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  1. I am also in Raleigh and have done some looking for local instructors. I'm planning on going to this trial to meet some folks.
  2. For our lab, all you have to do is act like he's not supposed to have it. You'd be surprised how fast that dog can swallow something he shouldn't have. Our old german shepherd would only take pills in a treat but you would have to immediately follow up with an "untainted" treat, otherwise he would spit it right out. Our BC Harper just sits and takes whatever you give her with no complaints, though I'm sure that is rare.
  3. I thought I would give an update on the HD front. We got an appointment with the NC State ortho vet who did a full ortho exam on Harper and reviewed her x-rays. The vet was awesome! She recommended strongly that I not go the surgery route yet, saying that young, active dogs can benefit greatly from physical rehab as opposed to surgery. So I currently have her on Dasuquin with MSM, Rimadyl, and fish oil supplements. The Dasuquin takes a few weeks to start working but the Rimadyl is helping a lot (though it's not a permanent solution). The fish oil is probably helping and if nothing else, her coat seems to be super shiny. We have an appointment Friday to try out an underwater treadmill. We'll most likely go 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks and then move to home therapy. I'm excited to see what kind of results we get from this, since I hear it's the best rehab available. Harper tends to be nervous in new situations, so hopefully she adjusts quickly.
  4. There is a rehab facility about 5 minutes from my house that does underwater treadmills, message therapy, acupuncture, etc. After I get the go-ahead from my vet, I'll visit them to see what will work best for Harper. It sounds like the underwater treadmill can be quite effective. If you have recommendations on types of supplements that would be great too.
  5. Thanks for your thoughts, it is nice to know that other people have dealt with or know people who have dealt with this. After PMing with a fellow bcboard member, I think I will also explore a few non-surgical options, given the vet's approval of course.
  6. We got the news Friday that our 1 y/o Harper has moderate HD in her left hip. She had been developing a strange rear leg gait over the past few months which is what prompted me to get her x-rayed. Luckily, with all of the research I had done on abnormal gaits, I was mentally prepared for this diagnosis. From what the vet told me, there are two possible procedures for moderate HD: an femoral head ostectomy or a total hip replacement. THR is the golden standard of HD procedures and is about 4x the cost of an FHO. I am not as concerned with the cost as I am with the functionality of the limb after a procedure like this. I've read that the dog is much more likely to regain full functionality of the leg following a THR when compared to the FHO. Harper is so young and active that my main concern is her ability to regain maximum use of her leg following surgery. I have a consultation at the NC State vet school later this week so hopefully they can shed some light on the best option for us. Does anyone have experience with either of these procedures? I would be interested in hearing how your dog did in the days/months/years following surgery.
  7. Looks like a border collie to me! Given the fact that people often misidentify pure bred BC's as other breeds, you could probably drop the mix and get little argument from anyone. Good luck, those ears are fantastic!
  8. As far as I am aware, North Carolina was one of the only states without jail time and mandatory fines. I found this website that outlines the animal cruelty laws in all 50 states: http://www.straypetadvocacy.org/cruelty_laws.html scroll to North Carolina... you don't see that written for any other state. Fortunately, this will soon change.
  9. I have been following this story for a long time now and I am so happy with the ending that I wanted to share. "Susie's Law" was passed in the North Carolina state Senate after a long battle for animal rights. Susie' s story is amazing and she is a true example of how strong dogs can be. The first link tells Susie's story and outlines the bill. The second link is about the law passing and contains a wonderful video of Susie, all dolled up in pearls and nail polish to celebrate her victory. I'm sad that it has taken this long for a law like this to pass, but I'm thankful for the step forward. http://ncvaw.org/susie/ http://www.citizen-times.com/article/20100...EWS01/100617028
  10. I was thinking about starting my dogs on an Ester-C supplement. Does anyone give this and if so what size dose? I would be giving it daily. Every website online says something different, and many of them are geared at larger breeds. Thanks!
  11. I know how you feel, my fiance is stuck in Denmark on a work trip. He was in a five star hotel with a suite to himself, now he's stuck in the Danish equivalent of a Holiday Inn sharing a room with two other people. He's not a happy guy. I hope your prolonged stay is more enjoyable!
  12. I have an 8mo old that I just switched to Go Natural Grain Free Endurance formula. Its a high protein food that emulates a raw diet and doesn't overload the kidneys and liver like some other high protein dry foods (I was worried about that too). She has grain allergies so I needed a high quality grain free food. It took me awhile to wean her onto it but now she's doing great and her energy level is through the roof! There is great information on the company's website and the food also came highly recommended by my vet. Many specialty dog stores have food samples they will give you, so you could try several different kinds. We feed our lab Canidae, which is also a good grain free food and much cheaper than Go. Good luck!
  13. That squealer story is so appropriate it hurts, if there is one thing Harper can't resist is high pitch baby voice. It sends her into this weird full body wag thing that makes her look like she has a spinal disorder. Some people have no shame. Thanks for the advise, maybe I'll just print flyers and hang them around the neighborhood. A girl can dream...
  14. Why is it that people are harder to train than dogs? I am a firm believer in consistency consistency consistency when training and I get great results. Unfortunately, not all of my friends adhere to this technique when around myself and my dogs. I have worked endlessly with Harper on things like sitting for attention, waiting for food, waiting to leave her crate, sit/down for treats, and other basic doggy manners. She is really good around people who know to wait for her good behavior but I have several friends who seem to promote her 'bad' manners. It's not that she isn't well behaved, she is just one of those dogs who needs a firm hand or she will exploit your weaknesses. If given the opportunity, Harper will happily jump up on people that she knows will 'reward' her by giving her attention or doting over her general cuteness. She also sometimes does this to new people, maybe because she gets excited or knows they won't reprimand her. Basically she will gladly take advantage of people if they allow it. I'd say her most common 'bad' manner is this type of jumping. So I need a way to get my friends to treat Harper as consistently as I do and a friendly way to correct them when they don't. Most of these people are dog people so my hope is they will understand. I just want to confront them in a way that won't make them feel stupid. They see how I treat my dogs, I can't be the only person who has had this problem, what is the best solution?
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