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  1. Dexter is only 12 weeks old and he already has three spots in the backyard where he puts his favorite sticks and palm husks. At first my wife and I thought that each other were leaving the sticks in neat piles, today he took his stuffed hedgehog out and added it to one of the piles. Too cute!
  2. yes it will definitely be interesting to watch, how old is your puppy?
  3. I think he might be your puppy's twin!!!
  4. Thanks for the warm greetings and compliments! I'm not sure what he is mixed with, from all the other puppy pics on here I think he looks like all bc as well. I guess as he gets older we will see...
  5. So glad I stumbled upon this board... as cute as he is our new bc mix is much more of a handful than I remember our Glynis (chow x schiperke) being 15 years ago when she was a pup. Glad we waited until she passed to get him... she would have been so stressed by all his energy. No internet then so I think we read a couple of books and she turned out great. Anyway thanks in advance for all the great info and tips.
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