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  1. I guess I have considered it, but I'm not sure where to find stuff to feed her. I also worry about feeding her a balanced diet. What do you guys feed, and where do you get it? Suggestions for reading material I could check out?
  2. Thanks for the great advice! I have 4 dogs inluding her. All of them eat like hoovers except for her. The realtor was actually very understanding, he said his little piece about how it's better to be pet free and yada yada yada, and then said it was understandable and we'd just work around it. The big issue for me is that they go outside and get FILTHY with all the mud out around our place right now. I'm talking huge mud clumps and feet that are completely black. It's really a pain to have to basically hose them off from the belly down every time they go outside, so I was hoping to change the routine to make it easier on me. The big problem is keeping the mud outside and not all over my floors. I think maybe what I will try is starting with shutting her alone with her food in the room that her crate is in, then maybe once she is eating well again, start leaving the door open a crack, ect. She is the one that stays the cleanest anyways... Miss Princess doesn't like to get too dirty ya know! Another issue I have with her not eating well in general is because she doesn't like the food she is on, but she has an allergy to gluten so my options are a little limited due to that and the fact that there aren't many places that carry food that she can have out in my rural area. So that's been a struggle most of her life. Thanks again guys!
  3. This has been driving me crazy and I would SOOOO appreciate any words if wisdom! Here's the problem. We are trying to sell our house. We live out in the country and have a lot of thick woods around us where it has been VERY muddy. We've been trying to keep the dogs out of the house as much as possible while we're trying to sell it to try and keep it clean and "show-ready". I have always fed Nell (a small BC female) in her crate. She was never a very good eater, and would take ALOT of encouragement to get to eat. She just wants attention and could care less about the food. So I started feeding her in her crate so she had nothing else to do but eat. She will sometimes still miss meals, but she'd usually eat atleast once a day. Now I have been trying to get her to eat along with the other dogs. I put the bowls down and supervise so nobody gets what they shouldn't in our enclosed porch. She absolutely will not eat a kibble. Another reason for me trying to change this is that it is such a pain in the rear when we take the dogs somewhere with us, I HAVE to bring the crate so that she will eat. She otherwise doesn't need the crate anymore. I figured that she will get hungry eventually and I'll just have to wait her out. However, I'm getting worried now, she hasn't eaten anything besides her regular medications in a little piece of hotdog twice a day since Saturday night. Any suggestions or should I just give in and drag the stupid crate around for the rest of her life? Any advice would be very much appreciated!
  4. So I have a couple of issues with my little one that I have been putting off lately. Now, it is time to address them and start researching what I can and should do about it. We purchased 3 icelandic ewes, after much research into breeds. We were interested in raising sheep, and I also thought that working my BC's with them would be an added benefit. Now Bandit is his own issue, that's for another day, it's Nell I'm focusing on. She has only had experience with cattle in the past, and is quite used to gripping. I had some success in getting that behavior to slowly go away until the ewes started head butting her! Now she grips frequently, most of it unnecessarily. She only grips heels, and doesn't seem to bite too aggressively. I just worry that she will hurt my stock, and I definitely don't want her gripping constantly. The ewes are not completely resistive, they do move cooperatively, and then will randomly turn and head-butt. They also do it very frequently when Nell must face them head on. She has a very strong eye as well. My other issue with her is that she is quite obsessive in nature. She gets obsessive with the cat, which is also a work in progress, obsessive with toys, and wants to obsess over the sheep when we are not working with them. Any suggestions? I don't want to discourage her from these things all together. Any advice would be very appreciated!
  5. Thanks so much for the advice, I have read other places that she should be wormed for everyday for three days, is that too much? We have also since got a paste and gave her a dose of that, also another shot of Vitamin B. Her face swelling has decreased exponentially since and she seems a little more aggressive with her feed, so I'm thinking thats a good sign!! Now I'm wondering, should I move her soon to another pen so she doesn't re-infect? Should I keep her away from the other ewes? How do I go about killing the eggs/larvae in the ground? I have heard that they can live dormantly through a whole winter! Also, this ewe was wormed the day we picked her up, about 2 months ago. Is this something she probably got since coming to our place, or is it possible that whatever the wormer was that they used, it wasn't effective? I'm just trying to figure out if she needs to be on a more frequent worming schedule or what... We got three ewes from the same place and this is the only one who has it.
  6. So we recently bought our first sheep to go along with our hobby farm and border collies, and needless to say we are VERY novice to sheep. So we recently got married and went on our honeymoon, and came back to find one of our ewes with a very large under jaw and quite underweight. Now I know that this did not just happen in a week, and I feel horrible that we missed it until it got to this point. Her gums and pretty white already and she is in desperate need of some weight. The growth just looks painful, and is actually apparent in the top eyelid on one side of the face as well. After internet researching I have decided it must be Bottlejaw. Does anyone have any recommendations as to how to handle this? We have given 5 cc of Vitamin B and a dose of pour on cydectin. They are in a smaller pen, should we move her once the wormer has had a chance to work? Do I need to call the vet out? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Gail I see your point about the allergy tests, I'm just so flustered because I did do benadryl daily for about 2 weeks when I first noticed the hair loss, and it made no difference in his itching behaviors. I've figured it must be seasonal, pollen or grass or something, like you said. But then I would think the Benadryl would have made even a little tiny difference. And the other thing is that the intensity of the itching and hair loss gets worse every summer. As far as the allergy shots go, I worry about whether there are side effects and whether my vet would give the shot without first finding out if he has an allergy or not. It's definitely worth talking with her about though. I have been told to put him on prednisone, (I believe that is what is called - the steroid pill?) but I have heard that it damages the liver over time - and he's only 4 years old! I have bathed using oatmeal bathes and it seems to make no difference, or possibly make it a little worse. I bathed him about every 2-4 weeks. He's been on every food under the sun for allergies - no difference. He stays in his crate during the day when I am at work, and there is always huge puffs of hair in it, undercoat as well as topcoat - I assume he itches all day until he makes it fall out. - I just don't know what to try next... Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. Thanks to everyone for all the great advice! I have been fighting with just wanting to do the panel and see what the deal is, and that darn price tag. Anyways, actually something really rings a bell with me on the topic of fleas. When we went in, my vet asked about fleas, and I replied that he has no fleas, I've looked. She said that the pattern of the spreading (of the staph infection) looked alot like it would be from fleas. (or something to that nature, I'm not quoting her or anything!) I was at a loss for words, and again said, I haven't seen fleas on him! Anyways, she hadn't mentioned what rushdoggie had said, that it doesn't take an infestation, just one. So anyways, were definately doing some frontline, and if still no results, I will have to take him to another vet for the allergy panel. I love my vet, and drive about 40 minutes to get to her, she is always more costly, but I have always found her knowledge and holistic as well as conventional approaches worth it. On this I will just have to find a cheaper place and see if I can get the results to take to her perhaps. Also, I will definately be trying the fat vs. protein supplementation. Thanks everyone!
  9. Hey there, so I've been struggling alot lately with Bandit's coat health... I just don't know where to go from here..... He has a staph infection, which is being treated and already is enormously improved, however, the rest of his coat is still brittle, dull, and thin. He is so soft and thick and luxuriously coated in winter, but in summer it always thins and he itches quite a bit. This year is the absolute worse. I'm hoping by the time his treatment with the staph infection is over it will improve, but I've seen little so far. Also, the vet did offer allergy testing at a cost of $300 for the full panel... (OUCH!) I just don't know what to do. He is now on Solid Gold Holistique blends with a cod liver oil supplement. Does anyone have any other suggestion before I go spending an arm and a leg on the vet? Thanks!
  10. I'm about 3 miles E of Sunburg. It's about 65 miles SW of St. Cloud. 125 miles NW of Minneapolis. The only one's I've found have been in Minneapolis and further East. Many Thanks!
  11. I had the same type of problem with my Bandit. Poor thing itched constantly and I tried several different things with no luck! However, being a groomer, I had an artillery of different things to try and here's what worked for Bandit: I first used a prescription shampoo and leave-in lotion which helped, although only for a few days. If your interested in that, let me know. What I had the BEST luck with was regular bathing with a product called Bark2Basics Anti-Itch. It's an oatmeal based shampoo that is made with all natural ingredients. I use several of their products in my shop. I bathed him every 2 to 4 weeks with it and it's helped dramatically. They also have another product specific for itching and allergies that is supposed to be even better. I've not tried it yet though. I also changed his food to a lamb and rice, which helped a little. He also has a hot-spot spray which I used in his tummy area and paws. That helped quite a bit, though it made his skin and fur kinda sticky feeling. It was a tea tree oil, chamomile, and aloe based spray. Now this is just what I've read.... apple cider vinegar applied to the areas of excessive licking/itching. Also adding it to their drinking water. I can't remember why it is supposed to help. I think it's something with helping the discoloring and being a natural antiseptic. I'm sure if you google some keywords you can find some info on it. I'm no vet, so maybe you'd want to call and talk to one about this one. Also I've been contemplating adding a product to the shop called "Angel Eyes" which is meant to reduce tear stains in small breed dogs, but is supposed to also eliminate the rusty color on fur from licking. Haven't tried that one either, just throwing it out there. I hope some or any of this is helpful!
  12. Hey all, I'm hoping there's some other Minnesotans on here that could possibly help me out! I have 2 BC's that we previously worked with on out dairy cattle, however, with milk price tanking again, we decided to sell out. I want to keep my dogs working stock, but I can't find anyone who does lessons inside a 3 hour drive! I would love it if anyone could point me in the direction of someone a bit closer. I'm located in West Central MN. Please help! I'd appreciate it so so much. Thanks!
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