people say to just buy. I don't want to buy when I can build it cheaper.


    I have looked at all the standard sites including the ones oyu posted in this topic. None can help me. Some show the thursters but not enough of it to build it.


    If anyone can help me with this., I would be most thank you. You can reply or or send to my email.



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