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  1. Thanks so much for you advice. Great to hear that there isn't only me with such a dog, plus perhaps there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I have read some of the books you guys recommended, and most vivid in my mind is the Culture Clash, which gave me great insight, yet I am still finding myself very much struggeling with the issue. I love the idea of walking behind people in the park; because yes, my dog doesn't want to be singled out either (with attention, or simple eye contact). I am not sure how I would approach some stranger and pursuade him/her to drop treats for my dog, but th
  2. Hi there; I am fairly new to this forum; I am following it by reading but have never posted before. But now I have a problem at hand and I need some constructive advice! I have a 10-month old BC, got her when she was 2 months old. She came from a backyard breeder (this I learned just recently when the same dame had a litter again, and now another litter is being offered from this same person), who kept the litter for 2 months in a barn. The sire was a very shy dog, who wouldn't even come to his owner when called. (My alarm bells should have rang then!). When she came to me, she was the
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