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  1. I have some outdoor carpeting laying across part of the deck (stairs to sliding glass door). This actually does help remove some mud. Then as they come in the house the feet are wiped. My dogs don't play in the rain so luckily the bellies are somewhat clean.
  2. Good Luck. I am sure she Angel will jump her heart out.
  3. I don't have anything to add but bless you. I am sure you will figure it out.
  4. Don't feel guilty. The dogs will adapt. My dogs go through periods where they don't get much exercise at all. My husband and I both are out of the house 11-12 hours a day. The dogwalker only plays when the weather cooperates. My hubby and I have bad backs and I have bad knees. Needless to say, there are days they get outside to potty and that is it. Can you baby gate off the bedroom so the dogs can stay inside? That may help alleviate some of the guilt. You need to heal before worrying about the dogs.
  5. I have recently switched to Before Grain - Buffalo. My dogs are doing well on it. My border collie has actually put on some weight finally which is a very good thing. I would recommend Before Grain.
  6. Many times acupuncture in animals is laser acupuncture and it does not hurt the dogs. The shock therapy you talk about above sounds similar to what they do on humans with a Tens Unit (sp?). The muscle contracts and releases but can't say for sure if it is the same thing. I had the "shock" therapy a few years back and off and on for years to rehab after knee surgery and at times to delay knee surgery. My acd had the shock therapy on both her legs that had TPLO to help build back up the muscle (basically using the muscle). She also still gets laser acupuncture which she enjoys. She has also had needle acupuncture along with chiropractic care. My toy poodle also gets the laser acupuncture periodically. I will ask this weekend what the "shock" treatment is called that Foster received. We started it within days of her 2nd TPLO and I think it made a huge difference in her recovery time. She did not have nearly as much muscle atrophy
  7. I recently switched to Before Grain. My dogs seem to be doing ok on it. Tempe has even put a little bit of weight on which is a bonus. She was way too thin even for me.
  8. I was so hoping this would not turn into an agility vs. flyball debate. If you check out the Orthodog list on Yahoogroups you will realize that more pet animals are injured than flyball or agilty dogs. You will also see more posts by agility competitors than flyball people. This could be for any number of reasons. I am not saying agility is more dangerous than flyball. I am just saying that I hear about more agility dogs with injuries than flyball but I know way more pet dogs that have been injured than those playing dogsports. Dogs that are in proper shape can usually lessen the chance of injuries no matter what the dog is doing. My ACD has injured herself being a dog not playing flyball. Yes she may have fully blown out her knees playing flyball but the initial injuries were not from flyball. They were from playing frisbee, hitting moving cars, running into many things (trees, walls, etc...she is a very focused dog unfortunately). I won't blame her need for TPLO on both knees on flyball since her first knee injury occurred before she started flyball.
  9. My dogs don't have issues pottying when we travel... Yeah dog conversations can be a tad "ewwwww"
  10. I am in the country. We don't have sidewalks or street lamps. Someone has to actually walk into my yard, have a dog on a flexi or offleash to potty in my yard. When I am finding crap 10-15 feet into my front yard I have issue. There is a place a little further down the street that is "public" and rarely is the poop picked up. When I was in a townhouse we had the same issues. The problem was it was never from someone on our court. I actually caught folks from another court allowing their dogs to put in my neighbors yard or mine on more than one occasion. If they saw you looking, they bent down with a baggie and pretended to pick it up. Our court pretty much banned together and kept a close eye out and when folks walked dogs in our court we made it a point to watch and if needed say something. Within a couple months we rarely had folks coming to our court any more. They went to another court and proceeded doing the same thing of not picking up. Public areas vs private areas are 2 different matters.
  11. Melanie - yeah not everyone has a yard. I get that but I also don't think it is right that someone allows their sick dog to have bloody diarrhea in someone else's yard. You can't really clean that up. When someone does have a yard and their won't go in said yard because it never really has leads me to believe that sometimes people are more willing to dirty someone else's lawn than their own. And no I would not expect you to have the dogs go in the bathtub. If the poops are firm and easily picked up then no problem but if you have a yard and your dog is sick, the dog should stay home. Chesney - they think the dog ate a dead animal while at the park. They aren't sure what was eaten so who is to say that is what made the dog sick. It may or may not be infectious but sorry that I feel sick dogs should stay home when possible. My yard is not pretty. I don't have a ton of grass or flowers but I also don't want someone letting their dog crap in my yard especially if they aren't picking it up. When you live in the country it happens often and it is annoying having to watch where you step in your yard when your dogs don't even crap there.
  12. I have to agree that if you have a sick dog then that dog should not be going outside your yard period. By taking your dog into someone else's yard you could be infecting someone else's dog. You are not sure what is really wrong with your dog and it is not fair for you or anyone else to possibly infect someone else's animals. I am a little sensitive to this considering my toy poodle has come down with some kind of a bug twice in the last 2 months. He has not been outside my yard but I have found where other dogs have been pooping in my yard. My other dogs who go places have not been sick at all. All this leads me to believe that someone has "accidently" made by poodle sick. The worst part is - he was so sick he went into shock. So please rethink what you are doing by taking sick dogs out in public.
  13. Many times it does happen in both knees and Herdcentral gave some reasons why. My ACD's TPLO's were all injury based. At the age of 2 my hubby was out playing with her and she saw a neighbor she loves (rare for her) and ran across the parking lot. On her return she ran into a moving car. This caused her to break hard and back out. She also had a flyball accident and all the frisbee playing. Let's not forget that she also runs into things because of focus. Needless to say her left CCL was injured but they felt only stretched. We rested her for 2 months. Well a couple years later she starts limping on the right leg after some frisbee play with friends. The vets found nothing wrong. We did not pay much attention. If she limped she was rested for a couple weeks followed by water rehab. Go forward a couple years and she blows out her right CCL. 2 years after that she blows the left one out. We were expecting the left one to go first but it fooled us.
  14. Yes CCL tears can show intermittent lameness. My acd had it in one leg for 2 yrs before the knee blew out. She had it in the other leg for 7 months before she blew that one out. 2 TPLO surgeries later she is doing great. Toe touching is a big sign of CCL issues. Foster would stand with toes touching but walk normal at times. Sometimes she walked with a limp and never toe-touched. And in between she would go months without any symptoms. Yes please rest for at least a week, possibly more. Start normal activities slowly and work up to usual activity.
  15. Diane, I understand your concern but many flyball people are just as careful as agility people - and you have some that aren't in both sports. Now on to your comment. The basics of flyball training aren't that hard on a young dog as long as things are kept low, short sessions and not daily. Many times a dog can learn the full course in just weeks but may not be able to pass and do things of that nature. Many times, you aren't doing much more than what a dog may do just running around the backyard, zooming with friends etc... There is also puppy training techniques to start preparing a puppy for training later. For a year old border collie - knowing the full course is not a bad thing. Of course, that also means the dogs should not be running the course 20-30 times a day at this stage. HPJoe may not realize the growth plates may not be closed but then again this year old dog could actually be 18 months - depending on semantics. No I do not HPJoe or the dog. And Diane - please don't make this about agility people are better than flyball people. I know many agility folks (and yes ones who finish first most times, have traveled to nationals) who start training their dogs way too early in both activities, agility being their main venue. People in general don't take it easy on young dogs, not just sport people.
  16. I also agree - a swimmer's turn is important. If you can find a team to train with that will help a lot. If you can't find one close by, contact a team further away and maybe make arrangements to go to their practice. They could give you tips on training, etc... many teams are more than happy to help another get started.
  17. If it continues you should have her checked for a torn ccl.
  18. My favorite breed is the german shepherd but I will probably never own another one because you will have a hard time finding one that is built for real work unless you pay the bucks to import one or get one from an imported dog. Looking at GSDs make me cringe. Vanillalove explained things nicely and I have to agree. The mis-color is out there and someone will always want the "odd" marked one. I love mismarks but not to the point of the Panda Shepherd. I had a GSD that I wanted to train in schutzand (sp?) and found a gentleman that trained police dogs. My boyfriend at the time (now ex) had a white german shepherd and she came with us. The guy took Meesha (my standard black and tan GSD) and went off with her. He came back awhile later and said - I did not deserve the dog and I should turn her over to a police force - that she needs to be a working dog. The guy said he was really freaked when we showed up with the white shepherd. He had found 2 extremes in temperament - either very aggressive or very timid. He said it was rare to find one like the one with us - she had a nice temperament. He truly believed that the extremes in temperament were caused by the breeding for color. He also said they were not really all that smart. He said when you breed for color you breed the brains out the dog. Now imagine what could happen if these Panda Shepherds with their limited gene pool could be like in a few years. The possibility for temperament and health issues are increased. I may not necessarily agree with culling but maybe if more culling was done the extremes in certain breeds would not be what it is today. Just one mismark can be passed off as a mutt and s/n but when more keep showing up you are getting folks breeding for color and not working ability or health. The Panda Shepherds are pretty but aren't good for the breed as a whole.
  19. Check out this site http://www.utskinvet.org/pdf/antihists.pdf
  20. Big rocks work. You can also by bowls that have knobby things that are to slow down eating. Adding water to the bowl can also slow down eating
  21. Did you actually have a ortho specialist check for a torn or partially torn CCL? Unfortunately, as good as vets are they are not always great at ortho. I would take your dog to an ortho vet with all xrays and results that have been done and see if they can come up with an answer. If you read the other CCL thread you will see soemtimes a limp may seem to be a knee when may be a hip/butt muscle. I forgot what muscle or whatever turned out to be the issue. I also recommend chiro/acupuncture. It can do wonders along with supplements.
  22. I did receive Tempe's results back and she does NOT have the EIC gene. They are keeping her bloodwork for whatever other DNA testing they decide to do down the road to help figure out possibly another gene for these heat intolerance problems. My vets and holistic vets are not sure what Tempe has but they have brought up the Malignant Hyperthermia and some other things but it is hard to test for things or to really show them what happens. I purposely avoid getting her to that point any more. Even in cold weather she has the episodes so please still watch for signs.
  23. Our holistic vet just recommended us get Pro Bi from ABC Plus - www.a-b-c-plus.com It is mainly for horses but with the amount we would give the stuff will last forever. I am planning to order some. She has recommended to many small animal folks and all have shown improvement.
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