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  1. She has not been spayed yet. I think as has been suggested that I need to check her out medically first. It seems to me if it were a training issue, she would not purposely wet her bed. But if it smells, maybe she thinks that is what she is supposed to do. We'll see how it plays out. Thank you for your input. Shirley
  2. Thank you all for your suggestions! I am going to try all of them! Thank you so much for your thoughts on using the ammonia. I think you are right and I never thought about it. I just believed it was a strong cleanser that would cut the smell. And she does drink a lot of water but we just thought that was a Border Collie thing. I will rule out any physical issues first. We have never owned a Border Collie before and are enjoying her so much! Thank you again for being willing to help! Shirley
  3. I have a 5-month old Border Collie, Gracie, who is very smart, to no surprise! However, she continually urinates in her bed. I have gotten her a new bed (in case the old one was scented) and have washed other beds in ammonia. She didn't do this when she was a puppy! Her crate was always clean. And now, it doesn't matter how often we take her outside (which is frequently) she will just lie in her bed and wet it. She was born and raised outside in a barn which was very clean when we got her as a puppy. We put a bell at the door in the utility room and she will ring it when she wants to go out and play but not when she has to use the bathroom. I have no idea how to train this out of her! I thought if I gave her a way to tell us she had to go outside, that would do the trick but it is not working. Can anyone give me any advice? I would really appreciate it. Shirley
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