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About Me

I am a border collie geek-in-training. Working, training and trialing my dogs pretty much eats my life. Some day I want to trial at the National Sheepdog Finals and maybe even Meeker. Some day...


I also write. Stuff. Fiction. Stories. Nonsense. It's what I do. Writer. Me. Except when I don't, in which case it means I've been distracted by something shiny. Or furry, as the case may be. :)


I'm a country girl from the ground up: dogs, cats, horses and mules are some of my favorite people. I believe in freedom of speech, the right to keep and bear arms, and the healing powers of homemade apple pie. I live in the boondocks with four cats, three border collies, an Australian shepherd, a corgi mix, one husband, and a family of barn swallows who nest over the back window. Plus whatever else wanders down from the mountains. It's all good.

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