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  1. You would be amazed at adding a new toy to the mix can increase the chance of overheating. Overheating is not necessarily just from running too much, the added mental exercise of anything can add to the overheating problem. FYI - I had my bc tested for thyroid problems because she has some general behavior issues plus the overheating. If you are seeing some off behaviors and overheating, having the thyroid tested is an idea to have done. I was hoping for a thyroid issue but nope Tempe is just my lil chicken and I love her anyways.
  2. I may not be Pam but in the first picture I would say I can see terrier. In the others not so sure. I have a borderjack and have some pics of his siblings and one of them looks similar. If you want to send me your email addy I will forward the pic to you.
  3. Sounds like Tib was very much loved and you did right by her. The decision is a hard one no matter their age. I've made the decision twice and both times it absolutely sucked but I can safely say I did it when it was their time. Be proud you learned when to make it and to do it. Remember the good ole days.
  4. Well I took Tempe today to have blood drawn and a thyroid panel sent to Michigan. She has some hair loss (possibly chewing) where her feathers are and some on her tail. She is an anxious dog and has phobias. She also suffers from heat intolerance. She has some thin hair cover around her eyes. Has some bouts with diarrhea and vomiting bile. These would be the only possible signs of thyroid with her. She is not fat. She is too thin actually. She is always hungry and drinks a lot of water. She does not have the actual skin problems and ear infections. So before starting her on a drug regiment to deal with her anxious temperament and phobias I decided to have the thyroid tested. Sad thing is, I am hoping she has a thyroid problem. This would hopefully make it easier to work on her phobias. I will have an answer in about a week. So for once I am asking for folks to pray for thyroid issues instead of praying nothing is wrong...
  5. Either an infection brewing or something in the ear. Either way, a trip to the vet will most likely be needed.
  6. CONGRATS... Your world will never be the same again...
  7. Have you treated your house? You may be killing them off the pup but they are most likely still living in the house and breeding more fleas... I hate fleas.
  8. My bc Tempe had a severe to we suspect a spider bite. Got up one morning and she looked a little weird but could not pinpoint it. We left and went to breakfast came back and Tempe was covered in hives, her face was swelling, her legs were swelling, etc... we called the vets and they said give her some benadryl and see if that helps. We did, it helped for a very short time and we ended up the ER Vets. They gave her some more drugs - she was a little better by the time we got to the ER Vets and they said it was the adrenaline causing the reversal in reaction. We take Tempe home, I called the dog walker to give her a heads up in case there is a problem the next day. Tempe was fine when we left for work, was fine for the dog walker. I got home and Tempe was all swollen again. Off to our regular vets. They gave her more drugs and now we had to give her steroids for a week or so... We got past the reaction in a couple days and Tempe has never had another one. It has been a year or so now.
  9. Not all dogs will get along. Not all dogs get along with first meeting. It takes time. My dogs do not always get along and we may have some verbal squabbles that one will try to escalate but with a verbal correction from me, everything stops. Managing situations will work. If you want to take the foster, take the foster. BJ knows you love him to death but he also guilts you into getting rid of fosters. You need to take control. You are such a good person and BJ is lucky to have you but he also needs to learn to get along with others (or just deal in general) without being bratty. If your family is ok with you bringing in a foster, then do it. Just manage everything. Crating is also a good idea. Alternate who is crated if one is being bratty. Both dogs will need individual training or time alone with you.
  10. Maybe she had a nightmare and that is why she wimpered. My dogs have that done that numerous times especially when they had a very active day. The shaking could be anything. I have a dog that will shake uncontrollably if he has to pee really, really bad. If the shaking starts with him, you have to get hi out now or he pees wherever. I have another dog that has anxiety attacks over beeping noises (started when a fire detector had a low battery and the beeping lasted all day) and she has them with cats. The shaking could also be thyroid. Good luck
  11. I never really liked jrts until I met a lady that actually breeds some with really nice temperaments. They are total love bugs and even have off switches. I don't think I will ever own a purebred jrt unless it followed me home but if I ever decided to get one I would get one from this lady I know. I have always said that smaller dogs are more aggressive since I have been bitten by small dogs more often. I did not read the article so did not see if the toy poodle (poodles in general) were on the list. If they aren't on the list I would be surprised. I have found many poodles to have some aggression issues.
  12. Some kind of tooth issue or possibly licking the anal glands a lot...
  13. My bc mix was attacked by offleash dogs twice plus some other instances, my acd was attacked once and pinned under bleachers by the dogs, my mom's rottie was attacked by another rottie while my stepfather walked him. My stepfather is a retired police officer and he shot the other rottie in the leg. It finally ran home. My stepfather did call the cops, etc... So yes these offleash dogs do attack sometimes and it does not hurt to be prepared. My response about carrying mace was for Human to Human spraying not dog. It will not do much for dogs alot of times. For the dog I would carry a stick or some other weapon of choice that a teenager or woman can carry easily.
  14. I use the basic commands: sit, down, come, rollover, shake, drop it, leave it, etc... BUT for telling a dog to get off something I use the word OFF not get down. Many dogs learn the difference but I think it can be confusing to teach a dog down means lay down so when you say get down and they lie down. The dog is doing exactly what they were taught technically. Those are the kind of commands I would be careful teaching along with the ones mentioned above for herding, sports, etc... you really want to try and avoid that since it can be a tad confusing.
  15. I would check and see how the skin looks before making the decision. You can always take the cone off for the adoption meet and greet. I am sure someone will always be watching her (probably holding her) since she is so darn cute. You can also let her play some just not a lot. All my dogs got some run time within about 3 days of surgery because they just had to no matter what I did to stop it so I just gave up and let them. I just monitored it all. You gotta love the escape artists. She sounds like so much fun.
  16. 2 yrs ago a friend also did chemo her older aussie. The aussie was still able to play and goof off without real effects.
  17. You are not an idiot teenager. The only thing I have problems with was you being out alone... You may want to start carrying a cell phone and some form of protection (mace, stick etc...). You are a teenage girl and whether you have a dog or not, someone with bad attentions could approach you anyways. With regards to Joy she did a great job considering. Unless I want my dogs to meet other dogs, if anyone lets their dogs come near mine - I will make it very clear that my dog will attack, period. My dogs won't but I make sure to make it clear they will. This keeps people and their dogs away from me. Also when walking, you need to make sure you walk with a confident manner. Many idiots are less prone to approach those with a confident air about them.
  18. 1. I also can't believe you went to work after your dog who you have only had a month escaped from your yard. You should have called into work and at least said you will be late. You also probably need to go out with Lucy and not give her enough time to figure out how to escape. These dogs have springs and can easily jump a fence. Since you do not know the past, you cannot trust anything in the present or near future. 2. Look up NILIF (nothing in life is free). Sounds like Lucy needs to rules. She is young and does not understand what you want. You need to have patience and work with her. 3. Ask your neighbor if Lucy can come for playdates like someone else suggested. 4. Dogs need physical activity but mental activity will usually wear them out more. You need to start training her and do it more often. Her life needs to evolve around you. 5. A vet check may be in order to rule out illness or injury 6. Contact a trainer and get some help. 7. 1 month is not a long time. Dogs need time to adjust 8. Never compare one dog to another. You will only be disappointed either in your previous dog or the current one. 9. Thanks for rescuing Lucy and trying
  19. Yep my borderjack does that. Of course he has done it since he was a pup. They believe he was a weak sphinctor or something. I never had it thoroughly reviewed. He is a dog that does not finish peeing in one outing. I usually have to make sure he has gone at least twice before coming in. There are times he can get up from sleeping and as he walks to the door the urine just starts flowing. He is also a water gorger so we just deal...
  20. For containment inside - you can get an XPen, put a tarp or something under it (possibly old towels or something over the tarp for absorption) so if River does have an accident the floor is not damaged. This will give River some room to move around and if an accident happens there may be enough room that River does not lie in the yucky area.
  21. My acd also had coccidia at one point. It did not fully clear up so she was on drugs for a month. Don't rule out coccidia just because it was the same treatment that she had for the wound care. It has been 3 years (I think you said) so it may take longer to kill all the parasites, germs, etc...
  22. And if you have not done so already - write down all the commands and what they mean. Since you will be doing marathon training there is bound to be something that your friend forgets or uses at the wrong time.
  23. You need to find the cause of the diarrhea. It could still be something in the food - the type of meat, type of protein, who knows. You may want her allergy tested. Has she been tested for the different parasites, more than once? Could it be irritable bowel syndrome or pancreatitis? Maybe she has some kind of infection and the small round of antibiotics started to knock it out but maybe she needs them for a longer period of time (4-6 weeks) to see if that helps along with a bland diet for awhile. You may need to try an elimination diet. Could she be eating something outside that you don't know about (some kind of poop, dead animals or whatever)? The bad breath could be her licking her anal sachs a lot so that may tell you something too. All these bouts of diarrhea cannot be good for her system and the vets need to be more serious about it. For the excessive peeing - if it has been happening more when she has the diarrhea maybe she is drinking too much water. She may feel dehydrated and it overdoing it. Maybe she should also be tested for Cushings Disease or even Addisons...
  24. My acd had giardia a few years back. I was lucky though. My vets caught it before any symptoms occurred. She was in for a well checkup. Anyways, giardia is very hard to detect so don't blame yourself or even the vets. I was told it takes a very good tech to find it sometimes.
  25. I guess I am on the other side of things. I am not trying to sound mean or be unsympathetic. I truly think you are wonderful for what you are doing for your friend. The world needs more people like you. It is great you have decided to train Bailey for your friend but Bailey will be HER dog not yours. You have to get past the "our" dog and realize Bailey has a new home that can use the dog for specialty work and will help ease the heart of your friend. Whether there are adoption papers, co-owners, etc... the dog belongs to the person who has custody of the dog. If going forward your friend is supplying everything for Bailey then Bailey is hers and only hers. Your friend knows if anything happens Bailey comes back to you but if you keep trying to keep a bond with Bailey you could hamper the bond Bailey can have with your friend. It is time to step back and yes down deep Bailey is both of yours but right now Bailey has to be hers. Don't let the hurt of letting Bailey go effect this great thing you are doing. As for training your friend. You need to make sure she knows there are certain training methods that MUST be used. Show her how you did things and then have her do the same. Just stay patient. Again, I am not being critical of you or how much you care for Bailey.
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