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  1. Check under Health and Genetics. Solo (Melanie) recently posted something about this topic.
  2. I don't like constant barking and I don't care that one of them hears dead people talking to them. Alas, my acd is a horrible barker which gets the toy poodle barking (and vice versa with these 2) which in turn may get the borderjack barking but he quiets down quickly and during all this barking my bc will usually go hide. She is scared of barking... this barking only lasts a couple minutes though. I will allow alarm barking but will make them quiet down. At flyball our crating area (that is the club's area) is usually bark free. The only barkers are usually outside being crated. The members all have permission to correct barking dogs in the crating area so ours is pretty quiet. I do get annoyed with all the barking at flyball but I can usually just ignore it. My acd will bark some at flyball (she is much better than she used to be). Excessive barking only wears the dog down faster in my opinion so I don't allow my dogs to bark while waiting or on the lanes but won't get on them too bad if they do though. I want them to show excitement but excessive barking is not allowed.
  3. I thought I heard there was a yahoogroup for dogs with kidney problems. You may want to check that too.
  4. I am very late on this thread. My acd injured herself orginally playing ball and frisbee and some other mundane activities. She finished tearing her ACL on the right during flyball and finished the left one 2 years later playing frisbee. She plays flyball and has for 10 yrs. She had a nasty collision 8 yrs ago that injured her and she had to sit out of flyball for months. We have tried to retire her from flyball and she won't have it. Her temperament changes and she starts going after my toy poodle. So we let her play and will as long as she wants. My acd has also been known to run into tail pipes, a moving car, trees, people, dogs, tables,etc... she has calmed it down a hair but not all those were playing fetch. Some of it was just being an acd cooped up in a townhouse and not getting enough physical and mental exercise. I had to change. When playing ball or frisbee I take my dogs in 2 groups (2 dogs each group) normally but sometimes do them all at once. The borderjack and the border collie go together because they only go for their ball/frisbee. The acd and poodle go together because well my acd is 11 yrs old and deserves to play by herself. The poodle doesn't count since he just hangs out and eats grass most times. As for balls - I use regular tennis balls and once we done playing they go in the toy box on the deck. We normally play frisbee over ball though. My borderjack actually lands correctly to limit possible injury and the other dogs don't get enough air to worry about landings. It is hard to walk dogs in my neighborhood since we have no sidewalks, no street lights and the road is a tad windy/hilly and people speed. It is not safe to take the dogs for long walks. I wish I could but I can't. I wish even more I had a pond, pool, etc... to swim my dogs as that is my preference for exercising my dogs. For those who choose to play fetch and those who don't - who really cares what we all think. We all enjoy our time with our dogs even though we do our own activities.
  5. I cannot recall who makes them but a company sells these flea tabs/tags that you put on the dogs collar. They also make them for humans to wear as well. I know someone who swears by them as her dogs spend a lot of time in a flea and tick infested area on weekends and since using these tabs/tags she has not seen fleas or ticks. The lady is on vacation so can't ask who makes them but I am sure someone else will have some ideas on who makes it or how to research it. Maybe ask a vet or holistic vet. The woman has a couple dogs one of which has some medical problems so she stays away from chemicals when possible.
  6. Do you have snow and ice? Is he eating snow and ice which gives him the shivers? Riot has been doing this but I know it is because he has been outside eating snow and ice which makes him extremely cold. It takes him awhile to heat up after wards and for the shivers to stop even if he is laying in front of the electric heater. Yes we try to limit how much ice and snow he eats. He gets cold easily anyways and has no fat on him so we have to watch him closely.
  7. For a visit to the vets, ask your current behaviorist if she has a recommendation since she knows him. Maybe having him take something like valium, prozac or something may be enough to the edge off before getting to the vets.
  8. With a CCL tear you can try conservative management. At this point crate rest is probably needed whether a pulled muscle or a tear. No play time, no running, minimal stairs, etc... for a couple weeks at least. It sucks when our dogs get injured and we don't quite know the problem.
  9. I would definitely have him checked for a CCL tear. When the CCL is not fully torn lameness can come and go for a long, long time before it fully tears and the dog becomes fully lame on that leg. Some people have found conservative treatment works but others find that surgery is needed. My acd has had TPLO on both knees. For 2 years she came up lame on the one leg off and on. It would literally come and go and it could be one day to the next. Pain can make dogs seem lethargic. Think about it - if you are in pain, do you really want to get up constantly following folks around? Also, if the lethargy started after giving the rimadyl you may want to check with the vet as some dogs cannot handle it. We switch between rimadyl and deramaxx for our dogs.
  10. The experience may have been bad because maybe his previous experience was not pleasant (before you got him).
  11. The best advice is just accept the dog for what he/she is... with training things can get better. For more extreme cases drugs can be and should be tried. My Tempe has many issues and it has taken me a couple years to accept that she is what she is. I can help her in some aspects but in others she won't change. I have had to alter my training to fit HER needs. I have also added melatonin for her and it helps. For many melatonin won't work and they made need something stronger from the vets. For some dogs just changing your techniques can be what helps them the most. Tempe's confidence has started to improve, she doesn't run from the room over little things any more and recently she has started to be able to compete in flyball. If she shows me she does not want to compete then she won't compete. She is my pet first and sports is just an activity. She is still not perfect and never will be but she is trying. We are learning together. She is what she is and we are having fun together finally. I no longer stress about her being afraid of so many things which that in itself is helping. Just enjoy the dog you have and work on the issues that arise.
  12. Food can stick in the stomach for hours. If the dog is vomiting up food and it is happening on a somewhat regular basis and is new I would have the vet do a more thorough check for a possible obstruction. If you dog inhales food, I would find a way to slow down the eating. This can be done in different ways and what works for one dog does not always work for another: try a bigger bowl, try a smaller bowl, find a bowl that has something in the middle to slow down the eating, you can take a metal water bowl and usually turn it upside down and that may work, soak the food in water, throw the kibble on the floor, feed via one of the food game things... Hopefully you can figure it out.
  13. Looks like this place still has some - http://www.allivet.com/SearchResults.asp?S...omz5FIwO04u5xvp and this place http://www.healthypets.com/synovig3.html I prefer the Synovi G3 over Joint Max. I would stock up on what you can now and switch when you can't find any more Synovi. You can probably find a few places that still has some in stock but you will just have to look. Plus there is the chance these companies could raise prices for a time which would suck.
  14. Riot's didn't look like that this time. Those actually look more like hot spots which can grow in numbers quickly. That could be an allergy to something.
  15. Can you post some pics? I am in VA but one of my dogs had some nasty bumps show up. Started as pustules and less than 24 hours had busted and started looking really nasty. The vets were stumped but I heard that many kids in the area were being bit by assassin bugs and the open wounds Riot had looked very similar.
  16. If you do a search on the site you will see some other threads. Have you tried running away from him when he is returning with the ball? How about offering a treat in exchange for the ball? You can try using a long line and guide him back to you and praise him. Those are just a couple ideas.
  17. Sorry you are dealing with this. He really needs to be looked at because he could have a medical problem - kidneys, diabetes, etc... He could also just be a water gorger. I know a couple dogs that have no medical issues (extensive testing) and they inhale water like they never get it. It is something that they do. They now must have limited water since they feel they must empty the bowl every time. Good luck
  18. I would crate and rotate. In the past we had a total of 9 people and 6 dogs here for Thanksgiving. 3 yrs ago the rottie died so we were down to 5 dogs. Last year we had 11 people and 5 dogs. This year we will have at least 9 people only 4 dogs. The other visiting dog passed recently. It will actually be weird not having all the dogs under foot. When needed a couple of my dogs were crated. We kept the baby gates up to block off portions of the house to block dogs from the dining room and to give the one dog his own space if needed. He was very timid and could get overwhelmed. I choose to crate my dogs as it is easier since they are crate trained but if the other dogs would have been crate trained I would have asked for a rotation. Just explain to your guests that you plan to institute a rotating crate schedule. 1 because you want to prevent any fights, 2 to prevent all the dogs from being under foot the whole time causing areas to be over crowded and 3 because you do not want a human bit. Let them know in advance that you would like to do this to avoid conflict when they get there. Most times as long as ALL dogs are rotating there should not be any problems. Discussing this in advance should also prevent last minute hard feelings since they will know in advance and can either get used to the idea or make alternative plans for the dogs and/or themselves. If their dogs are not crate trained then they should be left in the room they will be sleeping in while they are visiting.
  19. I use Melatonin with Tempe and it has helped. She is even competing in some flyball tournaments now. She always loved flyball at practice with people she knows but had issues at tourneys and would shut down if all the stars weren't aligned. Now if something weird happens she may freak out some but she doesn't shut down and continues running instead of trying to leave the building. She will only play flyball if she wants to and so far so good. She even pulls to get in the building. Just like with anything out there one med will work great for one dog and not for another. It may just take some time for you to find the right stuff for Buster. Just have patience.
  20. We also have a papillon our club. Tilt does not get to play very often as he had some shoulder issues in the past and some passing issues. He learned the game at the age of 7 yrs. When he does get to run he is a ton of fun to watch. Our club height dogs: my toy poodle, 3 jrts, 1 cairn, papillon, boston terrier in training and if we chose to run higher jumps we have my borderjack. Trust me this group of height dogs except my borderjack are not speed demons but they have fun and so do the owners. Find some teams in your area and meet up with them. It can take some time to find a club you mesh with.
  21. I am having to think about alternative food for my borderjack and possibly border collie. Once again 1 of the kidney values is always showing high. So every time bloodwork is done I end up having to take back a urine sample. For Tempe it usually ends up that she is dehydrated but she drinks plenty of water but now we have to add water to her food. For the borderjack they are concerned he is not concentrating is urine properly. Tomorrow morning I will be once again trying to get a first morning urine on him - fun time. I was feeding Evo and now feed Core-Oceania which has less protein. For the most part the food is the only thing they have in common so I may end up having to find a different food for them. My other 2 dogs seem ok the grain-free food. Biggest problem will be my borderjack does have food allergies and must be on grain-free. I won't feed raw as I have tried it in the past and my dogs did not like it much and poor Riot's allergies were worse than before. I can't keep having the kidney values be off because I am afraid down the road this really will lead to kidney issues. Suggestions anyone?
  22. Have you tried the turning when pulling. If the dog pulls, you turn around and go the opposite direction, then turn around and go back the original direction? These types of walks don't get you very far at the beginning but they do work. Instead of turning and going the opposite direction you can also just stop walking altogether and not move until the dog is focused on you again. I have also seen folks take a long wooden stick and put peanut butter on it and walk around that way so the dog is getting a constant reward for being in heel. I have never cared enough about heeling only not pulling to even think about doing this. When I choose to teach a heel I will do it with the turning around or a leash pop depending on the dog or a little of both. When done correctly a leash pop can work.
  23. This reaction will take time to fix but can be fixed. I would allow her reward be seeing other dogs but that means when she is going all crazy you turn around and leave the area. Literally as soon as she starts acting crazy you turn around and leave the area. When she finds her head you walk back to the area and if she loses her head turn and leave the area. You may want to try this someplace other than the dogpark though. Someplace with dogs but also easy to leave sight and sounds of the dogs. If you can get her to the dogs, she gets to say hi and play.
  24. I would try what Melanie suggests first. If that does not solve the problem, I know there is something out there that attaches to the fence that emits high frequency sounds when dogs start barking or you could make one. I have no clue where to get one but I could have sworn a few years back my mom and stepfather used one because the neighbors dog was barking constantly. They did do this with the neighbors permission though but I see nothing wrong with trying something like this. You can say you are training your dog.
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