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  1. One problem with waiting too long to pull the baby canine teeth is the adult can grow crooked. My toy poodle (inherently bad teeth in small dogs) had to have many puppy teeth pulled. We waited too long with the canines and one of them grew more outwards so his upper lip gets caught on it. We call it his Elvis impression. And yes we did general anesthesia at the regular vets, they pulled the teeth and then brought him out of it. I would do it again. He had it done 2 different times and the 2nd time I had them finish pulling any baby teeth.
  2. I know this will sounds really, really weird but have her anal glands expressed. One of my dogs was having an ear thing going on and we couldn't find a problem. Someone suggested the anal gland thing and it worked. I am not sure how it correlates.
  3. As far as I know this was Possum's third litter and will be her last.
  4. So I won't say whether or not you should get a dog from this breeder but I do know her from flyball. If you are looking for a sports dog then yes you may want to consider her dogs. Many of her dogs do come from herding lines from what I hear but cannot confirm. She has started herding with her dogs and not AKC herding. I do not know where she is going but I do know she has started. All her dogs basically live in the house and she does a lot with the puppies to get them used to things. A teammate is getting a pup from here and I have met the litter. I know a pup from the previous litter as well. Possum normally only has 4 pups and this time she blessed her with 8 pups and she did not have that many sold. I don't agree with puppyfind but sometimes you end up with more pups than you were expecting. I also don't like the AKC. Again, it really is up to you. I am sure she would give you references if you want and you can find out from others what they think of her pups. This is a working bred border collie list. Her dogs are NOT true working dogs but she is not currently breeding for color as some implied.
  5. He may not really be guarding you. He may be afraid/cautious. I would have some treats with you and have him do commands while you are around folks. I would also have the strangers give him treats.
  6. If it makes you feel better - Foster's second knee surgery. Remind you had already been through this once before when Foster was 7 yrs old. This one she was 9 yrs old. We thought it would be easier since she was older and considered a senior. So 2 days after surgery she busted her surgeries open. You could actually see the bone. Off to the vets we go. She got staples and glue. She busted 2 more sutures 2 days later. Back to the vets. More staples. 2 weeks later after staples had been removed she had a nasty seroma (?). Why the seroma? Well, seems she was being way too active. She wasn't doing much but well it was too much. This was just 2 weeks after surgery. Add in the few times we would allow her on the couch (picked her up) so we could get some cuddle time in or do her ROM exercises. Yeah she jumped off the couch a few times. A couple times she got away from us outside and would try to take off running. We finally had to really find a better way. I started disciplining myself for screwing up. I was being lax and knew it. My husband was being lax as well. You see Foster was pretty much putting full weight on the leg the day after surgery. She was progressing so well and we followed a very stringent rehab program. 6 months after surgery she was back to playing flyball even after all the screw ups. There are many more screw ups during the 1st surgery and the 2nd. These were just a few.
  7. To work on the cavaletti type exercises with Foster we actually used a ladder on the ground. She never did agility but did flyball. I did not have low enough jumps at the time or didn't want to make anything. The ladder worked pretty well. Remember we all cause the dogs to have setbacks. These dogs just don't get it that they can't and shouldn't do some of things they are doing. They feel great and lure you into thinking they are better than what they are... it happens. Don't beat yourself up over it. We all do it and do it more than once. Shoot, if you want to find a way to punish yourself, when you "screw up" take something away from yourself that you really want. You correct yourself enough times and it makes you want to follow instructions. I am not making light of the situation just so you know. After activities I would go back to icing the surgical leg again. If you are supposed to stick to a time limit for walks - take a stop watch with you or some other watch that reminds you that you are 1/2 way done and you need to turn around. Good we love our dogs.
  8. Yep I am a worrier as well. Riot has a shoulder issue. He injured it a few years back and he has flare ups a couple times a year. This last one was bad and he was put on crate rest for about 6 weeks, plus a steroid shot in his bicipital tendon. We have been swimming him as a rehab exercise per ortho instructions. He is no longer allowed to play disc. He is allowed to play flyball though. We actually rested him for more than 2 months (just crated for 6wks). He has always had a funny gait so trying to figure out whether he is favoring the shoulder is almost impossible unless the limp is severe. I swear I check his walk about 15 times a day and sometimes I think I see a limp and others times I don't. Riot is supposed to run at a tournament in mid-Sept for the first time since early May. I will be a wreck. With Foster I kept an eagle eye on her legs since both were repaired. One little hitch and we were ready to drug and put her in a crate. It took a long time before we relaxed.
  9. Sue - Celt is lucky that you are willing to do so much with him rehab-wise. Rehab is time consuming and setbacks always happen. Just think where he would be if you weren't taken the rehab seriously enough. You are doing a bang up job. And remember: you may have another setback or a couple more and there is nothing wrong with that. You just take a small break and then start back up.
  10. Yes he should. Probably about the size of the red/white one. He is currently around 14.5" at the withers now.
  11. The borderjacks in my picture are the 2nd from the left (jack on steroids as call him) and the one on the far right. He is the puppy and is 23 weeks old.
  12. Since I had to deal with something very similar with my 5 month old puppy - my advice. 1. Crate rest for at least 2 weeks with limited walks. Do obedience exercises - work the brain - teach tricks. It will help. Also, a lot of chews as well. Keep the pup on leash at all times so you can stop the zoomies. You could also try icing the area and since it has been awhile you can also use heat. 2. Trip's diagnosis was a soft tissue injury of the knee. The xrays showed no breaks and the growth plate was intact. He hurt his knee when he thought he was a big dog and tried to jump onto the back of the chaise lounge from the floor. They drawer test was also negative. He missed and landed on his hip/knee area I think. I did not see how he actually landed since I was not expecting him to do it. He would not use the leg at all for about 5 days. 3. We started with just rimadyl and then added tramadol. After about day 7 we stopped the rimadyl but kept him on the tramadol (1/2 the dose) for another couple days. It has been 3 weeks or so and he is about 99%. The only time I see an issue is when he is going down the hill and he does it all 3 legs. 4. We still took him to puppy kindergarten class per the instructors recommendation. She is also a vet tech at the ortho surgeon's in the area. She mentioned that 5 month old puppies will have to do something horribly to tear the CCL (ACL). She says it does not happen often. Hope this helps.
  13. I know I will be flamed and I am ok with that. I do not breed and never will. I do own a rescue cattledog that came with baggage. I own a toy poodle as well. Then there is my border collie. She is a dog with baggage as well but it is more genetic than anything. I don't know if I could ever own another purebed border collie. That is my choice... but then again I may some day. Since I own "designer breeds" bred for flyball, I am ok with the concept of a designer breed if they were bred for a real purpose. Some may consider flyball not a real purpose but truthfully I love a borderjack. I now own 2 and both were bred as performance mix breeds. You can see them both in my signature pic. I do think the designer breeds are out of control though and think if they are going to be bred the same requirements need to be used for breeding purebreds - health testing, temperament testing, etc... I know many are against the designer breed and I understand it. I won't question folks on their points of view on the subject or many others. People will do what they want no matter what anyone else says. I just hope that if the trend continues that people are smart about it.
  14. More than once I have left the toy poodle outside and a couple times in the bedroom closet. The closet is no longer an issue since the door stays open since the border collie decided that is her preference for sleeping. I always feel bad for leaving Aspen out but hey if he would come when called he wouldn't get left outside. Thing is, his recall improves drastically for a few weeks after he has been left outside. I guess he is afraid it will happen again. I normally do a head count now.
  15. I also flew with a pup in the cabin under the seat. That was 8 yrs ago though. A friend went with me to get him and his brother. We had no issues and even had a connecting flight. The biggest problem for us was getting through security as they kept stealing the puppies and spoiling them. Each pup had their own sherpa bag. It is not a big deal and I felt much more comfortable havin the pups in the cabin with me. They were so good that the passenges had no clue we had puppies until we were getting off the plane.
  16. I have a toy poodle that we suspected reacted to vaccines but it was a week or so later. He became deathly ill with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and almost died. We no longer give him vaccines except for the rabies which I have to give him.
  17. A couple things I noticed as well: 1. Take her into the vet to check for a UTI. 2. Make sure she is actually emptying her bladder (and bowels) fully when she does go potty. Some dogs get caught up with oh look that leaf is blowing and stop pottying and go play instead. Some dogs can't completely empty their bladders in one try. I know this is more common in some male dogs but gather it could be the same with females. I have a dog like this and so does a teammate whom is a vet. 3. I would set aside potty time again, not just play time outside. Being outside a lot means she may be drinking a lot more water meaning she has to pee a lot more. I have a 18 week old puppy and he has been pretty good but I let him out offleash with the other dogs BUT I go out and make sure he actually does his business and not the Pretend squat... the one where I will squat for a half second and pretend I am peeing and them off and running. 4. I wouldn't depend on your husband and kids to make sure she is pottying before coming back inside. If they were outside playing chances are they may not really have noticed.
  18. You could try the ignore method where you turn your back on Flint and don't give any attention until he has 4 feet on the floor. I prefer a sit but sometimes 4 feet on the floor is ok depending on the dog. My puppy is in a class right now where we are working on greeting behavior. Trip already has a sit command so folks come and greet Trip but only give him a treat for actually sitting. I can tell him to sit and once he does the greeter rewards. If he continued to be an idiot the greeter walks away until he settles and then comes back and try again. This is all done on leash. He knows how to greet folks so the above was an example. Basically you need to work on the greeting behavior. If the nice stuff doesn't work there are negatives you can try. I had to be negative with my rescue acd. She bloodied my lip a couple times so had to be much more forceful.
  19. For the lazy leg when sitting thing - we would do sit exercises against a wall (the bad leg on the side of the wall so foster couldn't let that leg just be lazy when sitting). I would need to use by body some to prevent her from trying to shift herself to give that leg more room. I would also do this exercise while sitting on the floor with Foster between my legs and I would use my legs to force a narrow for her to sit. Yes it was pretty interesting to watch I am sure. Foster's sitting was never her strong suit anyways as she preferred to sit on her butt in a lazy sit so in the long run her legs still stuck out some when she sat but not as bad as before these exercises.
  20. I am only guessing since I don't know Shari but when Foster was doing rehab we used 6-8" flyball jumps. This was to force her into walking over the jump by bending the knee joint and not jumping over it. On the ground may be ok to start with (get used to) but it won' give the desired effect of making them actually use the leg properly. On the ground means they may only life the leg a inch or 2 where higher makes them actually bend the knee more... does that make sense?
  21. Sue - that first picture shows the one exercise I was trying to explain to make sure the hock doesn't lose flexibility. At least that is how I started it. Those exercises look so familiar. I wish I would have taken pics. Great idea. I am glad all is going as expected (slightly better even).
  22. Truthfully, we always expected her to blow her left knee first, not the right knee. She had hurt that left knee a couple times. She was on crate rest off and on for a few months. We were surprised it took so long for her to blow that knee out after blowng the right. And this is with her playing flyball 6 months after the first surgery and it still took 2 years. After the left knee she was playing again in 6 months and played for another 3 years before being retired at 12 yrs old. I tell everyone Rehab is the key.
  23. That is come good news. You will drive yourself crazy worrying about the other knee. I won't say don't worry about it but don't stress over it. There is nothing you can really do to stop it. Hopefully he will start using the surgical leg more and more and take some pressure off the non-surgical leg. Foster blew her other knee 2 years after the 1st one. We knew it was coming and put money away. You may want to think about doing that going forward. Again, great news about Celt doing so well.
  24. So I have followed this thread to a point. I got tired of the banter and the fact it got away from the posters question. Without seeing the dog it is hard to know if it is BCC or Heat Exhaustion. I know my Border Collie has the gene they believe is the cause of BCC. She has been in the study from the early days when they were trying to decide if it was like EIC in labs. I freaked out at the beginning when it first happened but have since become less stressed about since I know she will be fine within a short time. I would get video if I had a camera handy during on the episodes but won't go so far as to induce one. For science, I know it needs to be done and don't begrudge those that have done it. Everything bit of data that can be gathered will help others. I must also say that yes information for each video would be nice but at the same time most of the information can be found on that website or from the youtube link for the video. I would prefer they spend their resources on the research itself instead of on the website. When the research is more complete/updates to give/etc... then I want to see it on the website but until then I am happy that the resources are being spent on research... and not making a site look pretty and organized with too much info that many won't bother to read.
  25. So I also have a new puppy. He is 15 weeks old now and not a purebred border collie. One thing I decided to do with him that is different than with my other pups was allow him to get used to things and be a pup. I did that for about 2 weeks with just a tad bit of training. He LOVES to play tug so we play that a lot. I am just now working on teaching him to retrieve. My goal is to play flyball with him just like my other dogs. I signed him up for a puppy Kindergarten class and our first class is Sunday but he has been to flyball tournaments and practice. He is a social butterfly and just wants to have fun so decided to lay off some and let him be a puppy. Give Obi a chance to get used to his new surroundings for a week or 2 and don't expect a lot. Just enjoy watching him be a puppy. One thing you can try though is putting Obi in the crate and doing something fun with Mer and see if that helps make Obi want to participate. I do this with my pups and you would be amazed at the "drive" that can be created by doing so.
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