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  1. Hello again and thanks Took Tasman to the vet and he used a muzzle (which I now have) while inspecting the paw. He couldn't find a lot so we got anti-inflammatories and pain relief. He is on light duties for seven days, walking on the lead only. He is not limping much this morning which is a huge improvement. Any suggestions for how to keep a BC from going nuts while he's on light duties?
  2. Thanks, that is what I thought too. My Dad is from the old school of dog psychology so thought that Tasman needed a hiding as it was some kind of dominance thing. Sigh.
  3. Hi there My 6 year old BC (Tasman) was limping today and I asked my father to help me examine his paw. My Dad suggested that I put Tasman on his back so it would be easier to have a look, I held Tasman's mouth while my Dad had a look, then Tasman yelped and wrestled free and tried to bite my fathers throat. I'm not sure if he was really trying to bite his throat but my Dad had a scratch on his face. Tasman has snapped at the vet in the past without making contact and so I hold his mouth when I examine any injury. The only other behaviour like this he has exhibited is snapping at a
  4. Hi Mary That is the feeling that I get as well; he's really happy as long as we are walking but as soon as we stop, he starts to look perturbed - like "When are we going home?" It must be stressful for a dog that has no routine.... poor things. Kerie
  5. Hi there I live in New Zealand and take my BC on overnight hikes, obviously he loves the exercise but I have noticed he seems a little edgy when we don't go home for the night and we stay out somewhere. We usually stay at a hut (like a cabin) and he sleeps inside with the humans. Is it possible that a dog would be homesick? It's not something I'm really worried about, just curious if anyone else has noticed this. Kerie
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